Chapter 106 The prestige of Yin and Yang Boxing (below)

Chapter 106 The Weight of Yin and Yang Boxing (Part 2)

Three days have passed. These three days have been the most depressed three days for Lu Xuyang.inside.If the father and mother of the family know, how worried maybe it is.Fortunately, I survived.Lu Xuyang was thinking.Someone came to ask him to go out.

At this moment, a small policeman came over and said to the captain before he walked to Lu Xuyang at the door and was called back.

"Police officer, what's the matter? Isn't my sentence?" Lu Xuyang asked in doubt.The original punishment was only three days. This was full, it was time to go out.

But this time the police was obviously not as good as before, and rushed to Lu Xuyang: "Less nonsense, go in!" Said that he pushed Lu Xuyang back again.

Lu Xuyang was completely stunned. He didn't let him go out how he went to school, how to explain to the two principals, and how to explain to his parents?He started to be a little anxious.

"What the hell is going on? Police officers, can you tell me why? Is it only three days of detention?"

"" Boy, you still treatWe have to be a last resort you who should not fight. "The police's words obviously hinted.

Lu Xuyang is not a fool, he understands when he says.It must be that there was a prince in the among the person he beaten.I just don't know when he can put him out.

While Lu Xuyang was anxious, Wu Hai, Feng Beibei, and Li Huaishan were also anxious for him.Especially Li Huaishan, he was caused by him. Lu Xuyang was obviously a black pot for him.When it was previously dealt with, Li Huaishan did not agree.I wanted to change myself to Lu Xuyang, but I was persuaded by Lu Xu in the end.

Three days later, the three brothers came over to pick up Lu Xuyang.The result was that the detention time has not yet arrived.The three thought they came early.I waited there. Who knew that the next morning, I still didn't see Lu Xuyang's figure.

The three Li Huaishan started to worry.Inquiring about the entrusted relationship.In the end, Wu Hai heard from the family business partner, and Lu Xuyang was rectified.

"Ding ~~~"

The ringtone of the phone interrupted the officeZhang Guohua, director of the X branch.

What are you doing?The calls hit him.Zhang Guohua complained that his secretary is usually quite sensible!

"Hey? Which one?"

"Hello, is it Director Zhang? I am Wu Tian, the steward of the Wu family!"
"Oh? Hello!Is there anything wrong with me? "Zhang Guohua asked a little bit.

"Let's ask me to ask. Did you turn off a Lu Xuyang? When can he come out?"

Lu Xuyang?IntersectionLeslie Cheung thought for a long time, and immediately realized.A few days ago, a upper -level person called and called the name of the person who had been more than a few days.Isn't it called Lu Xuyang?It seems that because of injury, he has helped for a few days, and now he can put it.Thinking of this, Zhang Guohua quickly replied: "It's not a big deal! I will order people in a while!"

"Okay, thank you Director Zhang!" The steward said the phone after saying.

"Ding ~~~"

Only hung up, and the office phone rang again.Zhang Guohua had no choice but to answer the phone.

"Hey. Hello, which one?"
"Hello, Director Zhang? I am the aquatic family of the water family!"
"Hello Hello, hello! Is there anything wrong with me? "Zhang Guohua asked politely.You know, the water family is also one of the four major families in Beijing, and he can destroy him by moving his fingers.Moreover, it is still a call from the water family.

"It's okay, don't you have to be nervous, I just want to ask, did you close a person named Lu Xuyang?"

"Yes, yes, but the sentence, but the sentence is over, I'm about to call it! "Zhang Guohua wiped a sweat.

Who is this Lu Xuyang and how can he shock the two major families in Beijing, especially the owners of the Shuijia family?Zhang Guohua, who hung up the phone, was thinking.

"Director, it's not good ..." Suddenly, a panic sound came in.Then Zhang Guohua saw that one of his subordinates ran into his office.

Zhang Guohua, who had just received the call of the two major families in Beijing, was thinking.It was interrupted by his scream.I couldn't help but get angry.

"What is panic? What does it look like?" Zhang Guohua taught.

The subordinates wiped a sweat and explained to Zhang Guohua: "The director, it's not good, the young master Li Wenbing of the Li family arrived at the door of the police station. Also ... there are many reporters outside that you are wrong ...Monster ... Sin ... The champion? "The young people panting explained.

At this moment, a person passed by the office and saw Zhang Guohua stopped immediately.

"Director Zhang?" The man asked Zhang Guohua.

"It's me, are you?"
"Director, he is the Master Li Wenbing!" The subordinate explained to Zhang Guohua.

Zhang Guohua, who heard the explanation, quickly smiled and walked out of sitting and greeted: "Hello, welcome to come, I don’t know what can help you?"

"There is nothing wrong with nothing.That's my little brother. Lu Xuyang came in a few days ago. I wonder if I can take him away today? "Li Wenbing asked directly.

The body of his father is not as good as one day, and Li Wenbing hopes that Lu Xuyang will come to Beijing earlier.Let the old man suffer less than a few days.After finally knowing that Lu Xuyang came to the capital, Li Wenbing called his phone happily.

Although the phone was turned on, no one answered.And this is the case for a few days. According to what his friend Hai Ye said, this kid is not like a person who speaks.Even if he doesn't go, he should answer a phone call to explain it, but it has been playing for a few consecutive days. Why didn't he respond?

The anxious Li Wenbing immediately found out, and this visit knew that Lu Xuyang was rectified.After knowing that Li Wenbing, he hurried here through the news he knew.

I heard that it was Lu Xuyang again, Zhang Guohua wiped the sweat on his head and said, "Of course, I am going to let people go!"
"Oh? That's good."Hearing Zhang Guohua's answer, Li Wenbing was relieved.

At this time, a reporter outside sneaked in while the police didn't pay attention.

One of the eyes was very bright, and Zhang Guohua was discovered at once.

"Hello, Director Zhang, why do you want to be innocently detained in our country's first demon champion? What did he make? When can he release it?" The reporter asked a few questions in a row.

Another reporter also ran over and rushed to Zhang Guohua and asked: "Why don't you let people go after knowing that our demon champion is wrong?"

"Excuse me ..."


There are more reporters who have crowded in one after another. Zhang Guohua is a little puzzled. I don't know when they will detain another demon champion in their bureau?

Li Wenbing, next to him, knew a little bit, seeing this director was enough, and Lu Xuyang was waiting for him to put it.Quickly help him to solve the siege: "Everyone, I am here to pick him up. Can you stop the way?"

I heard that there was a chance to see the evil champion, and the reporters quickly gave them to open them to open them.A road.

Director and Li Wenbing also ran out of the siege of the reporter at this time and came to Lu Xuyang's detained room.