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The root of the teeth was itchy, he drank it disconnected: "Sasha, let the MiG aircraft take off, first beat the i.S.R aircraft, and then knock out the drone over Saint Hutan!"

Half a long day, no half a day did not have a long day.People answered, Liu Ziguang turned his head and asked, "How is it difficult?"

"It's difficult." Alexander pointed at the two corpses in the distance, "The pilot was killed, no one would open MiGThe machine is. "

" Are you not a high student in the aviation school? "Liu Ziguang asked.

"But I haven't driven the fighter." Alexander replied.

"If you don't let me try it." Bei Xiaoshuai didn't know where to come out and said, Liu Ziguang slapped him aside, fighting is not a trick, he can drive proficiently to driveMost of the transport aircraft Alexander dare not open the fighter. Bei Xiaoshuai, a half -bottle of vinegar, dares to go up, isn't that nonsense, even if he can fly up, he is hit by others as a target plane.

"Who else can drive MiG machine?" Liu Ziguang asked Alexander's collar, and now the pilot of MiG machine is the guarantee of victory.

"Yes, the Jacques 40 pilot had previously served in the air defense military and drove a fighter." Alexander replied.

Liu Ziguang's Qi has nothing to say, isn't this nonsense, the Jacques 40 will probably fly out of the country, is it still impossible for others to come back.

"Forget it, first push the fighter to the library to protect it, and then find a few portable air defense missiles to prepare to fight." Liu Ziguang walked while taking the power of the hand.

"Sausa, how many people are there?"

"I died two in the first battle, hurt three, counting three light injuries, and ten more people could be able toHit. "

" What about the airport defensive forces? "

" There was a class, now there are only four people left. "

Liu Ziguang stood suddenly, followed closely, followed closely, followingAlexander almost hit him.

"How many are the air defense ballistic?"

"I'm afraid it's gone, only the four are arranged in the city of Shenghu, and we don't even have one at hand."

"What about the high shot machine gun?"

"There is a 12.7 mm deshka high firing machine gun, placed on the rooftop of the terminal.
"Putting it on the rooftop is a target, and sent someone to the machine gun to lift it into the room to hide." Liu Ziguang rubbed his hands and felt that the battle was too difficult to fight.

What he wants to defend is an empty airport with less than 20 people in his hands, and there are only one high -fired machine gun and several automatic rifles in the weapon, but the opponent has two fighters and nearly 100 people.Elite mercenaries.

And even more severe, these people at hand are completely black, both Chinese, African and Eastern Europeans, let alone cooperate with combat, that is, there are problems with conventional language communication.It is a foolish dream to keep the airport.

What is I.S.R, it is a professional mercenary, a murderer coming out of the gunlin rains, they will definitely use the rocket and organ to clean any suspicious goals on the airport before landing.There is no place where the building can Tibet, but hidden in the building is beaten by a target. When the opponent's infantry landed, this battle was lost.

"This battle can't be fought, ready to retreat." Liu Ziguang issued an order calmly. Alexander seemed to wait for him to say this sentence.Retreat!

They just pushed a MiG machine into the governing, and there was still an unprovoing on the runway. When they heard the order of retreat, they jumped into the jeep.The roar of the motor is a fighter!

The speed of the fighter is extremely fast. Just now it was the two small black spots of the sky, and it was still the two super giant bird propeller fighters that owed the blood of blood.The fighter aircraft is extremely excellent in terms of ground attack, moderate speed, advanced fire control system, and the firepower of Rockets and organ cannons.

After the first team of I.S.R was destroyed, they must have adjusted the combat plan. The fighter aircraft that had been escorted should be responsible for cleaning up the enemy's enemy.The four Russian guys who were carrying machine guns on the rooftop station could not swallow the evil breath, and immediately raised Deska to sweep a pass towards the plane.

The aircraft is the goal of high -speed movement. Unless many high -fire weapons form a barrage together, the hit rate is very low. This high -fired machine gun not only did not hit the giant mouthbird, but attracted revenge. One of the fighters was one of the fighters.After turning around, the two stiff 12.7 mm machine guns were sprayed with two string of fire tongue under the wing. Two dust cigarettes rose on the rooftop of the terminal, and the high -fire machine gun immediately dumbfire.

"They were killed." Alexander, who was next to the governing, shouted angrily, jumping on the rear of the car to fight the machine gun and hit it.A few fire dragons were sprayed under the wing.

"Rocket!" The people in the car ran away immediately. After a few steps out of the run, the off -road vehicle was blown up by the Rockets into fragments.

MiG 21, which stopped on the runway, also became the prey of a giant mouthbird. A string of rockets hit the body. The fuel and ammunition in the aircraft exploded, and there was a sea of fire on the runway.

The only two high -fired machine guns have been lost. Now Liu Ziguang has no ability to counterattack. Under the prostitutes of two super giant birds, they are helpless.When he turned his head again, Liu Ziguang ordered that several off -road vehicles rushed towards the airport hotel at the same time. There were also several crew members hidden, and they would take them to St. Hu'an again.

Two super giant mouthbirds are busy using rockets and machine guns to shoot the terminals, tower and other goals, and when they find these cars that hug heads, it is too late, but a fighter still shakes his wings and flies.Come over and shot, the Rockets hit the airport hotel building, and all the glass was shattered.

The worst is the Hu Qingyong Bay Stream G550 special plane. In the garage, the disaster was destroyed. When the crew saw Liu Ziguang, the face was scared.One after another asked to ensure their safety, only the captain said angrily: "Why not fight back, our fighter?"

The captain is a middle -aged man in his fifties, with a slightly fat body, and usually smiles.It looks like a Maitreya Buddha. I heard that it was a large airliner that used to fly a large airliner. He had a characteristic of the plane he drove, that is, it was particularly stable. When he landed, even the water in the cup was not rippling.

Liu Ziguang knew that he was a officer, and explained: "The pilot of the MiG machine was killed, and an aircraft was destroyed on the track. We did not have the power to fight back."

"No pilot, I'm going!" The captain stood out without hesitation.

"Lao He, can you do it?" Other crew members discouraged.

"You have to do it, otherwise we have to die here today." Captain He took off his hat and tie and his expression calmed down: "Who can send me to a fighter jet."

"I!" Bei Xiaoshuai raised his hand.Seeing everyone's suspicious eyes, he added another sentence: "What the captain I drove the motorcycle for the past, the goal is small, the speed is fast, there must be no problem."

NowadaysAs a living horse doctor, Bei Xiaoshuai does not know where to get an old Honda Motorcycle. Although the style is old, you can hear it when you twist the throttle. This motorcycle has a good performance.

Bei Xiaoshuai put on sunglasses and stepped onto the motorcycle. Lao He sat on the back seat and hugged Bei Xiaoshuai's waist. Everyone saw the fat on Lao He secretly worried.Can he do it?

Bei Xiaoshuai's face was grim. He pinched clutch in one hand, turned the throttle with one hand, and the motorcycle issued a roar. The exhaust pipe sprayed blue smoke, and suddenly rushed out like the arrow of the strings.Breaking the glass on the road outside, there was no pause without the slightest, and continued to run towards the glory.

As Bei Xiaoshuai said, the motorcycle goal is small and fast, and it did not immediately attract the attention of the fighter, but when it was halfway, it was finally discovered by a super giant mouthbird, and the fighter jet fought down fiercely.The shot of the rain was beaten around the motorcycle. Bei Xiaoshuai gritted his teeth and quickly turned away. When the two rushed to the governing, Bei Xiaoshuai was almost unconvinced.

"How is it, it's cool." Bei Xiaoshuai took off her sunglasses and grinned, and she smiled even more ugly than crying.

Lao He said nothing, quickly checked the landing gear and martial arts of MiG 21, nodded and said, "Very good, the oil bomb is full, prepare for the state of war, the boy, you help me."

Bei Xiaoshuai squatted down, hugged Lao He's feet, held him up, Lao He climbed into the cabin, quickly pulled various switches, and said to Bei Xiaoshuai: "Open the door and observe the direction of the enemy. "

Bei Xiaoshuai pushed away the door of the governing door with exhaustion of breastfeeding, stretched his head to look at the sky, and turned back:" The two birds are shooting.Hotels, don't care about us. "

" Okay, you hid, be careful to burn the flames. "After speaking, he covered the cockpit and covered it.I hid it.

At this time, Liu Ziguang was firing with light weapons.With the building, I did not notice the airport behind.

Lao He directly launched the turbine jet engine in the garage. The orange -red flame sprayed out of the tail of the fighter., Rushed forward at a terrible speed, Bei Xiaoshuai, who was on the side, was straight. He could even imagine the feeling of Lao He at the moment. It must be a hundred times more refreshing than taking his own motorcycle.

The original intention of the MiG 21 fighter is a kind of light jet fighter that can take off on the field runway. The take -off is 800 meters away.The huge roar at the time of the jets immediately attracted the attention of the two super giant birds. They quickly turned the machine head and flew. At this time, Mig 21 was still on the runway.At a dangerous moment, a gunfire suddenly sounded on the rooftop of the terminal, and the high -fired machine gun was launched again.

"It's Vasily!" Alexander yelled.

The two super giant mouthbirds were caught off guard by the sudden blow, a little divided, MiG 21 has been empty, and the silver figure is reflected under the sun, as dazzling like a long -time sword.

A cheer in the hotel building, everyone was convinced by Lao He's beautiful take -off, but now the victory and defeat are not divided, everyone still sweats.

"Buddy, isn't Lao He who had a special plane before the 33rd Division? Why is there still this?" Liu Ziguang asked.

The deputy commander said, "What happened, Lao He used to be a special pilot of the Navy Air Force. At that time, when the Taiwan Strait crisis, a single -player machine, a J -7 flew directly to the Americans to the AmericansUnder the nose of the carrier, the two reasonic wasp chased him, but he was bitten by him. If it wasn't for the upper side, it would be the first pilot to kill the Hornet in the air combat. "