di er bai jiu shi liu zhang hei an tian ji

Most of the year passed.The role of the source of life of the millennium has gradually emerged, and she continues to make up for the vitality consumed. Although the source of life is not enough to help her make up for her body, the whole person's physical condition is much better than before.Even the fusion of the rod of the goddess of the earth has become more rounded.

The reason why she was willing to promise to participate in the battle of the Holy Evil, in addition to the reasons for the source of life, there are other factors.She has heard of the situation on the Holy Evil Island. In the history of the Demon Alliance, there are also a lot of information about the Holy Evil Battlefield.Although Holy Island is extremely dangerous, it is also full of various opportunities.With her current strength, she believes that herself will not have much problem.Perhaps, in addition to the source of life, what else can be obtained and expands yourself.If you get two birds with one stone, she will naturally not refuse Ji Shi's proposal.As for a deeper meaning, that is, she does not want to offend Ji Dong. Last time, the strength showed by Ji Shi made her feel worried until now. If she erected such an enemy for herself and the Demon LeagueSad.After all, Ji Shi's age is a few years younger than her, the owner of the ultimate dual -attribute magic.Who can see his future?

"Brother, this is my friend. I should invite to participate in the battle of the Holy Evil with us. She is a seven crown and soil magician."

br> "Seven Crown." Frey nodded in surprise to Miao Miao.

Looking at Ferry, Miao Miao's pupils can't help but shrink slightly. From the intuitive feeling, this man seems to be more dangerous than Ji, not only because of his powerful purple thunder Yao Yao Tianlong, but alsoEven more, she clearly felt the atmosphere of the same level of artifacts with herself from this man.Moreover, whether this man is magical or the temperament of Shen Ning, it is too easy to attract people's eyes.

I couldn't help but be grateful for Ji Shi's introduction. She knew that Ji Shi did not tell these people's identity of the Lord of the Magic League.Even commensurate with friends.This alone has gradually made a hint of concerns in her heart.

"Hello, my name is Miao Miao."

Frey nodded and laughed: "It's a pity that if you see you in the early years, I will invite you to our Yin and Yang Academy. However, it seems that this is a difficult one now.It's the matter. Ms. Mianshuang, I hope we can cooperate this time. We can do it. We can all have a common enemy on the same exhibition.Cross the silver wing Hai Dongqing station to the side.She was not a person who likes to talk about. At this moment, she even looked forward to the battle of the Holy Evil, after all.Even if she is the Lord of the Demon League, it is impossible to enter this strict and holy channel.

Frey looked at the sky, and said to Ji: "The time is coming, and our people are all together. Go for the sake."

As he said, he raised his hand to shootThe old guy who patted his own, Zi Lei Yaotian dragged his head towards the sky, a deafening, like a thunderous dragon girlfriend sounded.

The wings of the wings are unfolding, and the purple Lei Yao Tianlong has been in the air, and the strong blue -purple light burst out from him, just like a huge blue -purple light ball in the air instantly.

Zi Lei Yao Yao Tianlong's lifts attracted everyone's attention.Its huge body soared in the air for a week, facing the forthcoming Guangming Five Elements Continental Lord.

Frey raised his hand to pick his own helmet, and his eyes were shot in the eyes. There seemed to be a strong electric light that was released from his eyes.

"Brothers and sisters of Tiangan College. We have to set foot on the journey again. For this moment, I am looking forward to it. Because our goal is to completely defeat the opponent. This is meThe fourth time to participate in the battle of holy evil may be the last time. All of us come from different countries. Different cities. But one thing is the same. We are all parts of the Guangming Five Elements Continent.Each of us has a unique talent in order to eventually meet at the Tiangan College. Every effort we have made in the cultivation, and every drop of sweat we leave is to make ourselves stronger.Think, you all know the dangers on the island of Holy Evil, and this time I also received the news that the battle of the Holy Evil may encounter an unknown crisis. But can this prevent us from going forward?No. If everyone is facing danger, they retreat backwards. Then, our continent, our country, may have been swallowed by the enemy. There is no continent that is covered by light, and the five empires where are there.Where can I come to our own home. You do n’t move forward, he does n’t move forward. Who will guard in our mainland? Each of you can stand here today and prepare to enter the Holy Evil Battlefield with me. In my opinion, you have already alreadyIt is a hero. Knowing that strong enemies are in front, they will never step back. This is the glory of our Tiangan Legion for thousands of years. For our motherland, for our mainland, the light will defeat evil. Each of you isReal soldiers. I am proud of you. "

At this time, the emperor of Lei was blooming with unparalleled majesty and powerful momentum.The blood was boiling, and their hearts beating more violently.They clenched their weapons in their hands and stared at Frey in the air. The high war of war had improved at this moment.

"The Holy Evil Channel is about to open, my partners, let us kill the enemy together, and bloom your glory on that holy island."

It seems to be verifying to verifyFrey's words were average. Suddenly, a loud noise was loud, and thunder was deafening.

Then, the sea in front of the crowd seemed to be boiling, the sea water rose, and the waves went straight into the air.The unparalleled vast energy atmosphere bloomed in an instant, and the shock scene was presented in front of everyone.At this moment, the air was completely solidified, and everyone had a feeling that could not breathe, but for a moment, the sky was dark.Wuyun seemed to cover the entire sky in an instant.The light of electric lights flickered in the heavy clouds, as if the Wanlei robbery prison spread.

Ji Ji tightened his fists subconsciously. Here, this is the sign of the Sacred Evil Channel that is about to open.

Among the waves of surging, the colorful lights are flashing, magnificent, and the huge atmosphere comes from the ten -color halo, the air is solidified, and the offshore people cannot breathe.Facing the pressure of the world, anyone is so small.

I realized this feeling again. Ji Shi clearly felt that these ten colors of light was a variant of the five -element yin and yang world.It is just more vast and larger than the five elements of the five elements of the five elements of the saints, because the foundation of the ten -colored light in front of it is the endless power of nature.

The air scene changes again. Among the huge magic fluctuations, the ten -color halo gradually condensed and turned into a huge vortex.And sea water has become their carrier.The surging magic gradually gathered, and the original dim earth also seemed to be illuminated by those ten colorful lights. The suffocating pressure suddenly disappeared and replaced it. It was a strong breath that made people endless.The ultimate, yes, is the ultimate. The ten colors clearly represent the ultimate magic of the ten series.And at the core of the huge vortex, it seemed like the speed of the heart beating, and the strong chaotic atmosphere rushed to the face.The condensed chaotic pearl in his chest suddenly shook violently.Ji Shi's eyes have completely become white at this moment.

Boom —— Five elements reverse, the colorful light suddenly converges after the blooming instantly, a colorful arch of a grade of 20 meters wide and 30 meters high suddenly appears on the sea.

The sky is still dark clouds, and it is still so dark. The light of the Wanlei robbery in the air shines in the air, and above the sea, there are only the nearly miracles.The vortex of the colorful halo hover quietly in it, and all the breath is completely interlaced from the outside.After five years, the entrance of the Holy Evil Channel opened again.

Frey re -put on the helmet. Zi Lei Yao Yao Tianlong faces the Holy Evil Channel. The almost wild voice even covers the roar of Thunder in the air, "Departure."

Head of Glorious Five Dragons, all the magicians and soldiers who stationed at the entrance of the Holy Evil Channel, at this moment, all raised the weapons in their hands, roared together, and stood for the soldiers of the Tiangan Legion.

The Dragon Yin of Zi Lei Yao Tianlong, with Frey's roar and roar, is integrated in the air, and the huge thunder and lightning tear in the twist.One person rushed forward so much, the first one entered the ten -color arches, the holy evil channel.

Ji Shi patted Yun Tianji's shoulder around him, "take care." As he followed, after he followed Frey, the second one rose, and the phoenix dragon and snake became blooming instantly, as before, as before, as beforeThe difference is that this time, when those white wings unfolded behind, the faint silver light bloomed from Ji Shi, and a long shadow was pulled behind him, and the second one cast towards the Holy Evil Channel.

No one would question Ji's action. In the last battle of the Holy Evil, he had proved to everyone with his own strength.

After the two of them, a group of magicians with mounts, including the witch, all rose up, went straight to the front, the three hundred days of the army soldiers, stepped on the journey again.

In front of Yuntian Machine's chest, in the strong high and low Shen Long chanting, the black and white light appeared, and the huge figure appeared at that moment.The passage looks like the horrible body of the Danan Holy Fire Dragon in the air, but it is the first to get the first, with Yuntianji, and the third one rushed into the Holy Evil Channel.

Seeing the appearance of the Dan Yan Holy Fire Dragon, the witch can't help but take a breath. This is Ji Shi's mount!Did it have evolved?

The next moment, the young strong of the Guangming Five Elements Continent, under the leadership of Ray Diferi, tyrant Ji, and Tianji Yuntianji, all entered the Holy Evil Channel.The garrison on the entire shore was completely mobilized at this moment.Headed by Glory Five Dragons, guarding at the entrance of the channel.

In the distance, the six -way flickering halo appeared quietly. They did not approach, just staring at this side from the seaside.The head of the golden red brilliance was that when Ji Shi and Ferry entered the Holy Evil Channel, they already stared at them.


The seaside, the same is the seaside.But it is not the East China Sea, but the West Sea.Because here is the Dark Five Elements Continent.

If you just look at it with your eyes, except for different orientation, this seaside and the east seaside coast of the Guangming Five Elements Continent are not different.It was also gloomy in the sky, and the thunderbolt flickered in the distance in the distance.

But this is the same seaside, but there is a completely different atmosphere.

Standing at the front, the huge black dragon's head, Li Yonghao is still the white clothes, but at this time, his always calm eyes beating the eye -catching flames.It was extreme excitement and desire.

From the day he was born, it seemed to be waiting for the moment before the eyes.Waiting for this day, he has waited too long and too long.

I started practicing magic at the age of two. Who can do this?He was not the owner of the ultimate magic at that time. Everything he had was recognized by the hard work for more than thirty years.

It is completely different from the situation of the five elements of the five elements. On the Dark Five Elements Continent, although it also has the five empires symbolizing the attributes of the five elements.But they are not the highest rulers in the mainland.In the dark five elements continent, the real rulers are the Tiandi Dojo.The five major empires in the mainland, even the emperors, are bound to be subject to the heavens.

The existence of the Dark Saint Saints is also different from the Saint Saint Tomorrow.On the mainland of Guangming Five Elements, the saints of all over the world have emerged and existed.On the Dark Five Elements Continent, the Dark Saint Saints were completely artificially manufactured and made by Tianji Dojo.

Regardless of whether it is Li Yonghao, who is standing at the seaside at this time, or his younger sister Dark Omi scorpion, and eight other dark heavenly saints, they are not the owners of the ultimate magic.They were screened throughout the continent throughout the Tianmi Low, looking for one of thousands of children's excellent children.

When they were tested at the age of one, they were sent to Tianji Dojo after they were tested.After countless screening, when he was six years old, he was finally determined to be the Dark Saints of this generation. After swallowing the dark saints Crown, he obtained its own extreme magic.And such a cruel process, on the entire Dark Five Elements Continent, every hundred years of the Dark Five Elements will have it every hundred years.The time for each screening was determined by the dark leader of the Tianji Dojo.The ultimate effect is to let these ten dark saints be completely in the control of the dark air.

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