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In the shantytown area, they are all wearing the same black trousers, white shirts, and black jackets that are exactly the same. They also stand a humble face behind them and hold the umbrella staff.[]

The staff spread out a flat map, and the director of the Planning Bureau explained to Secretary Li: "This local name is high soil slopes.It was some escapers. Later, the workers of the two large state -owned enterprises of Chenguang Machinery Factory and Hongqi Steel Factory also arranged here to live here. Over time, a large shantytown has been formed, which belongs to the history of the history of our Jiangbei City., Ready to demolish a piece of area here. "

Secretary Li poured back with one hand, and the other hand poked on the plane map:" You, the courage is too small, here, here, still, still, still, still, still, still, still, still, still, still, still, back, stillWith here, why not dismantle it? Do you have to do bigger, otherwise how can you achieve the big leaping development of Jiangbei City? "

The director quickly nodded and said," Secretary Li is far -sighted, saysYes, but there is a middle school of Chenguang Children, I am afraid ... "

" Ahem, Secretary Li has been investigated and can be dismantled. "Secretary Li's secretary said, now Secretary Zhao has upgradedBecome the first secret of Jiangbei, and speak very much. He stretched out his arms to draw on the plane map. The 4,000 yuan Langqin watches flashed silver light.You can transfer it to a nearby school. If you do n’t demolish this, the future CBD will face a big scar. It is not beautiful, and the economic benefits will not come up. "

Secretary Zhao's words are like a pouring top, the leaders, the leadersHe nodded together, that Secretary Li filmed on the spot, was completely dismantled, and the survey was over. The leaders got on their own cars. The police car flashed the police lanterns in front of the road and left calmly, leaving only a bunch of onlookers.

The high soil slope is going to be demolished!This is a good news of explosiveness. Since the mid -1980s, it has been said to be demolished. It has been said that it has not been demolished for almost thirty years. Now it is finally about to start.

The residents of the shantytown have long been looking forward to demolition. The current house prices are getting more and more expensive.When placing in different places, the people do not suffer. You must know that the city's development is great. The residential communities have been built to the outer ring.In the community, at least it is also the level of Binjiang Jinguan City.

老百姓们早就算计了不知道多少编了,按照政策应该分自家多少平米的房子,或者分多少现金,按照高土坡的地价来算,起码每平方六千,少点If you want to go up, those who have built small buildings at home are not all developed.

Liu Ziguang also heard the news when he went home for dinner. My father and mother were dancing. He was also worried that there was no problem with the house of the elderly. Now all the problems are solved.To demolish, whether it is giving money or a house, everyone can be rejoiced, but Liu Ziguang frowned secretly. Demolition is the most troublesome. God knows what moths can be made in the end.

"Do you heard which developer bought this land?" Liu Ziguang asked.

"We still want to ask you, can we let President Li buy us high soil slope, take care of our house when demolition." My mother looked for.

Liu Ziguang smiled bitterly, saying that it was simple to think about the problem. This large area of the old city renovation project lacked the government's support, which was a bitter fruit that could not be swallowed.Become fragrant.

But does Chengcheng Group have such a good relationship?

Now Liu Ziguang is also a senior manager in Chengcheng Group. He has been exposed to some core things. Recently, the group business has not been smooth. In addition to the project in Longyang City, how many this cityThe bidding of the plot failed. Who was making trouble? Liu Ziguang knew in his heart that the Siwen defeated class with a large bunch of roses on the door of Li Yi's birthday.

In the afternoon, Liu Ziguang went to the head office to follow up the preparation company. Li Yan went out to meet. The president office was only Wei Ziyi, and Liu Ziguang asked the demolition of Gao Tupo by the way.

There are no other people in the office, and Wei Ziyu's posture of public affairs, saying: "This land bidding, the city stipulates several main conditions in the city, with the qualifications of first -level real estate development, the bidding deposit of 200 million yuan, The company has developed a variety of real estate comprehensive projects with a single project of more than 500,000 square meters, and has invested in the development of various types of real estate projects in China for a total of more than 3 million square meters.Completion of acceptance. "

Liu Ziguang listened to the mist, unknown, so Wei Ziyi said with a sneer:" This condition is clearly the conditions for some enterprises.There is only one request. "

Liu Ziguang suddenly understood, saying," Who I don't know, but it must not be Chengcheng Group. "

Group. "

" This big development seems to be quite good, stronger than sincere performance. "

" It can't be said, the big development is the previous Jiangbei First Jian'an CompanyThe restructuring, in the early years, has built some large projects. Of course, the cumulative construction area is more sincere than sincerity, but the quality and design level of the house. Hum, by the way, there is a news in this city some time ago.It is said that they are just two in Porsche. Have you heard of it? "

Liu Ziguang suddenly realized that the original arrogant silver dragon is the son of the deputy president's home.Such a big backstage.

"So, the relationship between the relationship between the development must be very powerful?" Liu Ziguang asked.

"Of course, this project is specifically prepared for them. About 300 acres of high soil slope plots, the project capacity can build an area of 700,000 square meters.This time, the development can be counted as death. "Wei Ziyi still sneered, obviously very prefectures with Da Development.

A little trouble in the construction of Red Star Profile Company. The Industrial and Commercial Bureau does not approve it, saying that the Public Security Bureau should be reviewed, and no one cares about this.The method had to urge them to do it soon.The veterans have returned to their hometowns. Li Jianguo and Wang Zhijun have recruited more than a dozen people back. Seeing that winter training is about to carry out, what is going on without the company's license.

"Looking back, I look for acquaintances and see what's going on." Liu Ziguang said.

The official changes in Jiangbei City's officialdom. After Secretary Li served as the secretary of the municipal party committee, he no longer served as the mayor of the mayor.The word was removed, and Liu Ziguang's old classmate Zhou Wen also rose with the water and became the mayor of the mayor. The organizational relationship was also adjusted. Someone in the face of it should be good. It should be easy to find him.


There is still something in the afternoon, Liu Ziguang first resigned, and then went to the train station. Today is the day when Yuan Wei is set off. Although this kid is only 16 years old, he is very popular, but he is very popular.Gao, also shaved a big bald head. In the recruits, he was a chicken group. He was wearing a grass -green army for training uniforms. He was hung with red flowers on his chest.

Seeing Liu Ziguang coming, Yuan Wei hurried up and greeted: "Good teacher."

Liu Ziguang looked up and down, saying, "Yes, a bit of a recruit."The shoulder -length gravity said, "When you are a recruit company, don't shame to the teacher, and you have to support it anymore. Remember to grab it when you eat.Meaning you understand. "

Yuan Wei nodded hard and said," Cockroaches have told me, and the matters that recruits need to pay attention to, I will not be shameful to the teacher. "

Bringing soldiers in the distance began to whistle. Liu Ziguang took out a pack of Zhongnanhai into Yuan Wei's pocket and took a picture and said, "Go, remember you are my student of Liu Ziguang!">
The whistle is long, and the trains carrying the recruits are driving west. The parents with tears on the platform, the son travels thousands of miles away.It is a dancing arm.

Liu Ziguang watched the train away, and said silently, hoping that the melting furnace of the barracks can practice Yuan Wei into a real man.


When the veterans are sad every year, when the veterans are sad, they leave the comrades -in -arms who get along with each other and return to their hometown for a long time.The iron horse Jin Ge of the barracks is often the time when they are more frequent.

But these veterans recruited by the Red Star Profile Company did not have these troubles. Just Li Jianguo and Wang Zhijun could calm down these stabbing heads, and the veterans who had wiped out Wang Zhijun had to shout the old.The squad leader, people do not rely on qualifications to suppress people, let alone fighting or loading five kilometers of off -road, you can pick it up, better than winning me, and obey the order honestly than losing.

The quality of these soldiers is very high. It was Liu Ziguang who took the list from the Civil Affairs Bureau's resettlement office. They were all soldiers of the field forces.The guy, physical strength and mental state have been tuned to the most full state by the troops, and they are familiar with various weapons operations. The organization is tight and highly obedient. This kind of person is simply a security guard.Essence

This is Liu Ziguang's sincere idea.


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