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In strictly speaking, Colonel Miller is not a person in the Central Love Bureau. He belongs to a defense company with a military background. He specifically solves some of the troubles and nobles. Of course, the charges are more expensive.

The mobile phone rang, it was called by Sop. Colonel Miller answered the phone with a smile and asked, "Is there any else to serve you?"

"Colonel SupremeDo you see the news? "Sop's voice didn't seem to be very happy.

"Why, there will be news so soon, I think it will take at least a few hours." Colonel Miller motioned to turn on the computer to search for related news, and soon entered the Associated Press's official website.Seeing a short news with photos:

A terrorist attack in West African countries, which had occurred in West Africa, which had occurred, and both of the crown prince and the cabinet were killed in this attack. So far, no organization or individual has published it.The statement was responsible for the attack. Two hours after the attack, the son of the crown prince, Prince Arthur, appeared on the throne under the support of the new council. It is said that the new king is the illegitimate child of the former crown prince and is only ten years old this year.

The little king in the photo is uneasy, and the crown is obviously a bit big to him, so I have to support it. It doesn’t look like a regular ritual.The solemn expression on the face and the blood on the new king's uniform show that this is a real crown ceremony.

"**! They actually have backups." Colonel Miller snorted disdainful and said to the microphone: "Mr. Sop, please rest assured, give me two hours, and immediately solve this piece immediately."

" The best. "Supu put down the phone, and felt uneasy about thinking, so he dial another number:" I want to talk to General Gordon ... "

The team carried the severe wounded to the airport. Suddenly Liu Ziguang's car coming from the car of Liu Ziguang's call came from the car: "Mr. Bruce Liu, here is Major Jones Jones,I want to talk to you. "

The battle flag off -road vehicle is loaded with a car radio station commonly used in the Jiangbei taxi system.Please talk about. "

" "The attack on the palace garden should be a Haierfa air -to -earth missile. If I did not guess it was wrong, it should be launched from the predator drone. I think this time we meetIt's troublesome, OVER. "

There was a rustling radio noise in the microphone. Liu Ziguang thought about it and asked," Can you be sure? OVER. "

"Make sure that I used to serve in the U.S. military in Afghanistan to provide tactical guidance for drones and familiarize themselves with this missile and tactics. "

" How to deal with predators? "

Didn't you have two MiG? The predator drone is very low. You can use machine guns to hit it. "

" Okay, major, I think it will come to prey,Let's beat it together? "

" OK, Rogrthat. "

Liu Ziguang left his hand wheat, saying to the Alexander behind him," Make Mig machine take off, the sky may be a little bit nasty in the sky,Bird. "

Alexander immediately picked up the satellite phone and contacted the MiG aircraft pilot left on the airport.

San Huan Airport, the two silver MiG 21 fighters stopped quietly on the track, hanging auxiliary fuel tanks and air -to -air missiles under the wings.Lying under the parasol and drinking beer, looking at the pictorial, they did not know the explosion in San Juan City.

Suddenly the satellite phone on the small round table rang, one of the pilots was going to answer the phone, walking out of a few guys wearing a digital camouflage suit from the shadow of the hangar, wearing a Gumani hat, the leaderWithout saying a word, he raised a pistol, and a long muffler was twisted on the barrel.

A "<" sound, the pilot lying on the lounge chair bounced into the heart, the head was crooked, and the glass in his hand fell to the ground to crack into pieces.The forehead and the heart were even hit three shots, and immediately fell to the ground.

The satellite phone fell to the ground, and the anxious shouting came from the microphone: "Milu, what's wrong, speak."

A military boot stepped on the satellite phone, holding MP5SD6The assaults of the micro -loud submachine gun walked towards the airport tower in the form of a combat team, and their armbands all had three gray embroidery letters "I.S.R".

There are black soldiers in a class on the tower, and the only radar operators and navigators in Sadhama in Sadhama.In it, what they did not expect was that the black soldiers in this class were all soldiers trained by Li Jianguo.

A strong RPD light machine gun quietly put on the window sill. The violent firepower hit the mercenaries and caught off guard. Immediately, two people fell to the ground by the rain of bullet rain.In just a few seconds, they lost three people!

The mercenaries are shocked and angry. Is this a brutal and stupid African soldier?In their inherent thinking, black soldiers never aimed at guns, and they always stunned to the end, even if they did not hit the goal of tens of meters, but at this moment they faced the enemy to shoot accurately with light machine guns.The intelligence must be wrong, and the tower must be stationed in the same white mercenaries as them!

The mercenaries of I.S.R immediately stopped, abandoned the rescue wounded, concentrated the firepower shooting of the tower windows, covering the soldiers to fight forward, the violent bouncing rain hit the tower, the cement fragments flew, the machine gunman was killed, soon the machine gunner was killed.Someone took over the light machine gun and continued to shoot. The crossfire continued. Although the fighting will of these black soldiers is very strong, after all, the gap between the tactical quality is too large.

Of course, the mercenaries did not discuss good fruit. When they rushed into the door, they did not expect to hang a grenades on the door.One person, two people were injured, and they finally realized that they had encountered guerrilla masters.


"The airport was attacked." Alexander's face said, Liu Ziguang thought about it, and explained: "Accelerate the speed, Sasha, bring your people to reinforce the tower,The rest of the people reinforce the airport and hotel, and we must not let our people fall into the hands of the enemy. "

The fleet accelerates, setting off a smoke and dust on the Tules Road. The soldiers stood in the pickup truck.Looking at the sides of the road, fortunately, there is no shielding on the road where the urban area leads to the airport. Otherwise, it will be bad.

It quickly drove near the airport. The gunfire of the tower continued. Alexander led his subordinates to fight quickly. Liu Ziguang led people to the airport hotel.In the plane, the plane could not fly.

Battle is much simpler than expected. Alexander has fully carried forward the fierce and rough play of the Russians, drove down the tower downstairs, swept through the 12.7 mm machine guns, and the RPG rocket launcher does not want money to go.Inside, I.S.R mercenary assault team equipped with light weapons was unable to fight back at all, and had to lift the white flag to surrender.

Russians showed the rough nature again. A few captives were killed on the spot, leaving only one of the highest ranking guys full of old fists.

Liu Ziguang took someone to the airport hotel and took a breath. The enemy first chose the tower as the goal. The people in the hotel were safe and sound. He immediately ordered to take off and transport the wounded to the neighbor.

A group of people rushed to the airport by car, first lifted the wounded to the plane. There were two special planes on the airport.Although the bay flow is more advanced, the passenger capacity of Jacques aircraft is greater, so Liu Ziguang commanded the soldiers to carry the wounded on the Jacques 40.

A few minutes later, Jacques flew into the sky with wings with 40 wings and flew towards neighboring countries.

Liu Ziguang tried the only i.S.R captive. This guy was also hard. He refused to say anything except the name of the name and the employee number. Liu Ziguang was not ambiguous.It sounded: "Sasha, deal with him."

Alexander knocked the guy to the ground, the big leather boots stepped on his head, and took out a sharp hunting knife from the belt to the sleeveAfter wiping it up, the embarrassing expression made the mercenary produce some bad associations. This group of killing Russian guys like to use a dagger to cut people's head., But the beheading psychology is far stronger than the gunfire. He immediately shouted: "Don't kill me, I tell you everything!"

The ahead of the airport landed at the east of the airport by a small propeller transport aircraft. The task was to destroy the radar and air defense equipment of the airport and guide the aid to land smoothly.

How many people are there in the follow -up troops? "Liu Ziguang asked.

"A transport aircraft, about 75 people, equipped with light weapons and rockets."

"Ready to greet the guests." Liu Ziguang waved his hand, Alexander stools put his dagger into the I.S.R officer's officer of I.S.RIn the heart.


Asen Song Island, Wedwick Air Force Base, the director of the drone team received an order from Colonel Miller, and the predators flying over the South Atlantic Ocean were unattended.The machine immediately came to a one hundred and eighty -degree turns, and flew back to San Hu'an to continue the task.

Sop's eyeliner will use satellite telephone to report the situation every half an hour, and then Sop will transfer the information to Colonel Miller, and then instructions for Colonel Miller to the drone operation team, small small, small, small, small, small, small, small, small, small, small, small阿瑟出人意料的举行了加冕仪式之后,所有人都感到一种压力和紧迫感,他们的行动也变得急躁起来

捕食者无人机再度飞临圣胡安上空,在四Use a camera to shoot the palace and its surrounding environment with a camera at a high altitude. The data chain system is passed on to the command control system at a rate of 50MB per second.Pu, confirm whether the goal is still in the palace.

"Colonel, don't hung up first." Sop picked up another phone, dialed the eyeliner far away from Saint Hutan, and asked quickly: "I now need to know the specifics of the new kingActing. "

" I don't know, maybe in the palace. "Eyeline is in a house 500 meters away from the palace at this time.Don't approach, he is timid and can only be hidden in the distance to observe the movement of the palace.

Sop is dissatisfied with this answer: "I need to confirm, I ask again, are you sure the new king has not left the palace?"

"Yes, Mr., the new king is still there is still there is still thereIn the palace. "Eyeline was forced by Sop, and he lied.

Supu hung up and continued to pick up another phone and said, "Colonel, the goal is still there."

"Okay." Colonel Miller played the cigar tobacco ash,A set of passwords were issued to the drone operation team.

A Haier French missile was shot again under the unmanned wing, and the palace was instantly hit. A sea of fire rose, and the drone continued to hover, waiting for the smoke to scatter to shoot the bombing effect.

"Boss, your phone." Hu Guang stood next to the off -road vehicle, shouting with a car -carring -mortar hand wheat in his hand, Liu Ziguang stepped forward to pick up the hand wheat: "Yes."

br> "Here is Major Jones. One minute ago, the drone launched the air -border missile again, destroying the main building of the palace. I think it is still over Saint Hutan, and your MiG is dispatched."

> "Copy." Liu Ziguang just put down his hand wheat, and there was a shout on the tower: "Three goals found on the radar, one big or two, may be a transport aircraft and two escort fighters."

The trouble is great, and the captives actually concealed important information. The addition of the two escort fighters caused the war situation to quickly fall to the enemy.