Chapter 016 Smart Spark


The more surprised by Mr. Liu, the more he looked at it. In less than ten minutes, Lu Xuyang's pen in a large article was drawn with a successful end.The place where it is modified, and the lines are flowing between the lines, the writing is quite delicate and old, the structure is compact and rigorous, the content is extremely full of and touching, and it is a rare lyric masterpiece!

Lu Xuyang took a long breath, and now he did not forget to put the ghost pen into a personal pocket. When he found that the class teacher was still standing behind herself, his face turned red slightly.What famous hall, don't doubt your pen!

Teacher Liu is not a golden -eyed fairy. Naturally, he can't realize his spiritual ghost pen, but you can't help but praise the student's style.Every time he handed over the composition, he looked at the rolling noodles of the seven forks and eight laps.

"Lu Xuyang, who wrote well." The praise that Teacher Liu rushed to his mouth and finally couldn't help but put it out. This was the first time she sincerely praised her in class.Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang always habitually scratching the back of the head when he said beautiful lies, and laughed back: "I have been reading the guidance book recently. Perhaps the topic in this scope conforms to my appetite."

"Yes. You have made a big progress." Teacher Liu picked up the manuscript on the desk of Lu Xuyang, and thought about it for a while, and then smiled, "The sentence is smooth and free.Idioms, these rows are also used well than rhetoric, but the content is a bit overwhelming, classmate Lu Xuyang, the central thought of your article is not very good. Originally, university did not advocate falling in love.The secret love of a girl written in the article is how to be embarrassed or firm in my heart? Is this ... Is this subject too hot and not suitable for the composition. If you can get more than 50 or moreThe teacher can only play thirty points in front of the teacher ... "

Teacher Liu said a lot like a firecracker, Lu Xuyang finally understood the deep meaning of her words., Everything must be based on the principle of consistent, and it is necessary to align with the standards. The "non -mainstream" factors will only come in and only ask themselves.Re fact!

Lu Xuyang did not intend to hand in composition, but was taken on the podium by Teacher Liu's backhand to the podium."My Heart Still" was read out in public, so that it caused a lot of gossip men and women. Fortunately, Teacher Liu had a mercy under his mouth and did not say the name of the author.Asked sharply.

"Lu Xuyang, the birth of the highest score this time, please come to answer this question."

Lu Xuyang is looking at the scenery outside the window in the distance, and the ears suddenly sounds.The shout of "Four Eyes Temple ChickenIn the math class in the third quarter, he shook his god, greeted Xiao Yingying at his teacher Li.

"Lu Xuyang, on the blackboard, this small comprehensive question about space vector, everyone said no, you can try it."

This trick is ruthless!

Lu Xuyang was immediately stunned. This "four -eyed field chicken

"..." Lu Xuyang slowly stood up under the eyes of everyone, and his face gradually appeared on his face.The mathematical accomplishment is deeply self -knowledge, let alone the complex space vector problem, that is, the general geometric questions must be squeezed into the brain. Maybe the answer that the final calculation is still wrong!

Teacher Li saw him hesitating, and began to squeeze a similar smile on the corner of his mouth. This student faked a set of fraud, and finally called you the original shape!

Wang Bing, who was sitting in the first rows of Lu Xuyang, has been unable to figure it out yesterday. Lu Xuyang's mathematics results are in the sky in the ground.And the difficulty of the topic has never been over the ground. This time, he saw that the other party had the signs of the fox tail, and he immediately restored a bit of balance. He only believed that he was not the original answer to plagiarism!

In fact, except for "nerd LiWhen he blindly touched the elephant, he hugged the middle thigh.

"Lv Xuyang, will you?" Teacher Li held a brand new chalk in one hand and slammed it gently on the table with one hand. When he asked this sentencePatiently.

"It seems that it will ..." Lu Xuming watched the question written on the blackboard intently, and suddenly pursed his lips, and couldn't help laughing.

Teacher Li and someone's righteousness are inexplicable. Until Lu Xuyang stepped onto the podium with his head, a large stroke, the problem of solving the problem was perfectly displayed there.

"Teacher Li, okay, that's it, this may be just one of the ways to solve the problem." Lu Xuyang turned around and smiled.

"Hmm!" "Four Eyes Field Chicken" nodded.People are surprised to open their mouths. Wang Bing is the most incredible one. This Xiaoxu is not often reprimanded by his mother because of mathematics and tender dregs at home.A person like a person, even if I can't get started, he can do it with his hands!
God, is this the legendary installation 13, it is already a shocking!

Wang Bing's amazing represents the psychology of most people in the class at this moment.

"Yes! Very good! Classmate Lu Xuyang, please sit down!" After seeing Lu Xuyang's problem -solving road, Teacher Li couldn't help it, so he turned his head and praised the Tao."I have taken a shortcut. Let’ s take a look. The process is clear at a glance.In the college entrance examination, he can get a authentic dark horse!

After analyzing the question made by Lu Xuyang's answer, Teacher Li voted to Lu Xuyang to agree with appreciation.

Lu Xuyang was surprised at this moment, and did not know what the reason was. When he looked at the question, his head rotated quickly.The front line is clearly there.

What happened at that moment was called "the light of wisdom". Lu Xuyang thought twice and suddenly realized that his intellectual value did increase.I didn't notice this before.

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