1 1 3 liu zi guang mai fang

It was more intense. When the aunt saw these people, she quickly lowered her head, and was afraid of being afraid of being seen.

Back at home, it is still deserted. The nanny has been settled to leave. In the kitchen, only the remaining takeaway yesterday, the aunt sat on the sofa, and began to sigh. Yuan Lin accompanied her mother to accompany her mother.We tears secretly, and only Fang Ye walked into the kitchen silently to cook.

The "bang" door was knocked. Yuan Lin opened the door in the past. The two cadres said: "We are from the Organ Affairs Administration. According to relevant regulations, your house will be recovered.This is the notice form. Give you seven days to move, just like that. "

The person who came to Yuan Lin left Yuan Lin and left. When he heard the news, the little aunt collapsed even more.There is no shortage of houses, but the high -end residential communities outside are not as good as the provincial courtyard. Living here is a symbol of identity, but after all, the houses here belong to the country.There are no qualifications to continue here, and you have to move anymore.

Of course, the aunt is not worried that it is not a decline in worth. She is even more afraid of those who recruit accounts at the gate of the courtyard. Her husband has a big business and owed a debt outside.When on the stage, the debt owed was owed, and the debtors did not worry about the financial resources of the second master of the Yuan family. Now the Yuan family is collapsed, and those who want to account will come out.Yan Yan, I'm afraid they have already entered home and moved things.

Husband and elder sister are in isolation and censorship. The ex -brother is a nerd doctor who is an unusual book.It's not pleasing to the eye. Now it seems that the young man is still very good. The underworld Bai Dao can eat it, and some money on his hands. Thinking of this, the auntie passed and said, "Xiao Liu, if you have not had your help,I really do n’t know what to do. "

Liu Ziguang nodded slightly:" It's heavy. "I took out my mobile phone from my pocket and answered the phone. The aunt was not interesting, and I went back to sit again.

The phone was called by Li Yan, and there was a kind of surprise in the voice: "Did you see the stock price today?"

"Let me guess, the daily limit board is right, right?? "Liu Ziguang said with a smile.

"Yeah, it's all buying the market, the opening of the market directly closed the daily limit board, and even the real estate sector followed the strengthening.According to this situation, I am afraid that the shareholders 'meeting will continue to rise before the meeting. "

" So, we won at the shareholders' meeting.

Li Yan laughed: "There is no suspense no suspenseEssence

The victory this time is really beautiful. Originally, the strength of Li Yan and Yin Zhijian was still between Bo Zhong.Shang and Yin Zhi resolutely a male and female. At the critical moment, suddenly the Chinese mining and sincere cooperation gimmicks broke out. Li Yan's precarious status immediately became extremely stable.Tickets, the convening of the shareholders' general meeting is actually not much meaningful.

Both of them laughed, and then Li Yan asked: "How is your there?"

Liu Ziguang said: "The funeral is over, but the case is not easy to handle.The matter is quite tricky, and it involves the struggle between the high levels. "

Li Yan" oh "said," Let's accompany her, the difficulty in the past, I don’t need you here, I don’t need you to you.Worry about.

As soon as he hung up the phone, Vice Dean Fang came over. In the past few days, he was struggling and tired than a continuous operation.Essence

"Are you eye -catching?" Vice Dean Fang asked.

Liu Ziguang smiled helplessly: "It is not easy for anyone to find the case that Secretary Zheng personally seized."

Vice Dean Fang also laughed bitterly. He was a member of the Jiu San Society.I also learned about some internal conditions. The case of the Yuan family's sister and brother is quite serious. After the incident, the case was introduced. Some kind of capsule distributed by Yuan Xiaojun was made of sawdust.In this case, this kind of case is too late, how can I help fish.

"It's okay, I understand." Vice Dean Fang dragged his heavy footsteps back, just as Fang Ye made the meal and brought out the eyes of his father, Deputy Dean Fang shook his head,Fang Ye's eyes were dim, and sits at the dinner table with tears. Although her relationship with her mother has always been nervous, the fleshy affection still exists after all. Thinking of the mother's second half of her life, she may spend it in prison.How can you not make her sad.

Seeing the look of Fang Ye's sadness, Liu Ziguang has a sense of powerlessness in his heart. From the inside, he is not affectionate.Any punishment, any punishment was deserved, but he couldn't bear to see the beloved girl so sad, hesitated again and again, or he called the capital of the capital.

"Lao Zhao, if there is such a thing, you can see if you can help." Liu Ziguang said.

Zhao Hui's voice was very tired. Ye Lao's memorial service was just over. He must be busy. After listening to Liu Ziguang briefly introduced the situation, Zhao Hui groaned: "Things are no longer reversed.Now I can only try to punish the party as much as possible. Double opening is the biggest care, but the relationship in hand is not on the line of Zheng Jiefu for the time being. I can only ask you. "
" Thank you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youHow about there, I couldn't participate in the funeral of the old man, sorry. "Liu Ziguang said.

"What do you say? By the way, I have time to enter Beijing, and there are thousands of waiting for you to deal with it."

Zhao Hui's meaning in Liu Ziguang is very clear, Sada Moya Iron Mine is not alone. Everyone has a shares in it. After investing a huge amount of energy and funds, I always want to see the income as soon as possible.The special relationship between the Kingdom of Moga and the signing of important contracts must be present. That is to say, the focus of work in recent times is still the capital and West Africa.

When you come to the dining room, your bowl of noodles have not been scattered, and there are so many things in the house. The refrigerator is empty, and no one can buy food. Fang Ye can only put a pot of noodles.For everyone to eat, although the soup is hanging noodles, there are green green onions and garlic seedlings. There is also a poached egg under the noodles, ordered a little sesame oil, and smell the aroma.

"It's so delicious." Liu Ziguang ate his noodles and looked at Fang Ye on the opposite side.

"It's almost busy at home, you are busy, I can deal with it here." Fang Yishan said with unsatisfactory.

Liu Ziguang was tangled for a while, saying that the two women were secretly discussed or ticking.If you do it, I will come back after I do it. I will find a way for your mother's affairs. It is urgent to come. "

Fang Ye barely smiled:" I know, there is a few days in the summer vacation, I will just be a few days ago, I will beIf you do n’t return to Jiangbei, you can help me ask my uncle aunt, and the marriage may be dragged. "

" It doesn't matter, they can understand. "Liu Ziguang said.

After eating, Liu Ziguang said goodbye to the Fang Ye family, pioneer rushed back to Jiangbei City, reported to his parents the situation of the Yuan family, and then came to Chengcheng Group's office.The incident of the engineering company and the shareholders' meeting, after finishing the matter of deputy director Yuan's dismissal, Li Yan sighed for a while, seeing that the time was not early, and began to clean up to leave.The meaning, in fact, when Liu Ziguang's wedding news came, Li Yan consciously cleared the boundaries with him.

"Wait a minute." Liu Ziguang said.

"Is there anything else?" Li Yan stopped, looked back, and his eyes were sparse.

"The housing conditions at home are not adequate enough. I want to buy a large house and improve it."

Li Yan groaned: "Do you want high -level large houses or JiangJing Villa? "

" Come step by step, the living environment of the elderly cannot change too much. "Liu Ziguang said.

"In this way, there are several high -rise housing in the high soil slope project. The top floor is a duplex residential house of more than 200 square meters. The company has left the best sets.The building is in the downtown area, and the property management is the best. Looking back, I will give you the room drawings as a secretary. You can choose two sets of marriage, one for marriage, and a set of parents. "

Liu Ziguang silently,Li Yan smiled and picked up the packet: "There is no other thing, I'll go first."

The father's condition has improved significantly.The house of the door was also rented. Yi Yongong was very careful. He bought a full set of brand furniture and home appliances. The room was newly arranged. The mother liked it.The house was renovated so well, and I was reluctant to be reluctant.

Liu Ziguang said that he had bought another house. If you calculate the decoration time, you can go to the house after three months. AnywayThe new home will not be late.

Parents asked him which neighborhood in the new house. After learning that the new house was built on the old site of Gaoto, the old couple had a lot of emotions and agreed.

"Xiaoguang, how much is the new house, how much money is bought?" The mother asked.

Liu Ziguang said: "I have seen the drawings, about 260 square meters, and a fifty square meter. Recently, I bought some money on the stock. The company's internal price is very cheap."

He didn't lie, Cheng Cheng's stocks rose up one after another. Liu Ziguang's stocks had doubled several times long ago, and it was not a problem to buy two luxury homes.

My mother laughed and opened, but soon the problem came again: "Buy a new house, what should we do now in our family? Do the company take it back? And the house of the door is rented out.I don't agree with others again. "

Liu Ziguang said:" The set that our family now lives is originally the welfare room given to me by the unit.It happened that Xiaoxue was looking for a house everywhere, and let them move over to be a neighbor. It can still take a care sooner or later. "