Chapter 014 Passive Effect


The two ends of the "Blood Blood God Dan" in front of the eyes are expanded under the recess, and it is a "8" shape. The diameter is about the size of the thumb.Lu Xuyang squeezed it gently and put it under the lamp for a long time. After thinking of the effect of Shen Dan, "replenishing the blood volume in a timeUsage, if ... if anyone is in urgent need of blood transfusion, it will be possible to give him one? "

Lu Xuyang is not very willing, since the" yin and yang two sides "can be upgraded"Move the ring "such as" equipment such as "to increase the new attributes or skills on them, will it be more effective for other things similar to the items in the game?

Lu Xuyang took up the magic weapon yin and yang mirror and began to study "Blood Blood Shen Dan". The test results showed that this was also feasible. After the upgrade, the effect of Shen Dan was significantly more powerful."Blood refining" information: "... Holy blood supply Rhubarb, for the use of yourself or goals, within half a year, itself or target is abundant and blood, immune to all bleeding status ..."

Seeing this reminder, Lu Xuyang was surprised that he couldn't lit. The effect was too good, that is, after the use of this rhubarb, he was not afraid of being bleeding and bleeding within half a year.You will not sacrifice the ground due to too much blood loss!

Of course, Lu Xuyang is now lonely and widows, and he can't afford to offend people, and no one hates him to the extent that he is hurting people, but this does not mean that it will be so safe in the future.There are blessings, so there are still good precautions.

"Anyway, I want to refine how much I want to make, eat one first, taste fresh, and then eat one for half a year. In this way, this cavity in my body will haveLife is guaranteed! "Lu Xuyang was about to put away the yin and yang mirror, and suddenly found a row of dark red characters on the side of the bumpy side. He turned over and looked at it carefully.

"Magic Yin and Yang two -sided mirror has been upgraded. 25 refining points from the next level. The attributes of the soldiers worn outside the character underwear have been improved accordingly.Glossness +12, each physical strength+12%... Passive effect, increase permanently ... "

Then, Lu Xuyang held this magical mirror and couldn't help but stay, ha, another one, another people, another one is impressiveThe new discovery of extremely surprised surprises, it turns out that the yin and yang mirror itself can also increase the level, just like the magic weapon in the game. Each level of the lift, the various attributes in the inside will increase at a certain growth rate, and these new attributes are eventuallyIt is only a bit different about the owner of the magic weapon. The opposite characters of "Yin and Yang two sides" are living self!

"Charm? Intelligence? Well, from the inside, even the appearance has been changed!" Lu Xuyang then thought that his skin gloss also seemed to be improved a lot, and it rose on the basis of the original basis.Twelve points, what does this mean!

After Lu Xuyang received the yin and yang mirror, he rushed to the mirror on the bedside with excitement, and looked in it.I feel uncomfortable all day long acne and acne. I can't help but use my nails to pick it up. I also dig it in class.It is almost a bad mind. This is good. The many red flowers on the cheeks obviously reduced most of the area, and the eyes look more comfortable.

"Xiaoxu, what are you doing? Don't brush your teeth and wash your face, ready to have breakfast."

At this time, the mother's greetings came from outside, and Lu Xuyang swept aroundSweeping his face, he was happy to bloom in his heart.

"I know. Come on!"

Lu Xuyang agreed to send the "blood blood supply to the big yellow dan" while sending it into his mouth.The bones swallowed, but the results were unexpectedly unexpected. The entrance of the elixir was cool. When it was incorporated into the fluid, it turned out, and it was sweet like honey.

"Xiaoxu, remember to pay for a loss with her after going to school. In the future, you will bully others girls, mom will not spare you!" When eating, Lu's mother faced Lu Xuyang, always hanging in her mouth, "That girl"She just regarded the other party as her future daughter -in -law.

Lu Xuyang did not argue, but kept his head constantly, and agreed "uh".

With a schoolbag back, a person slowly walked on the way to school. Lu Xuyang secretly summarized the law of the "yin and yang two -sided mirror":

The things in reality are upgraded to similar items with special attributes, and it is bound to take effect after successful refining;

Two, it can refine the refined equipment items, add new attributes and skills, and add new attributes and skills.In this case, the equipment items are bound for life and cannot be destroyed;

Three, it can also upgrade non -binding items, but it can only be used for itself, such as the skill of the "Eye of Despise"The scroll, as well as the "return blood god DanThe refining point "has something to do ...

Of course, this magic weapon has many new functions that need to be discovered by your own heart ...

Lu Xuyang walked into the classroom at the same time.He was buried his head and was doing the mathematical papers yesterday afternoon. Lu Xuyang took a look at it. His first big question was just opened.In the end, it will definitely not be a big harvest.

In fact, Lu Xuyang and Li Xuanjun made the same table for more than a year.Answer the questions of each subject, and sometimes help him cope with the "chalk **" of "four -eye chickenZhou Gong went to date, and Mr. Li threw him several times with a chalk head. He was blocked by Li Xuanjun, and then he woke up with his elbow to wake up.

"In this class, except Li Xuanjun, who really can be regarded as my friend Lu Xuyang!" Lu Xuyang remembered that Li Xuanjun once said in his ear.Lawyer, Lu Xuyang also knew that he had little confidence: "I must find a way to help him and let the friends and relatives around me realize their ideals. This kind of happiness is not small!"

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