Chapter 076 【Spring Festival 1st, 3rd】

Chapter 076 [Spring Festival One Meeting 3]


Wu Wanfang did not directly answer Lu Xuyang's words, her eyes closed slightly, and Lu Xuyang was highGao's upper body was spasmly stuffed, she just thought that she would not stop, faster, but she couldn't open this mouth for a long time.

Wu Wanfang at this moment, her body has been sent to a happy center by Lu Xuyang. She puzzled why the other party suddenly turned off and asked herself such strange words.A thin layer of mist was covered, if there was no hazy.

Lu Xuyang's upper body suddenly tightened Wu Wanfang, the undulating of his lower limbs began to accelerate, and he fiercely accelerated. He seemed to be angry and vented on this temporarily "stolen" jade body.


Wu Wanfang pursed her lips tightly, her eyes closed hard, she seemed to be restrained, and she dared not see Lu Xuyang's expression at this moment.

"It should be loved by love you, love me becomes a alley?" There seemed to be a knife cut hard, Wu Wanfang finally understood, what is called "pain and happinessSelf -esteem is often more explicit than men. In the face of love and being loved, everyone is equal.

In Wu Wanfang's opinion, love can only say once, and if you say it, you must not regret it, and you must love it as always, but Lu Xuyang he faces has already had a girlfriend.The abandoned girl, in front of such a contradictory body, tell me how to say love you!

The atmosphere is gradually cold. Lu Xuyang's fingers at the tender meat of Wu Wanfang's waist were stubborn. He pressed impulsively to her, and he couldn't wait to pound the bottom of the spring.Thoroughly conquer this pure and sexy girl, her purity, her sexy, all exist because of herself.And it is always the same, belonging to the only person ...

The pain of the poured out of my heart suddenly disappeared under the thrill of madness. Wu Wanfang restored the rhythmic moan, and her mind was in a piece of her mind.blank.All the sensitive areas on the body were spraying enthusiasm, and suddenly couldn't control the movement of Lu Xuyang. She looked very eagerly. When she opened it, she trembled, and her lips were slightly open.The tongue head was like his wings, and he greeted Lu Xuyang's warm kiss ...

In a moment, the two people's boiling body reached the pinnacle of happiness at the same time.Lu Xuyang couldn't control it at all.During the high expansion, it was severely sprayed.That crazy enthusiasm, all poured into the depths of the spring flowing by Wu Wanfang's breadth ...

Wu Wanfang after the peak was weak, lying straight there.The sight was dull on Lu Xuyang's face.

Lu Xuyang took a long breath and couldn't help but get up to kiss her.The soft voice laughed: "What's wrong? Isn't it really angry?"

"No. You ignore me first." Wu Wanfang moved his legs and suddenly screamed.

When Lu Xuyang looked at it, he was startled, and saw that Wu Wanfang's blood was stained with a large piece of blood.

"You are mine! You are always mine!"

Lu Xuyang was shocked and happy, Wu Wanfang's chastity gave herself, her first man, he was completely thoroughly herselfThe bottom of the bottom is fully possessing her!

He held her tenderly. At this moment, he was full of Wu Wanfang. He "touched" with her for the first time.It seems that God arranged in secret in this dark.

"I am painful, you are still fortunate to have done a stupid and proud thing!" Wu Wanfang glared at Lu Xuyang angrily.

"What is a stupid thing? I don't think so much. It should be said that we did something right at the wrong time." Wu Wanfang wanted to put on clothes and get out of bed to clean the record record.However, Lu Xuyang was pulled back.

"Look at your baby, I call it Ang's head, it is Angou, it calls it, it nodded, it is really interesting! Hey, it is not long enough ..." Wu Wanfang Fu could not knot ... "Wu Wanfang FuAfter Lu Xuyang's legs, he twitched with his fingers for a while after his excitement, and said curiously.

Lu Xuyang patted her hand with a smile and said, "You look at it as a toy. Be careful of it to demonstrate your little baby again!"

! How unpleasant you are! I don't call it a baby. "Wu Wanfang fiddled again.

"What is the name?" Lu Xuyang smiled and asked well.

"Don't tell you. You ... little hooligan!" Wu Wanfang pouted and said angrily.

A ambiguous joke for a while, and then the two dressed and got out of bed. Wu Wanfang washed his body and replaced the blood -stained sheets on the bed.

Lu Xuyang said specially: "Don't throw it away, weird."

Wu Wanfang kicked him, and said, "Keep it for commemoration, you take it, you take it, you take it.Go and treasure it. "

Lu Xuyang just said that, who knows that Wu Wanfang really turned and put it deep into the depths of the wardrobe.

Before going out, Wu Wanfang's expression seemed to be unhappy.

Lu Xuyang grabbed her hand and asked: "Why do you seem to be unhappy? I regret sneaking with me?"

Wu Wanfang said seriously: "I'm thinking, when can we be able toSteal again ... Lu Xuyang, before I came out of this door, I had to ask you three chapters with you. If I encounter you with you and your girlfriend, you will not be hot with her ... "br>
"Jade? Then I and you are hot and hot." Lu Xuyang tightened her and kissed her mouth.

The two people forgot to kiss for a long time, and Lu Xuyang said goodbye, saying that it would be something to go.

"I send you out. Are there any time? Or shouldn't you eat together?" Wu Wanfang proposed.

Lu Xuyang agreed without hesitation. It was a big deal to accompany Wu Wanfang. Besides, the matter of Haiye was not in a hurry.

"Are you carrying a whole day? Are you tired?" After the door of the girl's dormitory, walking side by side in the quiet tree shade, Wu Wanfang held Lu Xuyang's arm and had been released, and he and him MingliAfter all, there is still a relationship between the relationship. If it was encountered by Lu Xuyang's acquaintances and passed on to his girlfriend's ears, how bad the impact was.

Wu Wanfang is not the kind of girl who is in an argument, and does not choose to achieve the goal. Lu Xuyang now cares about his girlfriend. If he wants to destroy the relationship between them, how can you bear it!

"Oh, get used to it, I don't feel tired at all." Lu Xuyang and Wu Wanfang smiled at each other.

As soon as he finished speaking, he only heard a sudden brake sound of "嗤

(Seeking support!) (Unhappy,)