Chapter 411 The Second Magic Realm of Ji Shi

Every eight -crowned magician released his own magic domain.The lights were shining in their eyes, just like Prince Tianlu, the master of the master, and everything they did at this time was to do nothing for the purpose.

The magic domain of the ten eight -crowns is released at the same time. The direction they are ready to cover are not only Ji Shi, but also their low -level demon masters.Only in this case can Ji Shi be shrouded in.

The ten color light rushed out in an instant, falling from the sky like a colorful cloud in the sky.The strength showed by Ji Shi was too scary, which made them full of chills. They understood that the number of people was not enough to limit each other. If they continued like this, the end result was likely that they were all overwhelmed by the entire army.Even so, Ji Shi has guessed their origin. Can they still have a future by such a strong man?

Therefore, after simply communicating, these eight -crowned magicians did not hesitate to shot at the same time, and once again sacrificed the joint magic domain they prepared for Ji.This trick is also a killer for their special cultivation for the Supremes.It was carefully prepared by Prince Tianlu for many years, and it was also his biggest card.If it weren't for the to kill Ji in the palace.He will never take it easily.Even the emperor Chen Xiaofeng didn't know that he still had such a powerful strength in the hands of his emperor.

Feeling the colorful cloud like Taishan's top, Ji Shi is also sinking. This kind of power of this ten attributes is not afraid of his extreme magic at all.What's more, it is the fusion of the magic domain of ten attributes.You know, the practice of this combination of magic domain is far from the five -element phase cycle method he founded. Its power and strong effect. From the perspective of increasedness, it is never inferior to the five elements.It is not easy to complete such a combination of magic domain.First of all, all these magicians have reached eight -championship, all have magic domains.Secondly, their magic domain must have a certain commonality with each other, which is possible to integrate.After that, I don't know how long to practice together to complete this integration process.

This practice method has long existed in the magic world, but how easy is it to find so many eight -crowns?Not to mention let them practice together for a long time.Each Eight Crown Magic is a respectable strong in the magician world. How can they waste time on this? Their goal is to impact the nine crowns and reach the supreme level.Therefore, such a combination of Magic Realm Ji has never seen it.

Obviously, the Five Elements Cycle Circulation Method is more suitable for the cultivation of the masses, and this full attribute combined with the magic domain is extremely niche, but it is also an extremely overbearing power.The ten attributes are all, so that the opponent has not been able to rely on the power of any attributes, and it will be suppressed by this full attribute.A single ultimate magic has to suffer when encountering all -attribute magic.It can be said that this combination of magic domain is the only way to deal with the supreme strong.However, spending a lot of time to cultivate this all -attribute combination of magic domain is equivalent to almost all of these eight -crowned magicians have given up the idea of becoming the supreme strong.

Are these people crazy?Do they not even let go of their men?To know.Although other people in black are not comparable to him, most of them are five or six wizards!How difficult is an ordinary magician who wants to cultivate to this?They did not hesitate to destroy these magicians together.

However, of course, Ji Shi will not pity these people, without hesitation, Ji Shi has made a choice.The coverage of the United Magic domain is too large, and he can no longer escape.Powerful pressure reduced his speed.Those who besieged the black wizards swayed in the west as if they were drunk, and they could no longer send a decent attack.Only a few magicians who were running out of the place immediately after discovering that they were not good, would they be separated from the scope of this combined magic domain.

In this case, Ji Shi disappeared into the enemy's field of vision again.Under the feet, the ground was instantly sinking. This time, Ji Shi directly drove his body into the depth of ten meters underground.Under the dedication of his extremely overcast fire, all the soil and rocks under his feet melted like tofu.The pressure in the sky seemed like a nail, and directly into the ground.

The scream echoed on the ground, just like the palace that was previously destroyed in an instant. Everyone who was within the range of all attributes and the magic domain had been swept away in the next moment.remain.This combined magic domain.It cannot be described by magic skills, which is a field full of devastating.If you are caught off guard, the Supreme Strong person will suffer a lot.

Ji Shi did not fight hard because he didn't need to fight hard at all. The opponent was not a person, but ten people joined forces. In this case, he rashly did not have any benefits.EssenceAfter all, he is not the supreme strong, and there is no huge magic of nine -championship.In the face of the top ten magician who combined together and merged into one, he simply used the magic to fight hard. Isn't he a problem in his head?

I lost Ji Shi's figure again, and these eight -crowned magicians were a little dull.If it is another enemy, then the enemy will always be under their lock until they are destroyed by the United Magic Realm.However, how could Ji Shi's soul repair be locked?Therefore, they watched Ji Xiandi down, but the United Magic domain lost the goal of attack.No matter how strong their strength is, it is impossible to destroy the entire earth.

At this moment, suddenly, these eight -crowned magicians all felt a strange breath as if spreading from their feet.Immediately after, they saw a silver wire, shining with silver silver wire.These silk threads are interspersed in the air like spider web.A gorgeous scene is intertwined.

What is it at this time?The sudden changes surprised these eight -crowns. For a while, everyone hurriedly mobilized the united magic domain, trying to wipe these silver light silk without any attack power.

But they failed.With such a strong all -attribute force such as the combination of magic domain, it did not have any impact on the silver wire.It seems that this is simply the existence of this world.

That's right, of course, the combined magic domain cannot affect this silver light, because this silver silk is not the magic of any attribute, but the pure spiritual power.

Ji is on the ground, no one knows where he is, and this pure mental power is released by him.

The silver silk that is intertwined together is increasing in the air, and the feeling of panic has begun to appear in the hearts of those eight -crowns.Unknown things are often the most terrible.What's more, this unknown thing is released by such a powerful enemy.

Each light silk looks transparent, with a touch of silver light, which is particularly obvious in this dark night.

Suddenly, the ten -crowned magician who joined forces to release the magic domain changed greatly, and they suddenly felt that everything they saw in front of them had not changed, but each of them seemed to be in a one.There is a separate space.The connection between each other was cut out instantly, and the union domain they released at this moment was disintegrated at this moment.Not to mention union, even their respective magic domain seemed to be fragmented by the silver light cut, and it could not be existed in the air.

"What is this?" A eight -crowned magician shouted panic.They clearly felt that these crystal silver light did not have attack power in itself, but they even broke their hard work together for many years, and not long ago, they just had a fully successful all -attribute combination of magic domain.Before today, they even thought that their magic domain was invincible.But at this moment.Their United Demon Realm was broken.

Unfortunately, the power of these eight -crowned magician is far from the level of the movement of Ji Ji, and they naturally can't feel why the magic domain is broken.If Lin Yilei and Lin Qing are here.Then they will definitely discover.The root cause of the magic domain is that the origin of the power of the power of the heavens and the earth loses its connection with the power of heaven and earth, which cannot cause its resonance.This magic domain naturally does not exist.And the United Magic Realm was broken, even because the ten -crowned magician's connection was cut off. How can this magic domain be maintained?

However, all this has not ended, the silver crystal light shreds changed again, everything around.Suddenly it turned into a silver world, covering all the remaining black magicians, at least in the eyes of each of them, it has become a silver.

The sound seems to come from all directions, but for these black magicians, it seems to come from hell.

"Welcome to my dream silver magic domain. You are the first batch of people who entered my magic domain. At the same time, it will be the first batch of people who feel the double magic domain. Unfortunately, you will never never, you will never never.Will leave here. "

When people are in horror, they will definitely exert all their strengths, trying to rush out of the place where they panic and break through the siege.These people in black are no exception. They all urged all their magic and desperately launching attacks in front of them.Or try to summon your own Warcraft mount.

However, everything they do is futile. Ji Shi's dreamy silver magic domain is a pure spiritual magic domain. Any magic will attack any effect.The spiritual power of these black magicians has been influenced by the magic domain subtly, and they have begun to become crazy one by one, and they constantly outbreak their strongest strength.

Want to summon Warcraft?That is simply impossible. The reason is simple. All the spiritual fluctuations of the summoning have been completely cut by the dream silver.

The magician can only have a magic domain that belongs to its own. This has already become the law in the magician world. However, the power shown by Ji Shi at this time has completely broke through the shackles of this law.

When Ji moved to show his Tai Chi magic domain for the first time facing Lin Yilei, he only had that magic domain.The potential of the magic domain came.The biggest feature of the Tai Chi Magic domain is the purely extreme double fire. Through the extremely dual fire mixing, it produces a magic domain similar to the combination skills.Through the control of the magic domain, it can completely turn into a world of fire within a certain range.The auxiliary Ji moves the magic to the limit, and it will cause the fire elements between the heavens and the earth to use it.This is the Tai Chi Magic Realm.The highest -end elemental magic domain.

However, when Ji Tong felt Lin Yilei's soul -magic domain, he was greatly touched.He is different from ordinary magicians. He not only has two kinds of extremely powerful magic power, but also has the power of the soul of Gundam.

Don't underestimate the power of this Guo Holy Soul, it has saved Ji in the water and fire more than once.If Lin Qing can also have the power of this level of soul, then she will not be scared by the Dragon Emperor's image, and the dragon emperor's image attack at that time will not be able to repel her.She was because she did not have the power of the same level of the soul to urge herself to forcibly enhances it to the Holy Magic.

In the previous cultivation process, Ji Shi constantly recalled the entire battle process of himself with the two supreme strong.He found that the biggest touched by him was the plant department Warcraft of the two supreme strong and Lin Yilei's soul -magic domain.

When he carefully thought about the soul -magic domain, there seemed to be something broken in his body, and a new force awakened in his body.It's like having the extreme double fire.He also has his own second magic domain, which is completely a spiritual domain.

Ji Shi's body, when it produces a role in the Dream Silver Demon Realm, has quietly broke out, standing not far away, staring at everything in front of him.

"Ji Dong. You actually have the second magic domain." Chen Sixuan's voice sounded in Ji's ear, and she was quietly coming to Ji Shi.

Actually, she has already been here, and she has always felt Ji Shi's changes in the battle.If Ji Dong is dangerous, she will not hesitate to shoot.But it is clear that these black men are not enough to threaten Ji Shi.Their united magic domain is flawed, and this flaw is not just underground.When Chen Sixuan reappeared in the United Magic Realm again, she wanted to remind Ji Shi, but who knows that Ji Shi's response was so fast, and he also found another flaw.In this way, naturally she didn't need to say anything.

At this time, Chen Sixuan's heart was rose with a strong pride, and the man around him really became a generation of strong people.

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