Chapter 013


"It's late! It's late! At least there are a little bit! In the morning, it is still the class teacher Liu!"

Lu Xuyang's unfortunate dream just dreamingSeeing the "Four Eyes Temple Chicken" was knocking on the gongs and drumming, urging myself to take the exam for the fast classroom. After waking up, I almost jumped from the bed, and it was startled by Lu's mother who was waiting aside.

"Xiaoxu, what's wrong! Why are you shocked! Did you have a nightmare just now?" Lu mother stepped up and supported Lu Xuyang, and kept patting his back."It was shocked ... This was only six o'clock, and the sky was just bright. What class?"

Lu Xuyang was sitting on the bed for a while, and he reacted, and his eyes gradually moved towardsA anxious mother in front of me: "Mom, so early, why are you in my room? I last night ..."

When I thought of the scene last night, Lu Xuyang's mind was a scoop of paste.I just remember what they said with Lin Dongjun before they were drunk, and they were unclear in the future.

"Yeah. Mom is about to ask you, what did you do last night? When I came back, I saw that you were drunk and hurt others to send you to the house.Lost her. "

Lu Xuyang's expression seemed to see a little mysterious look, and I was surprised:" Classmates gather, I go to make a fun.What do you have any loss at home?It's easy! "Lu Mu said that the table lamp on the bed was on the bed, and at 151 talked about the situation when Zheng Xiyi sent Lu Xuyang yesterday night, and then stared at Lu Xuyang, and asked seriously,"Xiaoxu, tell the truth to my mother, have you fell in love with that girl? "

" I ... I ... she ... "Lu Xuyang laughed and laughed, my mother's stuffy was really graspedAfter quasiking people's strange scriptures, her old master even regarded Zheng Xiyi as her future daughter -in -law. This joke is big, so I can't deal with it.

Mother Lu couldn't answer when she saw her son's expression for a long time. Suddenly, she put down her hand and said with a long time saying, "Xiaoxu, not parents and grandpa do not allow you to associate with her, but the days of this college entrance examinationWhen you approach the day, you are getting the eyebrows. You have to grasp the score. I just talked with your dad for a long time. I feel so, I feel that the girl is good, and the people are beautiful and beautiful.It seems that it is also good for you. I sent you home in the middle of the night and dirty clothes ... "

I was completely defeated by my mother's rich imagination and horror observation.For a moment, Lu Xuyang really could not start to refute. He suddenly heard that his mother said that Zheng Xiyi was dirty clothes or something, so he couldn't help but surprised: "She wrestled? Or was it stunned by the smelly climbing dog from Bingbing's house?"

"Pick you a big radish head! It's not your creation yet! When she came, she was wet and exuding a strong wine. I stepped forward and asked her hand: 'Girl,Are you tidy? 'She pointed at you and said you vomited. You child, how do I teach you, can not bully the girls casually, let's talk about it.Why do you spit things on her skirt, you can vomit everywhere! "Lu Mu said with a lot of passage. Lu Xuyang almost got out of bed after listening to her.In the past, as long as she mentioned which female classmates mentioned in front of her, she immediately put on a posture of a mother -in -law and daughter -in -law.Here is a big turn of 180 degrees!

"Mo Fei's mother also treats Zheng Xiyi with another look?" Lu Xuyang fiercely scratched his back, and his mother gave herself a problem. In fact, Zheng Xiyi and herself had only two or three cents.The relationship was made by her to become a girlfriend very concerned about her. She was clearly indirectly ordered to pursue Zheng MM. Otherwise, the beautiful vision could not be established, and she might make her parents disappointed!

At this moment, the grandfather's shout sounded outside the door. Lu Xuyang couldn't help but sore when he heard the moaning of the old man.Early in the morning, my mother had to take him on time every day.

"Well, your grandpa is really tossing him! I went to pour the medicine for him, and you sleep for a while." Lu Mu said that he went out.

"Bag! My schoolbag! Yin and Yang mirror are all inside!" Lu Xuyang was frightened, did his schoolbag fall in the restaurant, he hurriedly got out of bed to find, ran to the living room, glance at a glance, a glance at a glance, a glance at a glance.Fortunately, fortunately, fortunately, fortunately, he took a few steps and took it in his hands to see if he was a treasure.

"Xiaoxu, what are you doing, get up so early today?" Father Lu yawned out of the room. He started working early on the construction site and had to go to work at more than seven o'clock. Once late, he was late.Even for only one or two minutes, the salary of the whole day is gone.

Lu Xuyang did not have a little bit of his father who was not long -ended in his teeth when he was eating.However, he can only leake up his father in his heart. People have to bow their heads under the eaves!

"I ... I wake up."

Lu Xuyang was about to return to his bedroom, but was shouted by his dad: "Xiaoxu, come over, your mother deliberately deliberately deliberately deliberately intentionI discussed with me ... This hundred dollars, if you hold it, if you change the day, you will accompany that ... your female classmate goes to buy a new skirt, see you made herGive her one, our family can't lose her ... "

" Ah! "Dad's words are exactly the same as the old mother.The silly hat came, and the people were the handsome men who liked her in turn to be carefully selected. I had no wealth, and the two were declining. She would like me.Strange!

"What is it? Take it, your little boy can't see a little bit more interesting, your dad and my life have not been chased by a good -looking woman in your life. You have to find a way to improve it in your handsI improve the offspring. As the saying goes, cultivating excellent varieties, who do not want their descendants to be beautiful and beautiful? The girl who sent you back last night ... The appearance of the person is really good, my mother, and the old man, and the old man, the old man, and the old man., I have met her. I do n’t like it. You have to fight for it. Do n’t be rare. When you lose it, you can only regret it! "Father Lu smiled like his eyebrows.It was stuffed into Lu Xuyang's hand, as if granting a heavy trunk.

Lu Xuyang has nothing to say, okay, I have been out of the way, since today, I have attacked her lightly. In order to upgrade the offspring, even if she was smashed into human meat sauce with cakes, it was at all.Intersection

After walking into his room, Lu Xuyang cleared the book items in the schoolbag in time and found that there was no shortage of anything to completely rest.

The painful moaning of the old man is particularly powerful today. In Lu Xuyang's heart, Grandpa is the one who hurts him the most. Seeing how he can torture him to suffer!

"Mom, you can send Grandpa to the hospital. It's time to see Dr. Jin, all of which have passed for half a year." Lu Xuyang frowned and walked to the grandfather and mother, and raised it.Once, the elderly's stomach disease is getting worse and worse. I am afraid that it is a bad sign. Didn't his attending physician Dr. Jin half a year ago say that the disease may deteriorate!

Mother Lu looked back and sighed: "Xiaoxu, not the parents refused to take him, but your grandfather did not want to go to the hospital.Who dares to rush to the hospital for three days and two days, and there will be thousands of land for three or four days to lie there.. Old faults have been for decades. Occasionally the pain is not big. After taking the medicine, it will be almost noisy. "The old man has a stubborn temper. In fact, Lu Xuyang knows that he has a good mind.It is about to demolish the new house, and there is no funds for renovation and resettlement.

"Always take this medicine, is no effect?" Lu Xuyang picked up a pill on the table next to the table and looked at it a few times.With that super magnifying glass upgrade, isn't there often so -called prolonged life in the game! "

So Lu Xuyang quietly poured out a few ordinary gastric medicine from the bottle, quickly returned to himself back and slipped back to himselfIn the room, tightly closed the door.

"A Staru Shop Pill Pills disappeared. Congratulations to you, successful refining, you get a blood back blood>
I rely on it, good, but it is good, but I ca n’t contact the stomach disease at all. Lu Xuyang shook his head and smiled hard, but helpless ...

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