About VIP update

Recently, there have been many friends in Chengdu, Beijing and other places. Friends in Beijing and other places have been scolding and updating slowly in the book review area. I feel unfortunately the pig's head. I don't know what some sites are treated with you. As for the reasons for the recent update, Huanghua pigsThe pig had been explained last time, because the publisher asked their publishing speed to be accelerated in mid -July, and I was also considerate of this, so I agreed to slow down temporarily. When the notice came, it was updated.Have you seen the notice of Huanghua Pig's last time? If I have n’t seen it, but I have seen it, and I still have a scolding person in my book review area, and I will declare him. Because this group of peopleIt is not a person who reads my book at all. Repeatedly scolding the screen. I can only maliciously understand that other sites want to fight me, so come to me to make trouble. I advise you to say that doing these dirty work also requires mind.