Chapter 022


Turning around and staring at the direction of Zhang Junyuan's car, Lu Xuyang was relieved, and Nais must be very blank and lost.The young policeman of the Captain Li "The young police officer couldn't help but feel very surprised. It is clearly seen that the man tends to be on his own side.Well, otherwise he would recognize who he was when he played. He had a very kind smile on his face. Before leaving, he also guaranteed that he would find out the illegal roots of Zhang Jun.

"Xiaoxu, let's go back." Father Lu pushed his car and walked back slowly.

Lu Xuyang shook his god after being pulled again and again in his mother. He really couldn't figure it out. The ins and outs of the Captain Li was really a mystery. Is there such a magical power in this world.A good police officer!

"Lu Xuyang!"

A familiar shout suddenly sounded in front of him.It should not be nearby.

Lu Xuyang loosened the pine nerves, and walked up quickly.

"The cow! You are too powerful! I died of you!" Cen Chao gave a thumbs up to Lu Xuyang, and there were two consecutive times.A scene, said, "Your foot is so handsome and enjoyable. I haven't seen such a bloody kick on TV! Lu Xuyang, you are worthy of my idol, you have learned it, you still have learned to have learnedKung Fu, teach me one or two hands all day! "

Lu Xuyang didn't want to stay in front of the black Internet cafes opened by Zhang Jun, and then took Cen Chao to chat at home. Cen Chao said, he specially came to inviteLu Xuyang played basketball inside the quality supervision in the afternoon: "Dude, you must come after school today! I will tell you that the strong coach of Huangpu Middle School will be a referee. I talked to him in the morning and saidYour shooting technology belongs to the first -class master level. He is particularly interested. You have to watch you play a game with your own eyes! "

Lu Xuyang laughed:" Am I promised?A word is difficult to chase, and it is difficult to go to the sow to go to the tree! "

The two of them talked quite well, and the police suddenly mentioned in Lu Xuyang's discourse:" We are so good.Is it the police? "

" Yes! He is fine! "Cen Chao Mei said, he stared at him with intentionally when he burst out the words behind him.

"You won't know him? He is the captain of the police station!"

"Actually ... hehe, I came to you, I didn't think of your family.It ’s the police report. There is no need to hide anything to you, right?" Cen Chao said clearly in 151. Li Qingquan and his family were very close.Do you still want to ask what my dad is doing? "

Lu Xuyang nodded subconsciously, saying," It must be a big deal, I guess right? Cen Chao, thank you, if it wasn't it, it wasn't for youWhen you come forward in time, I really can't deal with the stinky shattered in the group of pigs and dogs! "

" What are you welcome? What should be? At that time, I was almost angry as you, I really want to rush up to help you.The guy fists! "Cen Chaohuan laughed," Brother Li Qingquan who was shouting on the phone, saying that my idol was stunned, and he needed his fast appearance! Next time he waited for him to play with him when he was free.A ball, he also loves basketball with amateur activities! "

Lu Xuyang agreed naturally.

When Mother Lu came to call to eat, Cen Chao said that time did not have to leave long ago, there was still a little more important thing that needed to be dealt with. In this case, Lu Xuyang was not able to force him to stay in his own house in his own house.Eat a meal.

On the dining table, the family of four did not mention that uncomfortable things. Lu Xuyang had a vow while eating while eating. In the future, no one was allowed to bully their family.It wo n’t be unreasonable to provoke others. If a man does not even protect the people in his own family, and let him be humiliated, what dignity is there to be alive!

"Mom, I'm going to school!"

Lu Xuyang walked to the school with a schoolbag on his back. He suddenly thought of the super shoes of this refiner at the right foot, it, itIsn't it the limit of the running speed+25%, so he started to try it, and it really was much faster. Usually, he needed to take half an hour and settled it in the past seven or eight minutes. It was just jog.

"Refiner +1 is so bull, then if you can go to 9, wouldn't you really become a small flying person, oh no, it should be called" Little Flying Pig "!

Lu Xuyang inadvertently reflected Zheng Xiyi's sweet smile in his mind, and he was in a soft warmth in his heart.

As soon as I walked into the classroom, Lu Xuyang was entangled by "nerd Li": "Xiaoxu, I discussed with you, do you see if you do it?"

"OK!"I nodded my head without thinking. Li Xuanjun was a little weird this afternoon. In the past, he spent most of his time spent on the tactics of naval tactics.Brilliant, there seems to be something worth looking forward to and Qingxi.

Just listening to Li Xuanjun said in a state of mind: "Let those who often see the literary literature and literature circles you often see!

" "so many coquettish… What else, "Jin Lin is a poolResources are worth sharing!Take it out and let the whole class study all the joy?"Li Xuanjun said that it sounded well than singing. Lu Xuyang was thunderous and coking tender on the spot. This" nerd Li "was a real name. Presumably, he must not even know what kind of concept of online novels.

> "This ..." Lu Xuyang pursed tightly, and said seriously, "I have made a rapid progress in the quality of the question.The relationship between money, relying on brain power exercise, think about it, don't turn over and go, just do the topic without going to systematically consolidate ideas to accumulate experience, which will only be useless!"

Listening to the king's words and winning a hundred questions, Li Xuanjun nodded slowly. Although there was some suspicious look on his face, he still accepted Lu Xuyang's" pointing fans ".

However, after a while, his boy was dying again, and he took out a large set of so -called "Top 100 Spring School Questions".br>
The next lesson is a physical education class. The "idle class" school that has nothing to do with the college entrance examination stops shortly after the start of the school and replaced it with free activities. The day of high school is really tiring.Every day, the teacher will post n sets of simulation test questions. You do it endlessly.

Lu Xuyang looked at the textbooks for a while, and felt that he had gained a lot of gains.The schoolbag is walking out, and the tension in the classroom is too depressing.

A person quietly walks on the stone path that is familiar to the campus playground.Think, there is a moment of easy to let yourself enjoy these minutes.

There are several lively girls on the class of the flower bed. Lu Xuyang can understand their mood.Once, everyone is about to run each other, leaving a photo of Zhang to commemorate a frame of memories after going to college.

"Well, why don't you take a picture with me!"

Lu Xuyang was thinking about it so regretful. Who knew that the squad leader Mo Weiwei, the squad leader who happened to come over, beckoned and shouted," Lu Xuyang, let's take a picture! ""

" Okay!no problem!"Lu Xuyang was surprised by the invitation of Ban Hua. Before she didn't seem to be so enthusiastic. Could it be that the acne on my face was so handsome that it was so handsome. He couldn't help but touch his cheeks.It seems that it is not all the reason!

Lu Xuyang stepped forward without rushing. Looking at it, the beauties in the class were all in Qi.Not much, but I do n’t know why today, they seem to be very interested in themselves.Oh, by the way, I will ask a friend of me in the fifth class to help us shoot!They are also taking pictures there!"

Zhang Can, who was holding a digital camera, suddenly suggested that Lu Xuyang's legs were numb in the flowers. After Zhang Can called her friend, heI retired and retreated.

"Eggplant ~~ All say 'Eggpigs are delicious'!"

A unusual sound sounded, Lu Xuyang shook the gods and looked up to look at the camera. At that, he almost jumped out of the crowd.

" Zheng Xiyi! "So coincident!"

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