Chapter 041 [Crazy Mouse]

. "Lu Xuyang, do you understand the computer?" Zheng Xiyi suddenly probedly looked at Lu Xuyang, who was playing with the game., I know, but I do n’t know too much: "General. I can install the system and use software."

"Oh. Is it? I have a laptop at home, but I haven't used it for a long time.After my cousin went to college, "copy 'for me." Zheng Xiyi said that the computer was very powerful in the computer, and all kinds of software could not run normally.

"What are you playing now? Do you like to play games? I seem to see that your girls are particularly keen on" Dance Troupe ". How about you?" Lu Xuyang asked casually, this is the first time he has been with Zheng Xiyi with Zheng Xiyi.Children go online, and naturally don't know what she likes.

Zheng Xiyi shook his head and said, "Don't like it. But my friends are very good, some are dance, some are sports cars. Oh, I am growing vegetables and fertilizing. QQ farm, should you open it?"

"No. Invite me. It's okay, I go to your vegetable garden to stroll around, pick up the delicious hand -handling sheep."

Lu Xuyang hasn't finished saying, Zheng Xiyi issued an invitation to makeLu Xuyang developed the land faster, and she got up and walked over to teach him.

The two played for more than an hour, and they were not happy, but the time was not early. Zheng Xiyi knew that he was angry with his parents and did not go home for dinner. They must be anxious at the moment.The party will make the family even more worried.

Lu Xuyang walked across the direction of Zheng Xiyi's house. He talked about some of his previous things. From the beginning of Gao, his biggest wish was to buy a computer and put it in his room in his room.It is so fun to be at ease, so that every time you run the Internet cafe, you have to sneak to prevent the teacher and the people at home.

"When will your wish be realized?" Zheng Xiyi looked back, and his vivid eyes seemed to have a deep meaning. Lu Xuyang rarely saw her eyes complicated.What will be thinking about?

"Now I don't treat it as a wish. I still feel that I thought of my thoughts at that time, maybe because I have played the fire, my mind is full of online games."smell.

Zheng Xiyi disagreed when he heard it, and said, "Young people are fun, but they are all the same. My brother is not indulging in online games. The more my dad hit him, the more strict control, the more he looks likeIt is addicted to it, and he will play crazy as soon as he has a chance. He also learned to smoke. That habit is really not good. I have a serious illness because I sucks too much smoke. "

I bypass the qualityIn the supervisor, Zheng Xiyi suddenly stood up. She asked Lu Xuyang to send it.

Lu Xuyang said that he would not be hindered. He wanted to talk to him more. Anyway, he stayed in the room early to simmer the test paper.

"Thank you for staying with me for a while. Lu Xuyang, can I ask you a question? It is a private question, very hidden. You can choose not to give me any prompts. I just curiousI want to inquire. "Zheng Xiyi smiled softly.

"Okay. You ask. Like us, it's just the same thing." Lu Xuyang didn't think much, he was not afraid of Zheng Xiyi asking what he asked himself, so he was afraid that she would treat herself.Cold the field treatment, always chatting passively.

But when Zheng Xiyi's problem leaked his mouth, he stunned when he was in the brake. It wasn't hesitant, or this problem was really "difficult to live".

"Did the girl you crush on the time of your true love? I also saw the article you published in the school newspaper in the morning. I wrote well and feel true."

Lu Xuyang's eyes were so dull on Zheng Xiyi's face, for a minute or two, until the other party whispered" um "I don't know, she may still have a little bit of meaning to me. Zheng Xiyi, like you, there are many boys who like you in school."
"But I didn't feel them about them. This is the truth. "Zheng Xiyi said without hesitation.

"Who do you like?" This sentence was stuck in Lu Xuyang's throat. He finally didn't ask."Truthful adventure

In terms of love, everyone is extremely selfish, and no one wants to hear that their people are thinking about other opposite sex.

If you, Zheng Xiyi said that what she likes is a big handsome guy, then Lu Xuyang must be difficult to face it. The first love is infinite and beautiful.Drop.

"I haven't had that special feeling for anyone else." Zheng Xiyi seemed to hear the "self -talk" who had heard Lu Xuyang's heart.

"Any other person?" Lu Xuyang had an illusion. He watched the light red blush on the face of Zheng Xiyi's face, as if hearing it, as if he was understanding, that "he" refers toIt's yourself.

Heart jump!

Lu Xuyang felt that he had to buy some wine tonight to celebrate the "spiritual harvest" with his mother.

Zheng Xiyi continued: "Do you know what I thought of you before?"

"It's not clear. We didn't seem to have said a few words at that time?" Lu Xuyang shook his head,Listening to her, he was very interested in Zheng Xiyi's understanding of himself. If there was a day, when the relationship between the two people had been sublimated to a boiling point, she stood in her ears and said happily and love love and love.Then, he will hold her in her arms regardless of everything, telling her that the world's most natty but the most sincere sweet words.

But how long it takes that day to come!

"I also thought we didn't belong to the same category. At that time, you were lying dozing on the desk in my eyes at that time.This metaphor is just right. But now, I find that I do n’t know enough about you. It turns out that you are very unambiguous at the critical moment. So I am very happy that I can re -know you before leaving high school.Make friends and talk to you ... "

Zheng Xiyi is completely from the lungs. After listening, Lu Xuyang was extremely happy.The status in her mind will be increased by level.

Zheng Xiyi's family is in a good environment in the environment. He heard that she lives in the employees of the "Jiaxing Old Winery" here, and his dad is an officer in the winery.

When he arrived at the downstairs of Zheng Xiyi's house, she said goodbye to Lu Xuyang, and was about to go up. Suddenly he thought of something, and he was busy calling Lu Xuyang and said, "You wait. I will come down immediately."

Lu Xuyang agreed, somewhat confused in his heart, and didn't understand what Zheng Xiyi was going to do.

Zheng Xiyi rushed home in one breath. She didn't do anything throughout the year. She only knew that the mother -in -law's mother was sitting on the sofa and watching the stock market market analysis program played on a certain economic channel on TV.

"Girl, what are you doing? What about your brother, why didn't you come back today? Did he go online again? This child is really obedient, probably the skin is itchy again!"

"He wrote a guarantee, and he should not go. I think he rushed back for a while." Zheng Xiyi ran into his room and had a small black bag in his hand when he came out.The ground greeted my mother, "This computer is broken, I call a friend to help repair it. Mom, you can cook the rice. I am hungry. I will come up soon."
"Go home to eat. I also know the taste of hungry. This girl, how her temper is exactly the same as her little aunt, say that she will not notice the computer.

When Zheng Xiyi handed the laptop to Lu Xuyang's hand, he only said that their family did not understand the computer, so he asked him to help and keep it for a while: "This computer is opened on the wireless network, down and down, down and downIt did not expire a month. Also, the mouse is broken, it is not convenient to use. "

Lu Xuyang has not yet expressed the" opinion ".Turn around and go to the circuit.

After a computer repair shop on the roadside, Lu Xuyang specially selected a latest supporting mouse, like Dell computer, which can be regarded as an international brand.Open the price.

Back at home, Lu Xuyang "closed the door closed". He first turned on to check the system infection.Essence

Lu Xuyang borrowed a system disk from Zhang Sheng, Zhang Sheng, from his neighbor's "computer master

"Maybe it is hit 'current"! "

Lu Xuyang is a web fan, and he is still very concerned about the big events on the Internet.Maybe it was related to the emotion that he had made in the game of "Xianxian".

As for the so -called "current virusBroadcasting, pig influenza, sheep flu and other popular cold threatened people's health, and now a "current influenza" has emerged, which severely damaged network security and many people are deeply harmed.

Lu Xuyang once also hit the scourge of online black hands. When he played the game, he accidentally entered a fishing website.The equipment was washed away by the "Studge Master

Lu Xuyang knew and knew about antivirus. Once you encountered a stubborn virus Trojan, there was only a stare: "Damn, this virus is too good! Put twice, no anti -virus software can not be opened.It seems that the virus program has super immune properties with the software with antivirus! "

There is no helplessness, Lu Xuyang put down the mouse and saw that he had to find Zhang Sheng to help.To walk away, a flash of flashes in my mind suddenly thought of the "yin and yang two sides" in the schoolbag.

"I bought the mouse I bought, it should belong to me. See if it can be refined, if it is washed out of what applicable special attributes, you may not need to trouble Zhang Sheng.He is too lazy to move him. "

Under the curiosity driven by Lu Xuyang, Lu Xuyang took out the pussy and yang mirror with confidence and made him overjoyed:

Disappear ... Congratulations, successful refining, you get a Molan strong fortune high -power mouse, pressure resistance +12, wear resistance+12 ... with skills without network disadvantages: Every time the mouse traffic is released, it will be cleared off.All the unfavorable factors on the mother machine, where the mouse cursor is reached, right -click three times, and unsteady all locking status. Edit a simple program source with a document. After this text is archivedRelease instructions, half an hour of use. Binding and effectiveness, useless exchanges ... "

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