1 1 5 shi chang re xian

The lattice was educated for two years, and after coming out, he began to mix the society. He opened the house intermediary, mixed the joint defense team, set up a stall, and touched porcelain at the railway station. No matter which line was done, he did not mix it.

Perhaps Wang Zhaogang is a disappointed old mixed in the eyes of others, but he does not think so, and he feels quite good. Relying on knowing a few friends in society, he drank six all day long.Boom, shave a board, wearing an Adidas sportswear bought in a small commodity market, walking between various and low -grade hotels, bath centers, and massage rooms. It is also a part of the road.

Some time ago, the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau recruited co -management personnel in the society. It happened that a friend knew the Chief of the Zhongke of the Urban Management Bureau and introduced the old king.The sound of the sound of the bullish mountain finally got the position of the co -management team leader, and received a set of polyester -blended bean -green urban management uniforms. Since then, it has become a person who eats public meals. The social status has suddenly improved and the head is higher.

Wang Zhaogang is an old churros. He is a little lily in front of the leaders and is not ambiguous in front of the brothers.Two shots came up, and he didn't buy any account. Because of this, the young people in the co -management team served him, and the steel brother shouted very closely.

The proud steel brother was ridiculed in public in public. How can this breath can swallow, but after all, he is almost forty years old.Not small, the chief Zhong Ke said that he could not deal with him.

Thinking of this, he turned into a finger, and pointed at Liu Ziguang's nose with disdain: "I want to change my blood twenty years ago, let you see you."

Liu Ziguang smiled and did not have a general knowledge with him.

Wang Zhaogang felt that this sentence was not enough to show his prestige, and then said, "Don't be crazy, I remember you, be careful when you go out, now the world is chaotic."
br> Liu Ziguang smiled happily: "Thank you, my name is Liu Ziguang, the Red Star Company upstairs was opened by me. If you have something to do, you can find me directly. Let's learn privately."

Wang Zhaogang immediately stunned and drummed.Now, since he claims to be a mixed society, the anecdotes on that road have heard a little bit. Who does not know Liu Ziguang, who is the first of the four heroes of Gao Tupo, Zhuo Er in Huaqing Pool, Meng Kuroko, the boss of the No. 5 Pier, and Jiangbei underworld "The car king "Xuan is his younger brother. However, this boss was a lot low -key after becoming famous. He rarely appeared in Jiangbei City. He has become a character in the legend of rivers and lakes. I did not expect to see it in Chengcheng Community today.Real people.

The number of piercing heads of the Urban Management Bureau of Jiang'an District is all stunned, and others can be imagined that the guys who were still fist on the trucks have withered after hearing the name of Liu Ziguang.Dare to speak, and the formal workers of the Industrial and Commercial Audit and the Urban Management Bureau are so angry that they are helpless.

Liu Ziguang took out his mobile phone and said, "Don't leave, I will call the media reporter, the representative of the National People's Congress, and Mayor Hu to see your level of law enforcement."

> In this case, the Industry and Commerce Bureau and the Urban Management Bureau have no retreat. They were originally copied by Red Star Company. By the way, it was just a stall selling cold drinks. I did not expect to cause such trouble.The concept of stealing the concept made the comrades very passive, but if you retract now, you can't carry out work, so you must raise your waist.

The captain of the inspector stood up and said, "Liu Ziguang, today we are here to seal the Red Star Company. Don't pull other things, explain to the problem with us.Solution. "

The chief of the city management clock also said with a word:" We pursue the sun law enforcement, video of the whole process, the lawsuit is not afraid of it, who you like to call. "

Liu Ziguang nodded and dialed a number and said, "Hello, Mayor Hu, I am Liu Ziguang. A rough law enforcement incident in our community has a bad impact. I hope that Mayor Hu can instruct the relevant departments to deal with it."

Industrial and commercial and urban management looked at each other. I rely on, and I really called the mayor!

刘子光给市长打完了电话,又给电视台的打:“江雪晴么,你好,我是刘子光,是啊,很久没见了,行,有空一起吃饭,是啊,这You have been guessed by you, looking for you, in our community ... "

He cheered and laughed there and the number of TV stations, Huadan, cooked a phone porridge, here the law enforcement officials were gloomy and scared.The dead, the two teams also took out their mobile phones to call their leaders to call for reinforcements, but there were more and more people on the crowds, the road was blocked, and law enforcement vehicles had no door.

Today is pure coincidence. Originally, Liu Ziguang was planning to go to the airport. When he went downstairs, he saw this scene.My old neighbor, Deng Yunfeng's wife, Sister Fan

After Sister Fan was laid off, Liu Ziguang introduced a temporary worker at the property company, and later he was in accounting at Hongxing Company.The freezer wholesale cold drinks downstairs, the business is not big, just beating and small. I did not expect that they could be jointly enforced by the industrial and industrial mall management. The husband went to a business trip to the outside world. The son was still in high school.She can only look at the sky with a women's family. If it wasn't for Liu Ziguang's appearance, these two freezers had to be deducted at least two weeks, and the business would not do it.

Red Star Company was checked three or five times. Liu Ziguang did not take it seriously. In fact, Red Star Company has completed its historical mission. Now the business is completely transferred abroad.No one is left, otherwise, the dispute has long evolved into a fight.


Everyone thinks that Liu Ziguang is bluntly. Even if it is a representative of the National People's Congress, can you call the mayor by a phone call? Is he not the governor?Today, it ’s okay to make a big deal. Anyway, someone is trying to do Liu Ziguang. You can make the boy ca n’t eat it with the problem.

One minute later, the property security appeared and began to divert traffic, but it seemed to have no effect. After five minutes, the police station 110 police officers rushed to the scene to assist in the order.The interview car is really here!And the glorious beauty who came down on the car was Jiang Xueqing himself.

The comrades of industry and commerce and urban management have sweated. A bad hunch floating up. Sure enough, after the camera of the TV station was in place, a black Audi A6 came to the scene. The license plate number was Jiang.B00002!

Everyone knows that Jiang B00000 is the license plate number of Secretary Li before. After Secretary Li's accident, this number plate is not used because of obscurity.The number of cars is Mayor Hu. It seems that Liu Ziguang's energy is really not small. A call can move the mayor. The mayor has arrived.Sweating, this time I had a suffering.

Hu Yuejin came down from the car and saw the scene in front of him frowned. He was born in the old public security and had done the secretary of the Politics and Law Commission. He knew how to deal with it in this case.After the parties understood the situation, he jumped into the truck, reached out and pressed down, and was silent around.

Mayor Hu's voice is very loud: "Hello everyone, I am the mayor of Jiangbei City, Hu Yuejin. Maybe people over the age of 30 know what I was doing before. Yes, I am a criminal police officer., Oh, let's not talk about the previous paragraphs today, let's talk about the big sister's affairs. "

This kind of speech that does not hit the official cavity quickly allows the atmosphere to ease a lot. Everyone listened to the city calmly and calmly.Speak on the longevity.

"I have a brief understanding. This elder sister is not easy. After laid off, I start my own business.Now, the Industrial and Commercial Bureau has launched a campaign 365. Any laid -off and employment provides various preferential measures ... "

Below began to appear below.The door is difficult to enter, the face is ugly, and a license must be broken. Who does not know about it.

Of course, Hu Yuejin also knew this. He heard the boo angry, but said to Yan Yuese: "This elder sister, please take out the recovery list of applying for a business license.You handle it. "

Sister Fan stunned, and then ran back to the house to take out a set of documents. Mayor Hu looked at it, and his face was hard to look.Without it, a deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce had already heard the news and rushed to the scene. Mayor Hu did not show him a good look. He asked him to ask him and asked what the citizen had to do for so long.It was also the decoration and renovation of the work hall, and the person was nervous recently. Hu Yuejin limited to him on the spot, and then criticized the Urban Management Bureau to order them to return the freezer and wallet immediately., Never make the same problem again.

A crisis was quickly resolved by Mayor Hu, and the crowd applauded warmly. The television station also recorded the content he wanted. Except for the training of industry and commerce and urban management, he was happy.

The masses gradually dissipated, and Hu Yuejin glanced at Liu Ziguang with a smile. He drilled into Audi without talking to him.The more you have, you dare to mobilize the mayor. "

Liu Ziguang smiled, throwing the key to the leap forward car to Wang Zhaogang, and said to Jiang Xueqing," Wait for me. "Then walk to Sister Fan's side.After a few words, I came back and said: "It's been a long time since I saw it. The temperament of the reporter of Jiang Da was better."

Jiang Xueqing smiled, and naturally stepped forward to hold Liu Ziguang's arm and said, "You,The mouth is getting sweeter and sweeter, let's go, I'll give you an exclusive interview. "

Wang Zhaogang and other co -managers watched Liu Ziguang and the TV station so intimate, all kinds of envy and jealousy in my heartHate, at the end, I can only take a sip towards the ground: "I! What."

I have said a few gossip, I heard that some readers protested what I smelled the country what the country was discredited.The protest is invalid, because you raised me too much. All the allusions in this book were made by me. All of the news events and my personal experience after publicly reported it.Is it?I ca n’t use the materials, and I ’m more wonderful than one. Do you use me to scramble to push Hu?

Let's talk about the paragraphs of the previous chapter. One year, I saw three urban management on the road and one of the hawkers on the road to buy things on the road.The road is the third ring road, and the exchanges are large trucks. Basically there are no pedestrians, let alone the business. The woman is a rural person and is very earthy.She snatched her basket in front of her, and she grabbed the basket without letting go. As a result, a female tube took away the bag she packed money. The woman suddenly stunned, the city management laughed, and she drove.After leaving, I described this period without any feelings, nor do I want to comment on right or wrong. Urban management law enforcement must have a basis. There are such laws and regulations.Whether these regulations are formulated and who passed, whether it is evil or good law.