Chapter 68 For the Tomorrow of Humanity

At this moment, in Meng Fan's bedroom, the water droplets during the bath were still left on the head of Yuko. She wore a large pajamas and gently wiped her hair with a towel.

"Meng Fan, I'm thinking about a question."

"What is the problem?"
" I think my body recovers well, I think, we are very goodThere will be another child. "Yuko's eyes flashed, watching Meng Fan with a smile.

Meng Fan can feel the ** in the body, which has risen instantly. He gently picked up Youzi, put it on the bed, and slowly started kissing from her forehead.Her whole body.

Youzi's plump body is like a fire. Meng Fan kissed any place and would get her hot response. She suddenly hugged Meng Fan tightly and said softly, "Meng Jun, please, pleaseLove me well! I want to really give you a child for you! "

Her Chinese is still slightly stiff, it sounds weird, but Meng Fan can feel the sincerity in her language, and her that her, and her, herA fiery heart, whether she is an emotional need or materially relying on Meng Fan, she once rushed her to conceive her children, and Meng Fan had no reason to treat her well.

The two people were intertwined in the bed, and Meng Fan's ** and strongness gradually melted into the soft body of Yuko.

When I had breakfast the next day, Meng Fan felt that Zhou Tianzi's subordinates were complicated to see his eyes, some were surprised, some were contempt, and some were envious. Although Zhou Tianzi did not say anything, Meng didWhenever he knows that he does not want Yuko to stay, at least he cannot stay in Meng Fan's room, because they are coming out to perform the task, and they do not meet the requirements with women.

Meng Fan decided to send Youzi to the church. In some things, Meng Fan could not wait for Zhou Tianzi to propose, and then it may affect the friendship between the two.After all, he is a leader.

It is one of the advantages of Meng Fan for friends.

Meng Fan remembered Li Qiuyun. Although she had told her about Yizi before, it was really a question if she could accept Youzi. After all, Meng Fan's woman had never lived together.The appearance of Cao Yan was just an accident.

After thinking for a while, Meng Fan couldn't help laughing: "

After thinking for a while, Meng Fan couldn't help laughing: "Fuck, when did you become such a mother -in -law, Lao Tzu married two women.Raising the second milk, there are people in Lao Tzu, why not! "

After deciding, Meng Fan immediately paid the action and arranged for Long Saifei, Li Xiaotian, Zhao Tie, and Li Lei to leave Youzi.However, he still called Li Qiuyun in advance to explain the situation to her.

"Do you call me in advance, are you afraid that I would kill her?" Li Qiuyun blame.

Meng Fan stunned, and then laughed: "I know my wife is the most reasonable, she is also very poor, leaving the hometown, her father died, and her brother did not know where to go.It's.

"Oh! Who told me to follow you! Okay! She can accept it long ago, but you are not allowed to find one again."
"I can't cope with the two? How can I find another one? "Meng Fan said in his mouth, but he thought about it," Don't find one, I will find you two sisters next time. Hey! "

BR> Youzi reluctantly left with Long Saifei and others. Meng Fan also felt a little lost, and felt like saying goodbye to his loved ones.He watched the car carrying his "loved ones" go away, until the car disappeared at the end of the road, and could no longer see it.

But this lost mood did not last long, because there were many things waiting for him to do.In the first thing, Zhou Tianzi came to tell him to send Zurich to the Military Academy, and Meng Fan had to go together.

"Are you confirmed?"

Zhou Tianzi thought about it slightly, lowered his voice and said, "I don’t know much about it, but listen to Lan LanThe doctor said that she is a clone. "

" What? She is a cloned man? "Meng Fan was very surprised. This was the result he didn't expect to break his head.

But he quickly recovered his calm again, and asked softly, "Why should I go back?"
"You can rest assured, you won't have a safety problem?The ideological work, you know, you have not returned to the camp for a long time, you always have to train you to grant the rank. This is a convention. "

Don't scold.

One week later, when Meng Fan returned again, he had his own new military uniform, and the rank became a deputy camp.More than twenty people.

Zhou Tianzi has been busy recruiting volunteer soldiers. Meng Fan thought that no many people would sign up. Even if there were, it must be just to eat a full meal, but the facts were just the opposite.There are many applicants, and some of them are not for the full meal.

So Zhou Tianzi's biggest job is not recruiting, but to persuade some people who are not eligible.At the recruitment office, Meng Fan saw a childish face. Meng Fan did not see any dishes from this face, and his clothes were clean, that is, he was not difficult to live in life.

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen years old."

"No, our requirement is over eighteen years old."

"But I have the strength, unlike them, I ca n’t eat a full meal for a few days, and my skinny is thin. ”

" Under the age of eighteen, parents need to sign and agree. "
" MyMy father agrees with both hands. "

" Where are your mother? "

" She can never express their opinions, but I think she is willing to fight. "

"Why do you want to eliminate zombies? Don't you know how dangerous this is?"

"For human tomorrow, if humans still have tomorrow."The people in the field were silent. In less than a year, the world decreased by 90%of the population. In this way, would human beings have tomorrow, which is indeed a thoughtful topic.

Meng Fan couldn't help thinking of the "ten years" prophecy. The prophecy said that the earth will exist in unmanned in ten years.will happen.

Besides, the environment of the earth does not continue to deteriorate. Even if humans can persist in ten years, 20 years, fifty years, 100 years?

"If everyone only considers personal safety and calculates only for whether they can survive, then human beings have no future. The ability to adapt to the environment is not as good as mice, let alone insects, but humans have changed their changes, but humans have changed their changes.The appearance of the earth is not only because human beings have wisdom, but also because humans are a whole, and humans are more united than any animal. This is the reason why humans are strong.No longer exist, there is no room for survival in that body. In the current harsh environment, someone always needs to make sacrifices, and I am willing to be the one who sacrifice for others. "The teenager still said endlessly sayingIt seems that the entire recruitment office is the stage of his speech.

"What is your name?" Meng Fan looked at the teenager's eyes and asked.

"My re -surname is Ximen, name Yue, Ximen Yue." The teenager replied.

"Very good, you can stay, but the premise is that you must remember one thing."


"In any case,"As long as there is a line of vitality, you must survive. In battle, you must not only learn to fight skills, but also learn to escape skills. "

" How can I be a deserter? "

"It is not for you to be a deserter and order you to attack. Of course, you cannot retreat, but under special circumstances, you must learn to survive.Only when people like you live can humans have the future and hopeful. Living, no reason is needed. "

The west gate gently repeats Meng Fan's words:" Only by living can human beings have any human beings.In the future, there is hope. "Finally, he seemed to realize something, nodding heavily," Yes, Chief, I remember. "

After streamlined and selected, the Thunder team finally recruitedTwo hundred volunteers, the political commissar Wang Kun and the deputy captain Qian Jin are responsible for training them. Of course, these volunteers are only used as a reserve force. Zhou Tianzi did not intend to rely on them to rely on them as a person who had no fighting experience and had only a passionate enthusiasm to go.Desperate with dangerous zombies.

A week later, Meng Fan was so anxious that he couldn't help asking about Zhou Tianzi's departure time. Zhou Tianzi laughed: "Actually, the first combat team was in place a few days ago.">
"Who went?"

"The Central Military Region sent another 150 -person special forces to airborne to the Guizhou suburban power plant.They will repair the power plant. In a few days, the military region will airborne more electric shock rifles, so that we can save more bullets. "

" What about their safety problems? Are you not afraid of zombies attacking them. "

"Sneak attack? We are three -dimensional in the sky, empty, and ground. The military satellites observe the movement of all zombies in Guzhou 24 hours a day.Will it be possible? "

When he heard the news, Meng Fan waited peacefully. At this time, a special guest visited.In the pocket of Meng Fan: "Captain Meng Ying, this is a little bit of the head of Gao Gao."

"What Dongdong?"

"Hey!Beishan County can be used by eating, drinking, and fun. There is a drunk building in East Eight District. The service is very thoughtful. Meng Ying can play with it when you have time. "

Meng Fan laughed:" Thank you for you groupLong! "

" It's good to say. "Zhao Yang smiled and left.

Meng Fan took the money and thought about whether to call Tianzi a piece of pastime last week. Although he felt that the possibility of Tianzi went with him in the end, he still called him.