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Pay it. "

Mom said," You often go on a business trip, use money, let me keep your salary card here.It's.

Liu Ziguang was startled: "How many."

The salary card was still run by Liu Ziguang when he arrived in Chengcheng property. The bank card was on himself,The passbook was in her mother. At the beginning, Liu Ziguang often deposited the bonus inside or something. Later, he gradually forgot that the bank card was almost moldy in the drawer.

From then on, even if Liu Ziguang was a member of the Chengcheng Group, from the contract security staff to the security guard, the security minister, and the general manager of Hongxing Company, the director of Chengcheng Group, his preparation has always beenSincerely, although he hasn't been in class, the Ministry of Human Resources has been preparing his salaries on schedule, and with the improvement of his position, the basic salary has become higher and higher.It is not impossible for a small 100,000.

If you think about it, it is relieved. Liu Ziguang still insisted on leaving the card. His mother couldn't hold him, so he had to agree.

The next morning, a team of people rushed to Kaicheng Property Company to kill.Go down and go in.

Chengcheng Phase I -Phase 1 property company is in the community, and it is very close to Liu Ziguang's house. This is a two -story building, the first floor is a property company and a pure water station, and the second floor is the office of Red Star Company.The main committee of the community industry is also here. Usually, people come and go very lively. As soon as the law enforcement vehicle stopped at the door, it immediately attracted a lot of owners to watch.

This time, the leading array was clearly the good guys of the Urban Management Bureau. On the one hand, the half -old Changhe van was crossed at the gate of the property company.In the words of law enforcement, several people seem to be literary. There is no legendary fierce appearance of urban management personnel. Among them, there are two female comrades, holding the miniature camera and SLR camera for evidence, the first male comrades.Wear auxiliary glasses, hold a briefcase under the armpit, hold a walkie -talkie in his hand, and have a different scheduling.

A blue leap forward truck is followed behind. There is no license. The door is painted with the words of administrative law enforcement with white paint.Dahan, shaved his head, wearing a unified bean -green short sleeve top and pants, light black cloth shoes, and the dragon tiger tattoos on his arms looming, seeing that they are the main players today.

In contrast, the momentum of the industrial and commercial audit is weakened. Although it is also a domineering exposure of the friends who uniform large brims and briefcases, they are not as domineering.

When Liu Ziguang was busy dealing with Chengcheng Group and the provincial capital, the Administrative Penalty Notice of the Industry and Commerce Bureau reached the Red Star Company, and it was ten illegal acts of their super -registered management and transferred funds.The fines of 50,000 yuan, at the same time, the third wave of blows have also arrived. The Urban Management Law Enforcement Bureau, which has never dealt with Liu Ziguang, issued a rectification notice under the behavior of the Red Star Company's private green space, and the unauthorized hanging banner signboard.The book is the fourth day to this day, but Hongxing has not paid the fine as required to rectify, so industry and commerce and urban management have conducted such a thunderic linkage.

Law enforcement officers rushed into the yard of the property company as if a tiger went down.Mali climbed up the top of the building and dragged off the banner of the Urban Management Division approval. The whole process was recorded by a female town management team with a camera.

The industrial and commercial inspectors went to the second floor and sounded Liu Ziguang's office. No one opened the door for a long time. They sneered and took out the door to seal the door directly. Then Shi Shiran went downstairs.In the process, the security guards of Hongxing Company did not come out to obstruct, which made them a little disappointed and a little fortunate.

In general, this law enforcement process is quite smooth. The only trouble is to get some trouble when I collect two freezers operated by Dao Dao. The little boss who sells cold drinks is a 40 -year -old woman.Pulling the clothes of the law enforcement players not to let go, and shouted what the urban management was to grab things.

All the onlookers were silent. In front of the camera, the sturdy urban management team members were also extremely restrained and did not do any excessive action. They originally adjusted them to cope with the emergency scene, but now I thinkThere was no such thing as violent resistance. The eight strong guys dealt with a old lady.

But it is not good to be deadlocked like this. It has been damaged to the image of urban management for a long time., Reached out and grabbed the leather bag of loading money and got on their own van. When the woman saw that the business model was snatched, they quickly rushed over to grab. As soon as the freezer over there, the young guys were lifted into the leap in the truck. Now the womanStupid, stood in place dumbfounded, and tears in his eyes emerged.

The city management looked at her with ridiculous eyes. There were a few young people who still booed. At this time, someone finally couldn't stand it.People's money is also grabbed, isn't this a living bandit? "

The female city management of the camera heard the discussion and explained to the people who did not know the truth:" You don't know, these unlicensed cold drink stalls have a summer summer.When you come down, you can earn at least tens of thousands of thousands of thousands, which is even worse than white -collar workers. "

In this way, the onlookers are relieved, and they want to sell a cold drink more than us.

The joint law enforcement ended here. The industrial and commercial audit and the urban management Disheng triumph were about to leave. Suddenly a man stopped the front of the leap forward truck, and did not wait for the driver to respond.He reached in and dragged down the key, and he didn't look at the driver who was stunned. He jumped down and the leaders of the industrial and commercial audit and urban management passed.

The Captain of the Industrial and Commercial Investigation Captain knew this person, and it was Liu Ziguang, a legal representative of the Red Star Company that they had been looking for.. "

Liu Ziguang said:" The problem of Red Star Company will let the lawyer negotiate with you. Now what I ask is the issue of your law enforcement.The foundation of happiness, how do you usually learn the spirit of the superior? "

The Captain Captain of the City Management in the same coming did not know Liu Ziguang, and was shocked by his tone.Which unit is it? "

Liu Ziguang said:" Don't care which unit I am, I am just an ordinary representative of the National People's Congress, I represent the citizen of the entire constituency. The elder sister is our city in our city.The laid -off workers of a company have bankruptcy, and they can't even afford living expenses. She did not abandon himself, did not blame the heavens, but instead put up his chest and start a business, and did not add any trouble to the country and the government., While solving the problem of resolving the residents of the community in the summer, yes, she made some money, but it was all about the early and hard work.It is necessary to ban it. I really do n’t know what logic this is. You do n’t care about it, but you need to oppress the operation of this branch. Do you have to seriously implement the spirit of the speech on the ten x. "The public servant?''

Speaking of a word, the face of law enforcement officers is difficult to look. They are most afraid of this role. If they are boring Diao Min, they are fortunate to say that they will directly angered him to fight, record the evidence, turn back to justice to let the judicial justice let the judicial justice let the judicial justice make the judicial justice.Just involve the agency, but when they encounter the people who are rational, they are still representatives of the National People's Congress. They can't sing in this play.

"Keke, this is the case, the cold drink stalls have not handled the relevant business license, so we must confiscate it according to law.The signs of being mobilized quickly explained.

Liu Ziguang sneered at his nose, and directly pointed the inspector's nose with his fingers: "This elder sister went to your license early last month, but now I haven't approved it. I have to ask you., Administrative inaction, whose responsibility is this? "

The crowds of the crowds were called.The quality of the staff is irrefutable.

Liu Ziguang turned to the urban management again: "Are you a robber or a bandit?The last one of the annual reviews, it turned out that there was a group of you. "

This is a bit heavy, and Liu Ziguang did not intend to leave them face.We presented a certificate before the law enforcement, and temporarily detained her business tools and business funds in accordance with the law. All procedures were reasonable and legal, and there was no violent law enforcement. How could you slander us so much, I reserved the right to complain to you. "

Liu Ziguang sneered: "Besides violent law enforcement, if you dare to move a finger, I will not be reasonable to you."

"How do you dare to hit me? You stillIsn't it possible to resist the law? "The female town management team member who grabbed the wallet just came forward and rejected proudly.

Liu Ziguang looked at this half -old Xu Niang face with fat -sized powder, and said, "You dare to violently enforce the law, I dare to ask for the people, and to violence for the people.Fa, it will be revised by the people sooner or later. "

This tone is too big, and the city is not speechless.Liu Ziguang scolded with a hoarse voice: "You fucking forced, don't you be uncomfortable, do you know who I am?"

Liu Ziguang smiled scarcely: "You are even regularThere is no job number, but it ’s just a coordinating management. How much is a month? Eight hundred? One thousand? One thousand? You will not be a co -managed one. You are also a poor origin.

It turns out that class feelings are not used in any age. The man consciously was insulted by Liu Ziguang and waved his fist angrily.

I didn't wait for him to fight, Liu Ziguang also said, "You see you, it is not good to be a urban management, you forgot all the content of your teacher, it doesn't matter, I teach you, avoid when you do it, you must avoid when you do it.Open on the crowd, you can't face your face, let alone see blood, remember? "