Chapter 15 Do you still have personality?

"Huh! Wang Hongxuan? Wang Hongyi has already been difficult to protect. Although Tianjiao has blocked the news, I still got exact information. Wang Hongyi was attacked by the government's biochemical weapons.He must be dead, otherwise, with his character, he will take revenge through such a big loss, and it will be Wang Hongxuan if you are small. "

It seems that Niu Yunqiang does not know, Wang Hongxuan does not know, Wang Hongxuan's office doesIf he is attacked, he won't say that.

"Is it Lei Zhentian, he grabbed your position and replaced it."

"The Four Heavenly Kings are a fart, Lao Tzu does not bird them at all. Without Wang Hongyi, they are the dogs of the funeral family.Every day, I am afraid of being caught by the government, how can there be a matter of leisurely managing me. "

" I really can't think of anyone else to control your cow. "

"Do you really can't think of it? Don't you know that the reason why the Pingtou Mountain Base has become an important base for Tianjiao, is it all because there is an important person in the base?"

Characters? "Meng Fan looked down and thought, suddenly he raised his head suddenly, and exclaimed:" Is it Professor Lu? How is it possible? "

" How is it possible, Lu Shijie is a lunatic at all, a oneExtremeist, a complete schizophrenia, don't look at him with a smile, like an old man, but once you initiate madness, it is more horrible than Wang Hongye. Do you think he really has the kidnapping of Wang Hongxuan?He had a smell with Wang Hongxuan. The government did not support his experiments, but Wang Hongyi strongly supported it, and Wang Hongyi had a lot of manpower and material resources for him to use.He was stunned. In front of his eyes, Professor Lu's face and approachable face came. He didn't expect that he would be a ghost killer.

"Lu Shijie used a living person to do experiments. After success, the results were used on Wang Hongzhang and his own body. HoweverIn the evening, I can't control myself and suck the blood of soldiers everywhere. You think about it, I am the military head of Pingtou Mountain base. I just want to suck people's blood, and I will never suck the blood of my soldiers.Find a few laborers and slaves, because soldiers are the basis for my blessing to make a blessing. How can I dig my grave? Lu Shijie is different. He is simply a lunatic.? "

Meng Fan did not think that Niu Yunqiang was lying, but carefully analyzed it, he was very likely to be true, because except Professor Lu, no one could control Niu Yunqiang so, and whether the ghost was ghost, no matter the ghost, no matter the ghostWhether the killer is Niu Yunqiang, Meng Fan and his dead knot cannot be opened. Niu Yunqiang is not necessary to lie.

"Unfortunately, I am too greedy, and I hit Lu Shijie's trap." Niu Yunqiang then said: "I directly absorbed the gold crystal of the zombie brain, although my ability was improved, but the gold crystal was stranded with my body with my body.I have a strong negative effect, and I will have a headache every three days. I find that I can hardly control my own behavior. If this goes on like this, I am very likely that I will lose my self -awareness and become a zombie. I can't let it go.My status and power, so I have no other way, I can only ask Lu Shijie for help. He injected me some drugs. These drugs did alleviate my pain, but he did not eradicate my illness.I had to bow my ears to him, so if I said to him, I could only obey, otherwise, once he stopped the medicine, I could only become zombies or other monsters, waiting for others to head a headshot. "

Niu Yunqiang showed a painful expression after finishing speaking. His hands trembled slightly. Meng Fan saw that he took a small pill bottle from his arms and poured out a pill and swallowed it.I stunned it on my hand, but the medicine bottle was empty. Obviously this was the last medicine. He smiled bitterly: "I only have one medicine. If I was trapped here tonightI can only wait to become a real zombie. "

" What he said is true, Meng Fan. "At this time, a Tianjiao soldier stood out and proved it for the words of Niu Yunqiang.It was discovered that the soldier turned out to be Yishui.

From encountering Niu Yunqiang to the present, Meng Fan's attention is concentrated on Niu Yunqiang. The rest of the time is fighting with zombies, so he has ignored others, so he has seen it until now he saw it.Yishui cold.

At this time, Meng Fan most wanted to do what Niu Yunqiang did at this time, of course, it was not comforting him. Meng Fan had not reached the realm of compassion in the world. In fact, what he wanted to say most was "you deserve it, you have a strong Niu Yunqiang also have a strong and strong also have it.Today! "But when he had swallowed his throat again, although Meng Fan was not a saint, he saw that Niu Yunqiang had such a painful expression and would not do this kind of stones.

Meng Fan only sneered at the end, and said nothing. In addition, although Niu Yunqiang had ended like this, Meng Fan still would not change his hostility with him, so Meng Fan formed this with himAlliance is still extremely fragile.

The sky outside the window was still dim. A Tianjiao soldier stood at the window with a blank expression and looked at the dark sky. Like other people, he was confused about his future.

Soon he didn't need to be confused about the future, because at this time the glass on the window suddenly broke, and a huge keratinic claw pierced his chest.After the claws on his chest, the people who could live now probably not only thought of death once, but he did not expect that his death would come so suddenly, so unprepared.

Naturally, the dead does not need to be confused.

"Comprehensive alert, fight immediately!" With the roar of Meng Fan and Niu Yunqiang, the soldiers who had just received the rest again boiled again, and they pointed the gun by the window.

The three -level sensitive zombies captured a human beings, who had been satisfied with his prey to leave, but the metal frenzy like a heavy rain was sent to him.

"Damn, stop shooting, Niu Yunqiang, do you know how to save bullets, just a zombie, can you use so many guns?" Meng Fan did not forget to get rid of Niu Yunqiang.

The third -level zombie settled from the window with its torrential products, but more sensitive zombies climbed up, and the sound of gunfire just stopped immediately soared again. Although Meng Fan repeatedly asked to save bullets, it was like such as the bullets, but like it was like it, but such as it was like itThe soldiers of the Bow Bird still cannot control the rhythm of shooting.

It is difficult to change people's fear of danger and unknown.

With the screams of a soldier, zombies also appeared in the direction of the corridor. Meng Fan used a second to imagine the source of the zombies.As a result, the two sides were suffered.

Without using language communication, only one look, Meng Fan reached an agreement with Niu Yunqiang, that is, to break through the top floor."Damn, I actually cooperated with Niu Yunqiang very well." Meng Fan scolded in his heart.

The top floor of the Star Building is very large. It looks like a small football field. Humans who withdrew it here got rest again, although it must be temporary.

The headquarters, who has been unable to contact, suddenly contacted this time. Meng Fan feels like making a last farewell to Zhou Tianzi.

"He is called Zhou Tianzi." Meng Fan was not polite at all, and he simply simply called.

"I am." What I didn't expect was that Zhou Tianzi was actually answering the phone.

"Emperor, we are trapped in the Planet Building, there are countless zombies around, there are no food, lack of ammunition, and morale.We have collected corpses. Well, it is estimated that we can't even collect the corpse. Also, there are not only 10,000 zombies in Guzhou, but only 10,000 zombies in the state of activity. Other zombies are in a dormant state.It is dormant! I do n’t listen to it, I do n’t care about it. In short, my information is accurate. You quickly notify your bird's superior and quickly send reinforcements to come over. "Just have fought a tough battle, Meng Fan's temper is naturally a bit big,He finished saying what he wanted to say in one breath. Zhou Tianzi wanted to intervene a few times, but couldn't insert it.

"How did you know the zombies dormant?" Zhou Tianzi finally waited for the opportunity to speak.

"Don't care about where I hear, just believe me anyway."

"Of course I believe you!" Zhou Tianzi stopped: "Because I also know that zombies are dormantThings. "

" What? "Meng Fan suddenly came up:" Do you know? Do you know why you don't tell me, I am a life and death, but you hidWhat are the monkeys playing? Do you be a gun? Do you have such a friend like a friend? "
" Meng Fan, don't worry, I only know it after I went to Guzhou. "

"Then you are playing by your superior as a monkey." Meng Fan shouted angrily.

"Meng Fan, you are in a hurry!" Zhou Tianzi's voice also came up: "If you are afraid of death, I will use the power to send you back to you.Clothing.

When Meng Fan talks with Zhou Tianzi, Tian has rained again, and such weather is not allowed to use armed helicopters.

孟凡深吸了一口气,调整了一下情绪,只听周天子接着说道:“孟凡,不管怎么样,你一定要顶住,我一定会去救你的,两个小时,No! For an hour and a half, I will definitely get it, I will take the personality guarantee! "

I don't say that personality is okay, Meng Fan is even more angry:" Do you still have personality? "Near joke.