Chapter 276 Hire the Lord of the Magic League?

"The source of thousands of years of life?" Du Sikang's body trembling finally stopped.If it wasn't for the source of life in his hand, Ji Shi, I am afraid he would have rushed directly.As the president of the Bartendian Guild, his love for wine is not under the movement of Ji.Suddenly seeing another peerless wine in the famous wine record, how can he not be excited?

Miao Miao's eyes are a bit dull. In the past, she never thought of to extend her life by relying on what she had.In the eleven years of life, countless hard work has been made.But after all, she is a person, a normal person.Who doesn't want his life to continue?What's more, she also has such a powerful strength.Feeling the breath of the source of life, she affirmed that this wine was almost matched with herself.Although its ranking is after Hanhai Qionglou, it is the most suitable for you.

"Alliance leader, promise him." Elder Magic League said almost at the same time.In the situation, they are too clear about the situation of the Lords of the Demon Alliances.Although the strength of each generation of magic alliances and artifacts is strong, none of them can cultivate the level of the Supreme Strong.It is precisely because of this that the Demon League has never risen again.It is not the qualifications of the leaders of all ages.But because of time, none of them could survive the 50s, and even some of their 30s in their thirties had lost their vitality.From the source of this bottle of life in the hands of Ji.They saw hope and saw the hope of the demon alliance.How can they bear the storm of mood?Although Ji Shi only said that they paid three drops, they still couldn't help reminding Miaomiao, for fear she refused.Even the intention of bargaining with Ji Kimong.

As the owner of the goddess of the earth, the two elders understood, how could she not understand?Her eyes have become a little hot, although the two sides are still in a hostile position, but this huge temptation and Ji Shi's promise have accelerated her heartbeat.There is a strong desire for unwavering in my heart.

"How can I believe that you are true?" Miao Miao said.

Ji moved to look at her, her eyes seemed to pierce deep into my heart, "I propose this employment plan, but the decision is on you. If you agree, I can pay for you firstTry. I can only say that what I promise will definitely do. If you are unwilling, this is the end today. As long as there is me, you can't get it.The second opportunity for you to attack the bartender guild. "

Deeply breathing, watching Ji Shi's unsugarr eyes, the fist is slowly clenched, the light flashes, the body is covered with the bodyThe armor has renewed into the wand of the goddess of the earth.His body was soaked in sweat. Her long skirt and body were a bit close to the body. It looked like the curve was revealed, but these mighty did not care. She nodded solemnly to Ji.On the day of, I will go to the coast of the East China Sea to find you. "

Ji Shi's face showed a slight smile.Pass the blue gourd with the source of life to Akin.As soon as the Akin player waved, a drop of green is like a glass -like green emerald liquid in the air.Go straight to the direction of Miao Miao.

Miao Miao's red lips opened lightly, and in the entrance of the drop of blue, her look became even more exciting.It can be clearly felt that her a little pale face appeared a layer of blush, which made her beautiful face add a little bright.The breath of life blooms, and she seems to be different.

The strong fragrance of life is filled with every corner of the body, the pores are open, and the wonderful taste spreads in the body. Miaomiao only feels that he has always been exhausted at an amazing speed.They are full of strong life atmosphere.Even the world in front of me seems to be more moving.

This is a wonderful feeling she has never experienced. The strong vitality, in every corner of her body, every meridian, blood circulation speed increased significantly, it seems that every time it seemsBreathing can supplement her lost vitality into the body.Although many years of vitality consumption can not be restored by this source of life, she clearly feels that as long as she can take a drop of this thousand -year life every two or three years.Until the time to break through the nine crowns, then the goddess of earth is no longer limited.The source of life is clearly the elixir that is most suitable for this way of cultivation.

Miao Miao did not understand wine, but she definitely found the hope of herself like a rebirth from this source of life.Looking at Ji Jing, the hostility in his eyes obviously weakened a little.She was grateful for her decision.There are still two drops after participating in the war of the Holy Evil. As long as you use it carefully, at least ten years, you don't have to worry about the depletion of life.Ten years later, to what extent can their magic be improved?Moreover, there is a bottle of his life. Although the gourd is small, there are more than dozens of drops. He always has a way to exchange it.

"You gave me a drop of life, aren't you afraid that I would not fulfill the promise?" Miao Miao stared at Ji Shi and said.

Ji moved indifferently, "Whether it is evil, I believe everyone has their own dignity. You are the Lord of the Lord of the League. Is your dignity and commitment worth only the source of life?? Miao Miao Lord. Our coast of the East China Sea will be again. "Then, when we felt his thoughts, the magic recovered a bit of Dan Yan Fire Dragon, and turned around in the direction of Tianshui City.

Miao Miao stood on his back of his mount, staring at the direction of Ji's departure and not moving her body for a long time. At this time, she could not help but have a trace of admiration. For her peers, this is her. This is her.This feels like this for the first time.

The plan for the Bartender Guild failed, and lost dozens of magicians, but.For the Demon Alliance, this time it seemed to open another door, and the new opportunity had appeared faintly.

It wasn't until the far away from the Dan Yan Fire Dragon, and when he couldn't see each other, Ji Dong's tight spirit really relaxed.The dragon sat down with a hint of hesitation in her eyes, but after a moment, she still retracted the golden armor on her body.

The hard and cold behind it suddenly became soft and warm, making the extremely weak Ji move subconsciously moaning.Akin was so sensitive, and his face suddenly became red. Fortunately, no one could see her at this time. Du Sikang was sitting in the place where Dan Yan Huoshan was leaning back, and he did not disturb them.Think about what.

After A Jin's body was tight, she suddenly found that Ji Shi had fallen asleep, or it was lethargic. After a moment of stun, her cold eyes showed a bit of a bit of cold eyes.Faintly gentle.The body changed slightly, so that Ji moved against his shoulders, holding his upper body, so that he could lie more comfortably.

In subconsciously, I remembered the remembered red that was so shocking in my mind. Akin's heart could not help but tremble.However, he also paid the same huge.Moreover, his understanding is so good, the more he is in the crisis.Often, the more powerful the power can be burst.Especially the proud and unyielding will on him is even more impressive.Although he is not so handsome, his characteristics are more attractive than any handsome appearance.Akin suddenly discovered that he was particularly eager to drink the flames of Ji Shi's modulation again.She could never forget that at that moment, the flames seemed to be a strong emotion to dissolve her.Although she knew that the emotion did not appear because of her, but she still had strong expectations in her heart.

When Ji moved to wake up from the sleeping, he found that he was already in a clean and spacious room.

A little soberly, Ji Shi found that the whole person had a feeling of reborn. For everything in the outside world, the induction was clearer.Even if you don't have to look at it with your eyes, you can feel every detail in your room.

The room decoration is quaint, and the placement of various items reveals a noble and elegant atmosphere. What surprises Ji Kim is more feminine in the room.The bed lying is round, and the surrounding layout is light pink.

Is this a girl's room?Ji moved his mind slightly, how could he be in a girl's room?

Turn over and sit up, his body feels completely restored.Showing Vulcan Void, but he exhausted his magic, but his body was not damaged.At this moment, he found that he found that the magic in his body had returned to most.What surprised him most was that the fire of the soul seemed to become more pure than before. The chaotic atmosphere of the white beating was full of transparent feeling, and the white flames increased significantly.

Although the fire of the soul now grows gradually during his cultivation process, this time it has increased a lot.Touching subconsciously to the chest position, the idea moved.The core of life has emerged.Ji Shi found that the Danan Shenghuolong was sleeping in it, and he felt relieved.

The magic in the body has recovered by about 50 %, and the range of yin and yang fish at the chest has increased significantly. Is it possible that the magic is not broken?You know, I just broke through the 62nd level!

Recalling the appearance of the void of the void in his mind, he even felt unbelievable. Ji Shi was completely impossible. If he reappeared again, he could still do that extent.Moreover, he also had strong later fear.No matter what else, because of the fierce and flame double sword.

Whether in the eyes of Akin and Du Sikang, or in the eyes of Miao Miao and Magic League, Ji moves that sword, with unparalleled power.However, when they knew that when the sword was showing out, what kind of risks of Ji Shi were affected?

When the two swords are combined, when the powerful yang fire and the ultimate yin fire release the powerful magic of the sun cone and You Yanbing, at the moment of the combination, Ji Dong felt that he had been completely emptied.Then it was the magic of the outside world.However, the fierce and flame double swords are like a bottomless abyss that devour all magic.The power that made him unimaginable continued from these swords.When the magic power of the outside world, including the fire attributes of the Danan Shenghuo Dragon and the Fire Eclipse Phoenix, was swallowed up by it, they were not satisfied, and they swallowed to Ji's body, and the vitality was swallowed.

If it wasn't for Ji Tong's fire of the soul, he responded as soon as possible, and desperately urged the fire of the soul to control the flame double sword to launch an attack.With enough vitality.Well, it is not just him, including Moutai, Wuliangye, and Fire, all their magic and life will be swallowed by the united sword.Ji Shi clearly felt that the domineering atmosphere appearing in the double sword was so horrible. Although it only appeared for a moment, he still clearly understood that this domineering was far from comparison with the two kings.It should not be human power.

The title of Vulcan appeared in his heart at that moment, so when he said the name of the attack to Miaomiao, he took the void of Vulcan.

Finally, when Ji Tong felt that he was going to be completely swallowed, Lie and Yan Shuangdian reached the lowest magic requirements of the union.It also sent out such an attack like Vulcan Void.Once again, Ji Shi really dare not guarantee that he can succeed.Such attacks can be said to be published in his life as a bet.

However, this time it is this experience that made Ji Dong really see the real power of Lie and Yan Shuangjian.In the flame sword.Or the fire of the soul reaches sufficient conditions for their warmth.Then, this pair of swords will truly release their strength.Ji Shi can also be sure that if it is a complete lung and flame double sword, the quality of any one is the stick of the goddess of the goddess of the magic league.

Inhalery, Ji was sitting in a cross -legged knee, and when he was about to start cultivation, and returned the magic to the peak as soon as possible, the door suddenly opened.A long figure, a thin man, a girl wearing a pale yellow dress walked in from the outside.

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