Chapter 107 Magic Treatment?(superior)

Chapter 107 Magic Treatment?(Part)

"Xiaoxu, are you okay?" As soon as he entered the detention room, Li Wenbing asked Lu Xuyang.

"Yeah! Why did Uncle Li come?" Lu Xuyang had a trace of accident.How did Li Wenbing discover that he was detained?

"That's it. I learned that you came to the capital, and I called you. As a result, you did not answer it. You found that you were detained by inquiring.
"It's really troublesome!" Lu Xuyang was moved to hearing Li Wenbing's answer.

"Then ... see, when do you have time, go to my house? To be honest, the father's body is not as good as one day.EssenceThe next meaning can be peeped out of his look.

Lu Xuyang glanced at Li Wenbing, and asked Zhang Guohua next to the next time, "Police officer, I wonder if I can leave?"
"Yes, of course!" Zhang Guohua quickly wipedKhan replied.

He is the first two now.Everyone in Beijing is called to let people go, and there are so many reporters outside to help the grievances.Besides, he didn't really commit anything, he didn't dare to let go even if he had a big courage.

Today, it is estimated that it is the most lively day of the police station. It is all because of this Lu Xuyang. He can't go away quickly !!!

Lu Xuyang rushed to Li Wenbing Road:“今天刚好还有时间,那我们现在就过去一下吧,不过我要得先去学校拿点东西。”

“好好!那样最好不过了!”听到吕旭阳的回答,李Wen Bing is very happy.His father was finally saved.


The detention room was only out of the detention room.

"Are you a monster champion?"

"What do you think of being detained by innocently?"
"I heard that you score a high score close to the full score.... "

" ... "

The major reporters each showed their magical powers, and the problems kept coming out of their mouths one by one, making Lu Xuyang's handsome and the first two.

Seeing the situation intensified.Lu Xuyang had to speak.

"Everyone is quiet!" When he heard Lu Xuyang's opening, the reporters had a moment of quiet.But the flash in my hand did not stop.

"Thank you for your concern, I just cooperate the investigation ..." After that, the reporter was stunned, he pulled Li Wenbing and squeezed it out.

Li Wenbing is also smart.Soon he took Lu Xuyang to the car.

"Huh, finally come out!" Lu Xuyang breathed a long breath.

"Those reporters are really enthusiastic enough!" He wiped Khan Lu Xuyang and continued.

"Yeah. This is good, even more exaggerated, you haven't seen it yet. But they are actually very hard, running around in the end!" Li Wenbing said.

"Yeah, it is hard!" Lu Xuyang attached and sighed.

"By the way, Uncle Li, go to see Li Lao if you see the disease, don't forget to send me back to school to get something." Lu Xuyang reminded again.

"Okay!" Li Wenbing went to Peking University according to Lu Xuyang's instructions.

At the school.Lu Xuyang walked into the dormitory and saw Wu Hai's three sitting in a daze.Especially Li Huaishan, her eyes flushed, as if they didn't sleep for a few days.

"Demon, you are finally released?" Li Huaishan asked.See Lu Xuyang.All three were happy, and it was relieved.

"It seems that our efforts are not in vain!" Wu Hai muttered.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about me! I have to go out immediately now, come back and talk about it!"Go down.Li Wenbing was still waiting for him.


When he came to the car, Li Wenbing drove to the Li family.

At the beginning, the two still said and laughed.The closer to the Li family.Li Wenbing's words are getting less and less.Seeing Li Wenbing's worry, Lu Xuyang was not easy to say anything.In the silence of the two, he finally arrived at the Li family.

Under the leadership of Li Wenbing, Lu Xuyang followed the courtyard where Li Lao lived.

As soon as he entered the yard, Lu Xuyang saw a thin old man sitting in a wheelchair.It seems to be extremely sluggish.

It is estimated that this is Li Lao.Lu Xuyang thought.

"Dad. I brought Xiaoxu. He was the one who helped Hai Ye to cure the illness, and he would definitely cure you." Li Wenbing walked over to the old man.

Li Wenbing's words verified Lu Xuyang's thoughts.While Li Wenbing spoke, Lu Xuyang took out the bloody glasses from his backpack.

Because his body was transformed by the psychiatric mirror, he is no longer myopia now, so he put the unused glasses in the mysterious bag.

Take out the direction of Lu Xuyang on the glasses.Sure enough, there is something dark in the lungs, and it is more serious than Hai Ye.Almost all of them cover the whole lung.And he noticed that it seemed not only the lungs, but the stomach seemed to have something to block.Seeing this Lu Xuyang walked over.

"Grandpa Li! I am Lu Xuyang!"

"Okay ... well, hello, the later life is awesome. My old man can rely on you!" Father Li replied.There was another cough after speaking.

"You can rest assured!" Lu Xu replied confidently.He couldn't bear to hit this thin old man again.Tuded like this.He couldn't help feeling sad.At the same time, I also sincerely admire this old man.

"But ... you should always be a lung disease, I think your old stomach is not very good." Lu Xuyang hesitated and asked.

"Yeah, this was the root of the sickness that did not work day and night at that time, and did not eat on time. I have been with me for many years, and I have tortured ... More ... years!"Obviously, he has exhausted his strength, and the cough is even more powerful.Lu Xu also worried that he would not let him talk anymore.

With Li Wenbing, Li Wenbing ordered his subordinates to send Li Lao to the room he lived and lay down, and then asked his subordinates to bring a glass of boiled water, leaving the room to Li Lao and Lu Xuyang.people.The old lying on the bed was still coughing, and from time to time, there was a disgusting vomiting.

Lu Xuyang's mind, a 'fairy bean' appeared in his hand, his fingers played, throwing it into the boiled water brought by the lower person.Help the old man and let him drink it.

Li Lao also cooperates very well.Perhaps he knew he had cured Hai Ye and had confidence in him.Maybe I gave up, and I just thought about the death horse as a living horse doctor.

I didn't care what he thought. After Li Lao drank the water of the bean soaked in Li Lao, he reached out and pressed back and forth in his lungs and stomach.

The cough old man only felt that his body and lungs were warm, and his stomach was warm, and people were not so difficult. The cough just now slowly decreases.I also started to breathe smoothly.The sense of relaxation that has never been before is slowly coming with Lu Xuyang's hand.He thought it was Lu Xuyang's treatment. The whole person slowly relaxed, and after a while, he entered the dreamland.