Chapter 345

That's not a sixth -order Warcraft.It is a group.Teacher Ji Dong will never be more age than them. Can he resist alone?

"Teacher, I help you." Zichen Star stopped suddenly. Although he was proud, although he was very used to herself from a young age, he was by no means a coward.Turning resolutely and urging the magic, he would fight with Ji to fight side by side.

Hearing Zichenxing's voice, several male students stopped, letting the way to open the way, and let the girls run first.When they saw so many Jingmu Hao pigs, there was only one thought in their hearts, that is, they were like a man who was dead.

After all, the female students' courage is smaller, but these days, everyone has been fighting side by side. The male students stopped and brought them a huge touch. At this moment, the four girls and other four girls in the hearts of Shu Yan have all in their hearts.The feeling of sour.Women are originally emotional animals, when they are moved.Even stronger than men.Therefore, they also stopped, and ran towards Chen Sixuan who fell behind, intending to form a cyclic formation method with her. Although they knew that it didn't make sense, it still did it.


"Bastard. Do I use your gang? Run quickly." Ji Yun's anger sounded, and then all the students saw a scene that they could not forget in their lives.

Although the trainees stopped when they stopped, but at this time, Ji Jing's heart was very pleased that they could stop in this life and death.What extent.His teachings are not in vain. These eight -day trials have achieved the effect beyond his expected results.

The dark red glory was quietly permeated. Under the gaze of a group of students, the violent flames of the Saint King Armor was more than seven months later, and once again appeared on Ji Yong.

The dark red armor, the strange cloud pattern, the mask and a sharp thorn, coupled with the huge wings that stretched behind the back, full of powerful visual impact.

The students in their hearts who are full of death can't help but see it. Is this their teacher Ji Shi?

The next moment, the dark red figure had moved, and his body was like a red light, his body flashed, and he had greeted the first Jingmu Hao pig.

I didn't stay in half, I saw the red light suddenly flickered.Several students with the best vision just saw Ji Shi's toes on the six -order bold pork head, and the whole person had risen and jumped over.The next moment, the body of Jingmu Haozhu suddenly solidified, and the huge body continued to rush forward under inertia. However, its entire pig's head had suddenly exploded and turned into a dazzling golden flame.

This is just the beginning. The dark red figure is like the devil comes, and the body flashes. Every time it flashs, it is the melody of death.

The students' eyes could not even keep up with him, and any one of the Jingsi Hao Pig did not make him pause for a moment.And just in this forest, a golden flame has been lit.

No one can see how Ji Shi did it, and Chen Sixuan couldn't do it.They even did not even see the appearance of the yin and yang crowns on the top of Ji's head. A total of only a few times of breathing, and the dozens of Jingmu Hao pigs had turned into dozens of golden flames.

"What are you standing stupidly? Don't run away." Until the familiar cold voice sounded on the top of the crowd, they reflected from the shock.

The dark red figure didn't know when it had come above their heads, the huge wings opened, like protecting an umbrella.The layers of golden halo kept blooming from him, and the dark red armor has gradually become golden.That circle of golden light completely blocked the volcanic ash and crushed rocks above their heads. At this moment, every student seemed to hold something in their hearts.This is like a demon god, which is their teacher!They did not feel that the mask of the Saint King of God was evil at all, and the scarred mask looked so cute at this time.

"Run!" Zichen shouted and ran towards the mountain first.With such a powerful backing, what's the point of leaving?If you don't run, it's a fool.Dozens of six -order Warcraft, that is dozens of six -order Warcraft!In front of their teacher Ji Dong, it was ignited as if the paper paste was used.

Hou Xin's speed is not slower than Zichenxing. A step has been chased and still shouted, "Compared with our teacher Ji Dong, those heads of the department are scum!"

BR> At this time, a group of students not only did not have half of fear, but was full of excitement.They saw what was the real strong.Can you kill dozens of six -order Warcraft wizard, isn't it a strong man?What a solid backing!

"Teacher Ji, you will be my idol in the future." Xin Wu yelled.Her words also resonated with a lot of students. Everyone's face showed excited smiles, as if they were not escaping now, but won the prize.

Facts prove that they are too happy to be too early.The loud noise behind him became stronger and stronger, and Ji Shi, who was flying in the sky, couldn't help frowning.The body in the air stopped and did not follow the students to continue to the mountain.

There is a process in the outbreak of the volcano. It was originally a faint smoke, and then it was sprayed out of the sky.It takes a certain time when it comes to the full ** magma.Therefore, at least at present, the outbreak of volcanoes is not enough to threaten the lives of everyone.

However, this Almans Mountain is not an ordinary volcano. Here is a large number of Warcraft. The volcanic eruption will also have a well -known threat to them.The scope of the outbreak of the Almans mountain.And this escape is not just the sixth -order Warcraft Jingmu Haozhu will be made, and the seventh -order, eighth -order, and even ninth -order Warcraft also escape.In the face of Tianwei of nature, only a few of the extremely powerful Warcraft are not afraid.

The reason why Ji moved was because he saw the overwhelming Warcraft.Wherever you see, there are at least hundreds of bells of more than hundreds of or more.Some of the relatively low -level Warcraft were directly trampled to death.In this group of Warcraft, Ji Shi even saw the existence of two nine -tier Warcraft.

If he gives him enough time, Ji Shi is sure to kill all these Warcraft. With his current strength, the ninth -order Warcraft has not threatened him at all, and the lower -level Warcraft should not say.

But now he is not alone, under him.There are ten students.Not to mention the Nine -order World of Warcraft. Any seventh -order Warcraft can also kill everyone except Chen Sixuan, and it is still in the case of using the Xiangxiang cycle.Ji Shi didn't have enough time. What he had to do now must block these Warcraft from rushing from this direction to cover his students' retreat.Therefore, he stopped.

"You go first, I come to break it." Ji Shi's voice was calm, and from his voice, he couldn't even hear half emotional fluctuations.

The students did not stop this time, through the strength shown by Ji Shi.It made them fully understand that it would only be the drag of Ji to retreat. Only leaving the dangerous land as soon as possible is the greatest help to Ji movement.Therefore, everyone agreed and ran towards the mountains.At this point, they had already reached about one kilometer above sea level. They still had a long way to go away from the range of Almans.

The strong golden flame burst out from Ji's body. The students have been looking forward to the yin and yang crowns that the yin and yang crowns that they see.Crown.The Shenghuang Wangkai completely turned into a dazzling golden color. The strong golden flames rose around Ji's body and rose to the height of three feet.

Ji Shi's eyes suddenly lit up, and when he saw him shook, the golden flame instantly condensed into the essence and transformed into a huge body of more than five meters high.It is the King of Flame King.

At the same time, the exciting dragon yin erupted from the huge body of the flame king's body.Come, block all the ways of Warcraft.The strong yang fire attributes suppressed the psychological suppression of the spirit of the soul vortex of the soul.

The trainees occasionally looked back at each other. Their eyes suddenly solidified. Is this the real strength of Teacher Ji Dong?Six crowns, 67 levels, but this is really the strength of the six -crowned magician?Why is the flame of Teacher Ji moved golden?Why can he burst out such a horrible magic.Should Teacher Ji be able to block the impact of hundreds of Warcrafts by virtue of his own strength?

At this moment, the students' eyes were wet. Of course, they knew why Ji Dong did so. With Ji's flying ability, he could leave himself, and he could even take Chen Sixuan away.However, he didn't do that, but stopped him from behind, and used his own strength to block the running attack of the deadly Warcraft.

If it is normal under normal circumstances, in the face of Ji's dual attribute suppression, even the tenth -order Warcraft will hesitate for a moment.Especially the suppression of the soul, Ji Shi's current soul vortex.It is comparable to the Holy Beast.

However, when the dog is anxious, it will jump the wall. When life encounters a great threat, it is not just that human beings can burst out, as well as Warcraft.Facing the devastating crisis of volcanic outbreaks, these Warcrafts are almost crazy.Although the power was greatly reduced under the double suppression of Ji, they still rushed up without a moment.

Bang Boom ..., a series of roar sounded in front of Ji Shi, several seven -order Warcraft flew into the air by the huge magic of the Yanlong fire brick.But after all, these are the Seventh -order Warcraft, and they cannot be fatal when Ji Shi distracted the magic.What's more important is that the eighth -order and ninth -level Warcraft followed.

Just in this critical juncture, the red eyes on the red eyes on the mask of Ji Jinghuo's saint king armor suddenly bloomed. The next moment, he had risen, his body flew in the air, and the huge wings opened opened., Control the balance of the body.The golden flames on the body suddenly converged, and even the flame king's body was instantly contracted and returned to himself.The strong fire element in the air gathered to his body like Haina Baichuan.

Hold your hands over your head, make it up, make a grip, and a shocking red light blooms with unparalleled fierce murderous.

Even the Warcraft who did not stop under the dual attributes of Ji Shi, at this time, they finally stopped their footsteps, and the light of fear appeared in the eyes of every Warcraft, including the ninth order.This is no longer their inner fear, but the most originally scholarship.Because what they feel is the atmosphere of God.

Nine -meter red sword appeared in the hands of Ji Shi and held. When the red sword appeared, Ji Shi's body was completely rendered into red.

A group of students who are running quickly found that the burning in the air disappeared at this moment, and even the fire that even rushed into the sky from the crater was a little dim.Lights seem to be the core of the world.

Since the lingering and flame double swords have sealed the consciousness of killing the gods, this is the first time that Ji Tomong released the Vulcan double sword after the combination of the combination.He didn't know what kind of power of this Vulcan sword now.When the red sword appeared in his hands, he had a feeling of flying out of his hands. The powerful and violent breath continued to burst out from the red sword, full of horrible killing and strong unwillingness.It is the role of Shuparus's consciousness.As a leader in the second -level gods, the consciousness of Shupori is definitely not so easy to melt.If it wasn't for the sword of Vulcan, it was the weapon of the Lord God, I am afraid he had already broken the restraint.

The fear appearing in the consciousness of Shuporus is deepened every day. The creativeness of the chaotic power released by Ji Xun's chaotic beads is only only possible for the Lord.Although his strength is far from compared with God, under the infiltration of the beads of chaos, the sword of Vulcan is gradually completing the repair process.It was gradually imprinted in the sword.Continue like this, one day, Shuporus's consciousness will be completely integrated into this sword.At that time, his ending was only destroyed.

Shupori has always been looking forward to the divine realm, especially his boss Shura God to save him.However, so long, there is no message.How could he know that he had become the victim of the two great kings in bet.After all, the arrogance of the past will pay the price.

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