Chapter 021 Unexpected Salva 2


The scar, two chests and abdomen of the scars that were suddenly gone by Lu Xuyang's stroke, and the chest and abdomen were painful for a long time.Look at the elder brother Zhang Jun in a panic, and look at Lu Xuyang.

Zhang Jun's eyes at this moment also revealed a bit of fear. Before that, he never thought of the little boy who looked like he was in front of him.Strike, the power of his kick kick just now is afraid that there are no one thousand pounds and there are hundreds of pounds!

The second child and Zhang Jun's eyes were staggered. He soon understood the meaning of the elder brother, so he groaned, and immediately rolled up and rushed towards the Internet cafe.

The probe stood by the door and watched the lively group of students. They saw that the second child rushed to the phone, as if he was calling for the savior.The admirable old classmates really wanted to run up and told their family to leave quickly, offended Zhang Jun, it was really difficult to clean up as if he had lost his horse honeycomb, but no one dared to speak out, but he was stunned.Standing there and secretly exhaled Lu Xuyang, hoping that their family would not happen!

"You wait! Don't go!" Zhang Jun will always have this set in the intimidation language of Zhang Jun, people nearby are annoyed by this.It will only call people to fight against each other.

Lu Xuyang listened to the meaning of his words. Since the incident has reached this step, there is no room for retreat. Although he is fearless, considering that his family still lives here, Zhang JunIf they really retaliated with the pony jumping walls, they may not be able to protect their parents and grandfather's Zhouquan!

"Dad, push the car back. Also, mom, go home too! It's okay!" Lu Xuyang stretched his right hand and grabbed the front to drag it.Parents who support the weak body, and then think about the rogue and the gangsters such as Zhang Jun and other places!

Father Lu didn't say anything. At present, the two of them dragged their cars and dragged their cars behind them. The three -wheeled bicycle carried their dignity and honor on their family.

Zhang Jun was blocked by Lu Xuyang, and he didn't dare to act lightly for a moment. He was not a fool.He will only be embarrassed by him like the second child. It is better to wait for a while. After the eighth, the eighth will teach the kid after the old eight.

When the second child ran out of an iron stick, the audience had a lot of timid screaming and screaming.

"It's going to have a big deal! It's a big deal ... Who will call the police quickly ..."

I don't know who suddenly shouted such a sentence, strange at that time, Lu XuyangIt clearly heard a police flute from the right head.

"Damn, it's really coming!" Zhang Jun scolded and muttered, his face changed, who reported that the police, if you asked me to get out, don't smash your family!

Before the police car arrived, a white van stopped the roadside and jumped off a few young people with long hair.The long -haired young man quietly said a few words.

Of course, Lu Xuyang couldn't hear what Zhang Jun said. I saw the group slipped into the Internet cafe quickly, and one or two of them found out his head from time to time to look around.

Lu Mu pulled Lu Xuyang's arm hard and urged him to hide in the house. The son was his only hope, the softest meat in his heart.Killing, what major internal injuries were lost, then I would have no hope in the future!

Lu Xuyang did not move his steps. He knew that he would not be able to take the blood of blood, and his parents were different.Battle, if there is no end result today, Zhang Jun will never give up!

The police car really drove here, and stopped next to the sound of glory., I couldn't help but shivering when I boarded, and I jumped around in my heart: "Captain Li of the Interpol team! He ... how could he come! Is such a little thing, as for him to drive him! Is it ...The relationship or there is any friendship ... "

" What are you making trouble ... Who is making trouble here! Lu Xuyang, who is Lu Xuyang? "The Li Brigade took a few steps and walked up.The expression on his face was very serious.

Lu Xuyang heard the leading policeman shouting his name and was inexplicably shocked. Does this person know me? Or, he thought suddenly, and there was an ominous sign reminded him.There was a strong backing behind, maybe their thief shouted to catch the thief and called them "Black Police (Black Heart Police)" inside!

"I am." Lu Xuyang stood up and stood out with his head, and he was doing things alone.It is still the best way to deal with.

"Okay, very good!" Captain Li walked to Lu Xuyang, and suddenly a smile showed a smile, the smile was full of appreciation.

"Who charged the law in this place and destroyed the law and order!" Huo Di, the captain of the Li Brigade, turned around, facing Zhang Jun, who was doubtful and embarrassed in his face, and then walked up, staring at Zhang ZhangJun, "You are called Zhang Jun? Someone just reported the case to our Public Security Bureau, saying that you charged illegally, and threatened to extort the local residents. Please go to the bureau to investigate with us!"
"LiBrigade ... Captain, I am me, my Zhang Jun, a nephew of Vice -Team, did n’t we meet the last time? "Zhang Jun suddenly got up his waist.The case also enjoys a reputation in the police community across the country.

"Who are you! What is Luo Yan! Go in the car soon!" Captain Li seemed to not eat Zhang Jun, he shouted, and the three young policemen who followed behindAs soon as he hugged, he was blocked around Zhang Jun.

"I heard it for me, who dares to disturb the cure, one will not let go ..." The commander of the Li brigade warned Zhang Jun's Da Ben Cafe at the door of the Da Ben Cafe, and he was scared.The second child hid back like a turtle one by one, and they did not dare to let go.

"Lu Xuyang, it's okay. I will definitely investigate the details of Zhang Jun's bottom, and ask him to be honest in the future.After driving away, everyone scattered in the laughter.

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