Chapter 077 [Enemy in Japan]

Chapter 077 [Enemy in the Come to Japan]


The car is a BMW sports car.In that style, he feels that he will buy a Hummer in the future, and it is the type of the British royal family. It is durable and precious.Don't have a flavor!

When the car stopped beside him, Lu Xuyang couldn't help but pause, looking back at Wu Wanfang, who looked at Xixi and smiled, and passed a thought that he felt crazy.

This girl full of temperament can only belong to herself. From now on, she has to treat her well. She was anxious and thought she thought.

A true man, in this life, there are at least two women around you, one who can accompany you for a lifetime wife, and one is a confidant who is enthusiastic.

Lu Xuyang thought of this, he couldn't help shaking his head slightly, smiling bitterly, the thoughts that floated up in his heart was too advanced, so how do you feel like he suddenly becomes a vicissitudes of vicissitudes and changes.Old man!

"I'm just a senior high school student who is hurting the university! Car, house, future, there is no accurate ..."

A man who shouted Wu Wanfang came behind him.

So he subconsciously turned his head to look around, and saw the door open, slowly came out of a boy -like tall man.

The man looked in his twenties, his eyebrows, big eyes, and a state -shaped face with clear outlines.In the head, people are very energetic and handsome. He has a good impression on his at first glance.He just said that he is Wu Wanfang's friend. Maybe he also went to this school. In the future, he might still need this student's guidance. As the saying goes, "There are many friends and many ways. There are many enemies and many mountains."The interpersonal network widen.

"Wu Wanfang, is he?" The boy stepped forward at Wu Wanfang's smile, but when his sight fell to Lu Xuyang, his expression seemed to change slightly, and a dark light in his eyes flashed in his eyes.Essence

"He is my friend, Lu Xuyang." Wu Wanfang seemed to be closer to Lu Xuyang's side, next to his body, and then pointed to the boy to introduce Lu Xuyang."My classmate in my class. Liu Junqing."

"Hello." Lu Xuyang nodded towards the boy named "Liu Junqing" politely.However, the other party only made a micro -headed head, and his attitude seemed to be very cold.

"Wu Wanfang, what should I do?" Liu Junqing's face recovered his glory when he faced Wu Wanfang.Asked very eagerly.

Wu Wanfang replied: "Let's go to eat Chinese meals."

"It's a coincidence. I just didn't eat it. Otherwise, go together.In the restaurant ', the dish is said to have a good taste. I ask you to eat it. He is your friend and my friend.It is puzzled. What is my friend of Wu Wanfang is your friend. What there is a bird relationship with you, in addition to your classmates.

Originally, Lu Xuyang's first impression of Liu Junqing was pretty good. Who knew that he was dismissive of himself, and people respect each other. You ignored me.Why do I have to look down on you!

"Oh, no need. Thank you. We have just ordered meals." Fortunately, Wu Wanfang rejected Liu Junqing's invitation.

No matter what you want, you are diligent, non -rape or stolen.

"You can go back after ordering meals. I just pay for the money." After Liu Junqing said, Lu Xuyang couldn't help it.Just look down on people, we can't even afford to pay for meals!

Wu Wanfang looked at Lu Xuyang, who had changed his eyes, and quit and quit, saying no, you are about to busy you, she is afraid to get out of it, and after Liu Junqing said to Liu Junqing, he pulled Lu Xuyang.Step away.

In a Lanzhou Ramen Museum next to the campus cafeteria, Wu Wanfang ordered two bowls of beef flat head ramen she likes. After the waiter brought the table, she pushed a plate to Lu Xuyang's hand and told him to be hot while it was hot.Eat, it's delicious.

"I faintly feel that Liu Junqing has a stunned evil spirit ... Is he chasing you?"

Lu Xuyang picked up chopsticks and asked Wu Wanfang.

"Yeah. Your eyes are very good." Wu Wanfang did not around the corner, and opened the door to see the mountain.

Lu Xuyang's expression was stunned, and Wu Wanfang stretched his hand over.

"What are you doing? You ask me, I answered honestly. I don't want to conceal you. He really likes me. I started chasing me from sophomore." Wu Wanfang said, shouldLu Xuyang's words, handed his right hand from under the table to his hand.

"Oh!" Wu Wanfang screamed suddenly, and Emei froze, staring at Lu Xuyang angrily, pouting, "You squeezed me. Why are you pinching me? So serious, so hard.Want to hurt me? "

Lu Xuyang let go of her hand and whispered," I want you to be awake. In the future, don't approach Lin Junqing. He must have a good intention to you."

Wu Wanfang is still small and angry, saying," The legs are growing on me, when can you control it? Lu Xuyang, only when you are in love, you are not allowed to be good with other boys. What makes the reason.Is this? You are too overbearing! "

" Because I am a man. I don't care about other girls, but you may not care, but you, you must listen to me. If ... I really sufferNo, I don't know what stupid things he would do ... "Lu Xuyang's tone said excitedly, he grabbed Wu Wanfang's arm after another, staring at her with a nearly severe look.

"Okay. Okay ... we won't mention him. As long as you don't think about it, I dare to guarantee that Liu Junqing is to me, and I will always be safe.Let's. "Wu Wanfang couldn't see Lu Xuyang's too much breath, so he had to surrender, and coaxed him a few words.

Lu Xuyang knew that Wu Wanfang was the kind of person who said nothing, and then smiled and said, "Satisfied, next time I invite you to eat lollipop."
"Lollipop? What lollipop? Are you too stingy? Use the sugar eaten by a child to coax me. "Wu Wanfang's eyes gathered.

Lu Xuyang smiled: "This lollipop is very good for your appetite. It is guaranteed that you want to suck when you suck and eat enough."
"What? Ah! You!Rogue ... "Wu Wanfang suddenly reacted, and a pretty face suddenly flushed, and he grabbed his right hand, and fell to Lu Xuyang's crotch.

The two people joked for a while.

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