Chapter 042 [Rogue Software]

. The skills attached to the mouse upgrade are "no disadvantages of the Internet". It is not difficult to see from its description content that any item in real life is refined or other upgraded procedures through the "yin and yang two -sided mirror".The attribute values and skill effects derived from the derived new items are based on online games. They are scattered and they are not scattered. After the upgrade is upgraded, it is completely separated from the category of the items in the online game.

The so -called "Moram Forbidden Mouse" is much brighter than before, small and exquisite, the shell is blue, and the USB interface is shining with a dazzling light as soon as it connects the USB interface.Essence

Lu Xuyang unplugged the mouse again, and then inserted, and carefully observed its reaction. Isn't it that "every time the traffic in the mouse is released" or something?Suddenly, I just stimulated my eyes hurriedly.

When slowly opened, Lu Xuyang grabbed the mouse and shook it twice, making him extremely surprising that the mouse cursor on the screen was miraculously moved, and it was smooth. Just now it was absolutely done by doing it.Not to this!

With this reaction, it also indicates that the high -end skill "No Disadvantages" on the new mouse has a role, which is very spiritual.

According to the first layer description of the skill, the virus program forcibly installed on each disk must be completely formatted to perform a large cleaning movement.

Sure enough, the computer can run normally after a while. Lu Xuyang tried several software inside, which started naturally without a little problem.

Lu Xuyang is very happy. He finally helped Zheng Xiyi to get the problem of this boss, and when he was on the same way, he would show his superb computer technology.

Next, Lu Xuyang stared at the second meaning of "no disadvantages of the net". The skill terminology said very clearly that creating a document, the source code is self -drafted, and it will automatically generate a corresponding software after the archive., Software has time limit.

Lu Xuyang is very optimistic about this thing. Do you think that he has not faced the computer YY, and he turns into a hacker. So what software can you make?It is also not necessary to blow ash, and the feeling of thinking is cool.

Lu Xuyang is very conscious of challenging his dreams. The lunch uses TXT (the easiest editor software) on the desktop. After the unfoldingString instructions.

Of course, Lu Xuyang is purely a rookie in writing procedures, the kind of dish is painful. If you ask him to edit a most simple software, it is difficult to climb.It shows that it needs to be developed feasible codes, so he only wrote a few complementary instructions in the form of text.

"Rogue One" was born!

Lu Xuyang's thoughts are very incisive, in line with the psychology of most hackers. He wants to create such a software that can automatically search for a fishing website that is consistent with keywords and bring it off to maintain safety and safeguard.Stable network environment.

Now the hacker behind the fishing website is mostly to harm gamers. After they are recruited, the computer IP will be monitored and hanging up. The game account information will be leaked. In the end, the money will be cleaned up!

Lu Xuyang was deeply disgusted with hackers who were horses on the Internet. They simply had no humanity, stole your number, and did not stop after sweeping things as much as possible."Lu Xuyang had heard a MM cry in the gang, and the number of people who stole her even gave her a divorce in Yue Lao. Finally, she was misunderstood by her husband.Chance.

"There is no Tianliang scum!" This is Lu Xuyang's deep contempt for hackers who operate the dark box.

After writing, Lu Xuyang was preserved, waiting for "Rogue One" to be now in front of me.


A new startup item pops up when the system is logged in, and is installed to ask if it continues.

Lu Xuyang naturally pressed the confirmation key. The installation interface of a new program soon jumped out on the table. The shortcut icon displayed after completing was a black skull.Version"!

Lu Xuyang was excited to start and run. The software homepage was not very different from the general webpage. There was a light blue search box at the upper end.

"" Xianxian "... plug -in ... stolen number ..."

Lu Xuyang chose these keywords. After entering the search, it took about four or five minutes.The gaps are gradually displayed on the URLs, almost all of them with zhuxian, standard fishing websites.

The sound of "<

Lu Xuyang's answer is yes.

Data dialysis cracking steps said that it takes ten minutes, Lu Xuyang put it aside and did something else.

Lu Xuyang found that the computer's hardware configuration is good, three -core, ** graphics card, it should be more than enough to play games.

Although the speed of the wireless network is not as wired, but the download of the download is not slow. Lu Xuyang downloaded the "Xianxian" client shortly and made it

Lu Xuyang entered the game to enter the gameWhen I saw that the world was boiling, the macho pigs in their own gangs were fighting with a silly X with their own equipment that was strong.

"... Oh, don't you help, do you have a soldier called underwear? His person is cheap, and he wants to pk with me, saying who lost his number and walking, *** I am in a row.He won him in the third game, but he didn't still leave the game now! So I think the people in your gang are all a group of dead skin -faced guys! "

The hostile is a keyboard player, almost every dayYou can see that he sprayed with swear words in the world. He thought he was famous for nine days. What everyone saw was his joke, treating him as a clown, low -character to a villain!

"I am dizzy. How do you talk about my head!"

Lu Xuyang watched the news on the world channel, and hated itchy teeth. He didn't mess with that madman today.Just bite it on me!

"People can't be shameless to your point! Brother Fengyun, can you stop? You can take the photo of your virtue before you open the river! Have you ever said that you have deleted the number? That's all?Your own wishful thinking, let's talk about it that day is a group of people besieged me! Even when I lost, I don't feel anything.Is it so big and so true? I think you are really playing games and playing hallucinations, so I will ask your mother to take it to the third hospital to see the doctor and ask if there are brain residues! "

Lu Xuyang is very angry, immediatelyTake out the spirit rhino from the warehouse (the props in the world) and brush the world to maintain your reputation.

The more the other party scolded the more and more, and quickly followed up: "I don't believe everyone goes to the real situation on the forum of our union.There are all kinds of posture in the lower side. It is guaranteed that you will make you full of eyes and linger! "

Feng Yun does not give people a little face, speaks lightly, a shameless little man!

Lu Xuyang said, "Who do you think you! Don't take yourself first! What are you equipped with? I still do it differently!

A spirit rhino, Lu Xuyang minimized the game interface. Later, he searched the forum address of the Fengyun Gang Union's forum in Baidu God.

Actually, this kind of thing does not need to be ignored it. In the game, I live normal, but everyone has to face, and Lu Xuyang is no exception.Sorry for the pork macho and the brothers and sisters in the gang.

"I want to delete these pictures! I want your forum chicken flying eggs to be peaceful!"