Chapter 105

Chapter 105 The prestige of Yin and Yang Boxing (Middle)

The people who eat around are all worried about them, thinking that these students may be bad.

The lobby manager of the hotel is also extremely anxious. He first commanded the security guards to stop, and then called the police station and the hospital for emergency calls.

He did all the job he should do, and he could only watch it, and he couldn't dare to ask them to rush in.

After Lu Xuyang rushed into the crowd here, he first came to a city, and then flew the person who attacked the back to the back wall, and could no longer climb.At the same time, he blocked the attack on the front with one arm, and then pinched the man's hand holding the bottle with a bottle, shook his arms, turned around in the air, and fell the man on the ground from top to bottom.

Because it was the first time with yin and yang, Lu Xuyang, who did not know his power, did his best to fight, and played very smoothly.He couldn't help closing his eyes and carefully experienced the hard -won practical experience this time.To get the essence of its sore, it is very early to break through.

Slowly, he forgot who he was, and forgot to fight against others. He just rely on instincts. Where he passed, the other party fell down.Until the last person to win the other person.Lu Xuyang returned from that smooth state.At this time, the whole hall was already silent.

He slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes seemed to have a hint of light flashed, which looked particularly clear. People who didn't understand only felt that Lu Xuyang's temperament had changed. Only those who understood that Lu Xuyang broke through.

The yin and yang boxing has five floors, and it is everywhere to practice the highest realm.For this realm, Lu Xuyang has been working hard.But when he practiced the second level, he couldn't break through.He tried his best, but did not expect that he would break through in this melee.Yin and Yangquan water entered the third floor.

Lu Xuyang, who felt his change, couldn't help but feel happy.He looked around, and saw that the other person's people fell to the ground. Only standing in the middle, he was surprised, and then turned his eyes around the hall, where he passed.Seeing that everyone in the hall became a ‘O’ -shaped, his eyes were staring at him.

"Buddy, cow!" At this time, Li Huaishan, who came back from the daze, stretched out a big man at Chong Lu Xuyang.

Seeing Li Huaishan's praise, Lu Xuyang was a little surprised.Is it ...

"These ... are all me doing?" He asked the people on the ground whispered.But he didn't want to be quiet in the living room, and the sound of a needle could be heard clearly, not to mention his voice, now people's attention is concentrated on him.

So.In the end, he nodded neatly.

Seeing the tragic appearance of those people.Lu Xuyang himself could not help swallowing.He did not expect that Yin and Yangquan had such great power under his full strength.

He didn't want to think about it.His body was different from ordinary people under the change of yin and yang mirror, and there was a power bonus in the city.It is normal to cause such effects.

"Let the open and open ... who is the first aid, where is the patient?"
"It's me, the wounded is here!" The lobby manager replied.He quickly greeted the injured person to the ambulance.

Their answers broke the tranquility of the hall.People also returned from the surprise just now, and began to talk about it.This is a realistic version of the match. Everyone who sees it feels bloody, and I can't wait for the person who defeats others.


Narcissus, also a member of Peking University's freshmen, only to the dormitoriesCall dinner.Although he is from Beijing, he has always been to school in other places because he lives with his grandmother, and he is not very familiar with Beijing.

Even the only one in Beijing did not expect.Several people had to rely on themselves. After thinking about it, they felt that Yingqing Garden had a good reputation, and was close to the school. Eventually, they chose many other restaurants.

Because it came late.The private room is full. Although the narcissus is a locals, it is helpless.Several sisters discussed, and finally agreed with the manager's suggestion to sit in the hall.

Everyone ordered their favorite dishes and eaten the fragrance!Suddenly the roar of a young man attracted their eyes.

When I saw more than a dozen people fighting four people, she also sweated for them.Silently for the few boys.

Who knows, one of the four of those four looks like a small white face, and he actually made great power and knocked the group of people to the ground.Listening to the sound of the bones of broken bones, looking at the blood on the beach on the ground, the narcissus first knew what it was to eat pigs and tigers.

What kind of environment is it to raise this boy who looks like no threat, but he does not hesitate, and he is decisive?She couldn't help but be curious about the "little white face '.Where did he know that Lu Xuyang only attacked the power of Yin and Yangquan.

Just then, the police uncle finally rushed over after the ambulance

"Who reported the police?" One of the policemen asked, it seems that it should be the leader of the leader.figure.

"It's me!" The lobby manager replied, and by the way, the people who pointed to the blood on the ground and the ambulance went out on stage and said, "But now it's okay."

Do you actually say that it's okay? "The captain said the blood on the ground.

"Who is the perpetrator?"

"Those that is! It's just injured when he is self -defense." The manager pointed out that those injured replied to the police.Looking at the police obviously disliked, the manager pointed out that Lu Xuyang rushed to the police and said, "Oh, they are bullied!"He would not believe that there were only four people being bullied.

Seeing Lu Xuyang, the police captain was obviously surprised. He couldn't believe it was a few of them, and he could hit more than a dozen people seriously injured.

But when he saw Li Huaishan, he was relieved.Looking at his tall man, the strong body, there must be a martial arts foundation.To deal with ordinary people with martial arts, it should be understood to be able to make them like this.

But even self -defense cannot be seriously injured, this is considered excessive self -defense.Immediately, the uncle of the police waved: "Take it away!" The dinner dinner dinner became a police station. Poor they have not eaten yet!

Poor Lu Xuyang, who lived in the police station for the second time.When I touched the stomach that was still hungry, I couldn't help thinking that I should really pretend to eat more in that food.Otherwise, I will be so depressed next time I will encounter an accident!

Soon, the cause of the incident was clearly investigated.Lu Xu's group is indeed just defense.But so many people in the hospital are seriously injured.Therefore, the police station was detained for three days and paid a certain amount of medical expenses for the injured.

Because of Lu Xuyang, who was beaten, the punishment was only targeted at Lu Xuyang, and the other three of the dormitory were released.