Chapter 54 Freedom is always so close to death

There are zombies in front, and behind the chase of their Tianjiao soldiers. Meng Fan really felt the difficulty of survival in the last days, but in his eyes, he would rather fight with the zombies, and he was unwilling to live like Niu Yunqiang.In a base, it becomes his subordinate, of course, provided that if Niu Yunqiang is still human.

Both cars are equipped with vehicle machine guns. Luo Hongyun and Meng Fan are holding a machine gun alone.The main force of the zombies went to attack the south gate.

More zombies did not entangle Meng Fan, but instead embraced the east gate of the Pingtou Mountain Base that had been opened together.However, Meng Fan knew that even without their troubles, Pingtou Mountain Base was almost unable to keep it.

Meng Fan suddenly thought of an important thing. He hurriedly asked Li Xiaotian to operate the machine gun. He sat in the car and took out the key.

There is not much time. Meng Fan must immediately open the lock in his hand and throw this positioning bomb away.However, Meng Fan did not dare to hold too much hope for Niu Yunqiang.

They walked a remote path, there were few people here, and the number of zombies was naturally rare. The zombies chased by behind gradually drifted away, and they could no longer see it.

"Parking!" Meng Fan didn't know when the positioning bomb in his hand would explode. Although Niu Yunqiang said that he needed a key to detonate the bomb on Meng Fan's hand, Meng Fan could not do what he said to it completely.

Although Zhao Tie did not understand why the company was allowed to stop at this time, he still obeyed the order unconditionally.

"Meng Fan, what are you going to do?" Li Qiuyun asked puzzledly.

Meng Fan took out the key, "Niu Yunqiang said that this is the key to opening the lock in his hand."

The question is, in addition to believed, do I have other choices? "

Li Qiuyun lowered her head, she also understood that Meng Fan did not have other choices. The positioner was worn on Meng Fan’s hand.Time bomb may explode in the next second.

Meng Fan doesn't know why Niu Yunqiang hasn't detonated the bomb in his hand. Is it possible that this bomb can not be remotely controlled. It is really the key to Diu Yunqiang. The key is the key to detonating and opening the electronic lock.

Meng Fan got out of the car and ordered everyone not to follow, but Li Qiuyun still followed him firmly. "Qiu Yun, you can't follow it. This is dangerous.It is possible that the moment I use the key is the time when the bomb exploded. "

Li Qiuyun shook his head and said stubbornly:" Since we are husband and wife, we should face the risk together. If the bomb explosion,Let me accompany you to death! "

Meng Fan is not a heart -hearted person. How can he be moved by Li Qiuyun.I will accompany her to die like her, maybe I can do it, maybe I can't do it. Many things, if it is not in the state of the situation, it is difficult to say clearly, that is, the same person, and there may be two types of in the face of the same thing.Different choices.

The human heart is such an elusive thing. Meng Fan remembers that his mother scolded him because of a trivial matter, so he wrote a cursing of his mother in his diary.When I saw it again, I was shocked to cursing my mother like this, but that was the mother who raised her own!How could he curse her, so he quickly torn it off and threw it away.

"I'm sorry, Qiu Yun, I used to treat you like that."
"Sorry, Meng Fan, we used to treat you like that."

Meng Fan stunned,Then laughed at Tian: "My life is very hard and will not be so easy to die." After that, he suddenly fainted Li Qiuyun, and then ordered others to say: "Luo Hongyun, Li Xiaotian, protect her."

br> "Lian Long!"

"Everyone is not allowed to follow, this is the command."

Meng Fan walked forward alone, the pace was very firm, making him feel like he was very similar toMartyrs who walked towards the execution ground in some revolutionary educational films.He turned a corner and walked behind a hillside. At this distance, even if the explosion would not hurt others.

The shape of the key is very similar to the car key to drive an electronic lock on the car. There is a slot on it, two keys, one is the unlocking key, the other is the detonation key, the other represents freedom, the other represents death, and the other represents death.Of course, the premise is that Niu Yunqiang speaks the truth.

Meng Fan does not know why freedom is always so close to death. Perhaps there is no shortage of people who died for freedom in this world, as saying in that poem: life is valuable, love prices are even more priced, and love prices are more.High, if it is free, both can be thrown.

Meng Fan took a deep breath, inserted the key to the key to the electronic lock on the wrist, and then pressed to understand the lock key. The electronic lock on the bomb immediately responded.The sound of

Meng Fan finally relieved, showing a relaxed expression on his face, then he found out that he was so loved that he was so nervous, so that he had so many in his palms so much that he had so many hearts in his palms so much of his heart.Sweat.

However, fate joked Meng Fan. When he reached out to pick the positioning bomb on his hand, he found that he couldn't pick it down.

"<嘀!" The electronic lock made a noise again, and then the stopwatch above started ten seconds of countdown.

The gun war has been watched too much, and everyone knows what the countdown means. Meng Fan does not know why the person who designed this bomb must set the countdown.They feel the fear before death.

In fact, the real reason is because this bomb is modified according to timing bombs, so countdown will occur.

Meng Fan has a moment of blank brain, and then roar hysterically: "Niu Yunqiang! I

Meng Fan has a moment of blank brain, and then roar hysterically: "Niu Yunqiang! I fuck your ancestors!"

Looking at Meng Fanyuan, Luo Hongyun and Li Xiaotian and others are the same.Tension."Luo Pai!" Li Xiaotian was used to calling Luo Hongyun like this: "You said that we will be okay!"

"No, it must not." Luo Hongyun expressedWorried.

Li Qiuyun's body has also reached the warrior level. She soon woke up. At this moment, a huge explosion behind the hillside passed over.

"Lian Long!" Several people stayed at first, and then ran to the place where the explosion came from a hundred meters acceleration.Li Xiaotian was the fastest. He first arrived, but only saw a collapsed hillside.A small watch -type bomb will have such great power.

Black, the brain is blank, Li Xiaotian is overwhelmed.Luo Hongyun and Li Qiuyun also arrived. "Lian, you died miserable!" Luo Hongyun was not a crying person, but at this moment, he cried tears.

Li Qiuyun did not cry, she suddenly grabbed Luo Hongyun's collar: "What are you how! Meng Fan will not die, my man will not die!"
Luo HongyunIt seems that I also react: "Yes, I want to see people, seeing people ... I! I! How can I die such a powerful person?"

Several people started to find it on the ground, but onlyI found a bloody hand, "Lian Dan ... I was blasted by only one hand left." Zhao Tie said with a cry of crying.

Li Qiuyun was stunned, and the whole person sat on the ground. "Meng Fan, you

Li Qiuyun was stunned, and the whole person sat on the ground. "Meng Fan, you bastard, you bullied me so much, I haven't had time to revenge. How can you say that you die?How can you die? How can you die earlier than me? "

Luo Hongyun calm down, he took a closer look at the hand in Li Qiuyun's hand exclaimed:" No,The company commander is still alive. This is a left hand. This hand is not blown up. It is cut off with a knife. You see, how neat wounds. "

Li Qiuyun also wakes up, she also sees it clearly, she also sees it clearly.It really, the wound of this hand is very neat, unlike blowing.

Meng Fan did not die. In a few seconds before the explosion, he cut off his left hand with a alloy sword, and the positioning bomb worn on his left wrist naturally took it down and threw it out.

The pain of broken wrists made Meng Fan almost faint, but he still endured a lot of pain. He had to run to a safe distance in a few seconds.go.

The mountain road was originally rugged, and after Meng Fan broke his wrist, it was inevitable that it was inevitable that it was inevitable that it was inevitable that it would be a panic when he escaped.When Meng Fan looked up, the scene in front of him took him a breath.

I don't know why the ancients always said that they would not be alone. At least Meng Fan was like this today, because there were dozens of wild dogs that appeared in front of him.

This group of wild dogs are eating the bones of the dead people who do not know where they come from. With the appearance of Meng Fan, their heads are lifted up, and the green light of green oil flashes.

From the eyes, these wild dogs do not seem to have mutations. From the appearance, maybe they were originally a dog, but whether they are mutated or not, whether they have used to be a family dog, it is no longer important now.For a long time, no one cares, but they can survive in the environment of zombies and mutant creatures, and they will definitely not be weak.

The bloody smell of Meng Fan's left hand wound seemed to stimulate their fierceness. This group of wild dogs stabbed their teeth and roared. It seemed that the next second, they would rush to tear Meng Fan.

If Meng Fan is not injured, he will not be afraid of them, but the problem is that he is not only injured, but he is not injured. First, he cut off his left hand, and then rolled from the hillside toAt the bottom of the valley, if it hadn't been wearing a bright armor, Meng Fan's body would not even find a good piece of skin.

Escape is the only choice for Meng Fan. He can't care about the soreness of his body, can't care about the blood of his left wrist, and jumping up.

Even if it is an ordinary person, in this case, I am afraid that they can run out of the 100 -meter sprint, let alone Meng Fan, who is amazing.

Meng Fan thought that when he escaped from the corner field, it should be the fastest running in his life, because even the car could not catch up with him.But he now discovered that he was running faster than just now. You must know that it was on a flat road just now, and this time was in the rugged valley.