One yuan and five olds: around the division period, plus a special magic weapon, can be better than the master of the virtual realm

One Yuanzong three old ghosts: about the rising period, plus the magic weapon of a Yuanzong,You can fight against ordinary immortals

Sanxian: Some are rising to cross the robbery, some are evil, and even when they encounter the heavenly robbery during the Yuan infant period, they have to cultivate Yuanying.However, those who reach Sanxianxiu can basically be more than the powerful master of the virtual realm.Especially their communication with the heaven and earth aura is much more convenient than the monks. The same spells and magic weapons are much better than those who practice.The head is unpredictable, but for some reason, at most, it can only exert the most basic power of the virtual realm.

God Jun: Right Sheng and Zuo Sheng's walking dog, the strength is basically above the Yuan infant period, divided into divisions, divided into divided intoDivision or below the division period, in the monastery world is an out -of -the -box master,

Yuan Sheng: The status is far beyond the terrible existence of the right saint, Zuo Sheng, and the strength cannot be measured.

Qinglong, Baihu, Suzaku, Xuanwu: The four war generals under His Majesty of Yuan Sheng are strong and strong, which is only slightly lower than the right saint and Zuo Sheng.However, with the unique ancient magic treasures, the attack power is the most terrible character

The head of the masters such as Kunlun: The masters of the virtual realm, but the realm is different, some are close to flying upSome are just just reaching the virtual realm.Especially the people of orthogonal religion have a serious sour atmosphere and do not think for enterprising. The phenomenon of squeezing in the martial arts is endless. Therefore, although the martial arts are strong, the strength can be used.Xian's branch method is not avenue.But after all, they are the primary level, although they cannot rise to the immortal world, they are comparable to the strength of Sanxian.

Old monsters such as the ancestor without the ancestor: The dead skin is entangled in the world, and the monsters who refuse to fly up.After the last time, he has a certain fairy characteristics and avoids the enlightenment messenger of the immortal world by secret method.For more than a thousand years of concentration, they have a terrible power.They have the dual strengths of Yuan Ying and the flesh of the Sanxian and the monk. The strength is terrible.

Power setting: Any monk, even if his strength is high, the solidity of the flesh can be the least resistant to the minimum.The level of flying sword attack, if they encountered a slightly clever flying sword and magic weapon, their physical body would be damaged.However, the cultivators rarely exercise more about their physical body. They focus on the spirit of spirit and Yuanshen, so the kitten takes the elixir of the heavenly doctor.Achievement

Any monk, if not specially paid attention to the physical exercise, even reaching the state of ascending the rise, his body will still be split by a sword of the flying sword.

So when the people who practice the Tao not mentioned their defense, mortals may also hurt his body from behind