Chapter 015


"Yeah, it's Xiaoxu! I thought which strange handsome guy was there, we just visited our class!" Kuang Bin in the front seat turned his head and perceived a little.The famous hall is here. After the secret acne beauty, Lu Xuyang's face was indeed more clean than the previous level. In particular, his eyes obviously had a touch of light.

Kuang Bin's amazing alias was given by Lu Xuyang. Due to his bald head in the end of the year, and his temperament, he loved to go to his room to enjoy the love action blockbuster of the country, so soAs soon as Lu Xuyang saw him, he thought of the third -level film in Hong Kong's third -level film.

Lu Xuyang's recent obsession with the "Xianxian" game is also led by the "prostitute monk".God, I heard that he was in love. Objectively, it was a comrades who had experienced the itching of half a year."It turned out to be an out -of -the -box "It turned out to be an out -of -the -box shemale, and it was the kind of beard that was particularly evil. When I learned the results, the heart of the" kinky monk "died. Who knew that the other party also said that in realityHe also gave up his life to accompany the gentleman!

"Hey, am I more handsome? Yesterday I used a facial cleanser imported from Australia.Positive narcissism, stroking a smooth cheeks back and forth, and wanting to embarrass Kuang Bin. This kinky monk used to laugh at himself, and told the acne that symbolizes youthful charm as "Sao Mo."I want a woman to think too much before it comes out.

"Really. Little girl, obediently, come, let the poor monks touch it." Kuang Bin smiled and reached out to pinch Lu Xuyang's chin.

"I rely on, go and go!" Lu Xuyang immediately slapped Kuang Bin's arm and knew that the kung fu of this "kinky monk" disgusting person was absolutely a must.Don't go on.

Kuang Bin smiled, and when he saw Mr. Liu, the head teacher, he walked into the classroom, and immediately set up a "back to the shore

I don't know why, Mr. Liu paused and paused for a while when he passed Lu Xuyang, but she didn't say anything, but her vision fell to Lu Xuyang's abnormal face.

Lu Xuyang felt a hint of surprise in Teacher Liu's eyes, but it was the same as thinking about it. In the process of using the magicic yin and yang mirror, the charm value increased a lot.The flower "gives yourself, and then there is a magic weapon itself to gain a certain amount of character attributes. These gain effects are passively generated, which deeply affects its appearance and temperament.

In the first and two sections, Teacher Liu explained how to write lyric articles. The composition in the Chinese test has always been a problem that most people feel a headache. Lu Xuyang is inevitable.The final composition question can get twenty points (total score 60) and Amitabha burns high incense.

"Yes, how should I deal with this title of this composition?" Lu Xuyang grabbed the ghost pen in his hand and frowned suddenly. As for those objective questions, of course, there are precise answers, and subjective nature of subjective natureThe question type is very different, and it is necessary to start imagining and answering without the same content as everyone.

When Lu Xuyang was a little confused, Teacher Liu was arranged. Everyone's task was to write a composition of lyrical category around the two words "dark currentPlay, after forty minutes, the writing students can take the initiative to hand in a score.

"Dark current, flowing groundwater, or metaphorical ideological tendency, social dynamics ..." Lu Xuyang turned around and found that Comrade Li Xuanjun was engaged in underground activities again.With the big dictionary of the big block, every time you write a word, you have to check the right and right to the right. I am afraid that something will be lost.Wait for the reference book, I don't know how to turn it!

Lu Xuyang slowly went to the schoolbag to get paper, and touched a small group of hard states that were very rough, and felt quite stabbing his skin.

"Well? What kind of thing!" Lu Xuyang lowered his head and went to visit the bag. Damn, who made the ghost, he threw stones in my schoolbag.Not big, but in the silent classroom of the crow, a layer of waves could not help but start.

At that time, almost everyone had bet on her eyes, watching Lu Xuyang, who was annoyed with amazing eyes.

"Lu Xuyang, do you have anything to do?" Mr. Liu's love to love in the classroom, Lu Xuyang, who loves love in the classroom.One or two words of scolding.

Lu Xuyang heard the teacher's "greetingsPut in the stones in your bag.

I took it to see it clearly. Lu Xuyang was extremely surprised. What kind of stone is it, it is clearly a ball -shaped ball of Wuqi or Eight Black.It's almost half a catty.

What surprises Lu Xuyang is that there is actually one in the schoolbag, which has the same shape and no difference.

Grandma's ball, which is strange. Lu Xuyang was puzzled. When he repeatedly sorted out the schoolbag, he felt a little less inside.: "I don't see the scroll of the Tianshu skills" The Eye of Despise The half -time God has to accept this unpleasant fact at the moment: the non -binding items upgraded by the yin and yang mirror are time -limited, and it will be destroyed after expired!

But he didn't have much regrets. He had already learned that he learned the skills on the scroll and flowers.Fear of catching people with only little white rats!

"Lu Xuyang, your composition level does not seem to be very good, so much practice." I do n’t know when Teacher Liu came to his side, Lu Xuyang quickly put the schoolbag and took out a piece of white paper to come out., Sin down and write.

Teacher Liu wanted to come over to remind Lu Xuyang, who opened the small difference. Unexpectedly, she inadvertently looked at her eyes and was attracted by the composition on the other party's manuscript paper.

"... Youth is a rushing best -selling book. Youth is a season that is easy to make people lose. Youth is my heart to her. At the beginning, there was an ending ..."

BR> Lu Xuyang held a ghost pen in his hand and was free. He thought about it in his heart that there was a rough thing in this magical pen that suddenly came through the literature.

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