Chapter 7 Summer Teacher (Part 1)

"Okay, all the three of you came here." The sturdy teacher beckoned to the three of Ji.The three looked at each other and ran over.

Stopped, Ji Shi only felt that he had a fluttering feeling. The two legs seemed to be not his own, but the feeling of smoothness made him feel more physically and mentally.Essence

The sturdy teacher glanced through the face of the three and snorted, "Today is a lesson for you, you all remembers it, you want to fight in the future, first come to me, come first, come,Report, I will find a place for you, let you play enough. "

Bi Su hurriedly laughed:" Teacher, we dare not. "

" Dare?Are you not playing very happy just now? Tell you the truth, I never hate the stubborn students, I just hate those who do not work hard. If you want to fight forever, you can win me in the future.Summer is the chief director of the Binghuo system, and the class teacher and instructor of the first grade of Binghuo system. Remember my name. Your boy is from Ding Huo. You remember it.In the future, the voice of talking to me is a bit loud, and I understand? "

" Listen to understand. "Bi Su quickly answered loudly, but there was a defamation in his heart, and the guy in front of him was simply a large Carl.

I snorted in the summer, "It's all rolled. You don't need to go to the boring opening ceremony. I went to the school uniform and stayed back to the dormitory. One thing I want to remind you is that the strictest one of the school rules is not that the most stringent school rules are the strictest one.Allow the school gate casually. "

" Yes. "The three of Ji Shi responded at the same time.The three looked at each other, and they clearly saw the joy in each other's eyes.It is obviously not a bad thing without listening to the boring opening ceremony.Bi Su and Carl cheered, and ran towards the teaching building with Ji Shi.

Looking at the direction of their departure, a smile on the face full of horizontal fleshy face, "These three bunny cubs are really energetic. Hope is to be taught."

JiThe three of them walked towards the teaching building, Bi Su cough, and his eyes crossed Ji Mao to Karl, "That, Carl, what's going on here today?"

Karl snorted"Mother, do you want to retreat when you take advantage? Last time you ran in front of me while I was in the exam, and kicked me. As a result, I grabbed my physical fitness.It's time for you to beat you again, do you want to just forget it? "

Bi Su smiled, and said," Let the past things make it go.You can only blame yourself by yourself. And, now you can't beat us one! "

Ji touched him and said lightly:" Don't pull me, I just rushed just nowI just met you the first second before I came up. "

Although Karl looks sturdy, it is by no means that stupid person, and he immediately understands. He is about to work to Bi Su.Grab the shoulders in his hand, Ji moved: "However, we can not know each other, so, don't he kick you? You kick back now, as for the fight today, you also rushed up.After he was, even the previous thing, let's be a friend. "

" Uh, brother, how can you sell me! "Bi Su turned his head and wanted to run, but was pulled by Ji.Living.

"If you do what you do, you have to bear it. Do you want to have multiple friends in the future, or always have an enemy?"

Looking at the calm light in Ji's eyes, Bi Su stayedAfter a moment, look at the cheap Karl, who is already flinging, and said helplessly: "I am unlucky, I wanted to use you for a while, but I did not think that it would not only become a back, but also be beaten back.To be lighter. "

As he said, Bi Su hugged his head with both hands, and turned to squat on the ground with a rogue.It's really a live treasure.

Carl's right leg has been lifted, but after all, he still did not kick out after all, stretched out to Bi Su's buttocks, and stood up again.

"I'm too lazy to care about you." Carl glared at Bi Su in anger.

Bi Su did not receive the flesh of the flesh, and the big snake followed the stick. "So, we will be friends in the future?"

Karl snorted, "Who and the sissy testy?Is it a friend? "

Bi Su said angrily:" Is the sissy having no human rights? The sissy is also a human, do you think I think! Who made the yin attribute in my yin and yang attributes more than 80 %.Yin Qi affects the sound and the sound is a bit thinner, but I am a pure man. "

Carl said in surprise:" Are you Ding Huo's Department? "

Bi Su’sThe emotional transformation was very fast. When I heard this asked, I was proud of it. "Of course, it is precise, my Ding Huo accounts for 8 and a half. If it is described in two words, it is genius.Ding Huoban should be the best talent. "

Karl's lips disdain," Isn't it 80 % of Ding Huo? Lao Tzu is still 80 % of Binghuo.Don't brag? "

Listening to the two of them quarreled, Ji Mao couldn't help laughing," What are you doing now? "Although he said so, he was also secretly surprised, according to Dean Yang BingtianThe proportion of yin and yang is undoubtedly the genius yin and yang magician.It can almost condense the yin and yang crown.

Karl's face was red, and said: "I just can't get used to him. By the way, I don't know what your name is. Are you from the Binghu or Dinghuo?">
"My name is Ji Shi. To be precise, both of you are my classmates. I am Bingding Shuangxiu."

"Impossible." Karl and Bisu said almost uniquely.

Ji moved faintly: "Haven't heard of yin and yang balance? Allow you as genius, isn't it allowed me to be a waste material?" While saying that he had first entered the teaching building for the first time.Essence

Carl and Bi Su looked at each other. At this time, the two had no hostility in their eyes. Watching Ji Dong's back, the two chased almost at the same time.

Bi Su couldn't help asking: "Ji Shi, are you really a balanced yin and yang? But how did you be admitted to the college like this?"

Ji moved very muchNaturally: "If you walk in the back door, I am a working student. I just want to try it with my own strength. Will the yin and yang balance must not be cultivated as the yin and yang magician? What I need is to pay 32 times the effort."

" Thirty -two times? Just? You will not be a lunatic. "Bi Su looked at Ji Shi dumbly.Of course, a recommended ticket is better.