di si bai yi shi qi zhang ru he rong lei

Zhou Xiaoxiao walked into the room of Ji.At this time, the fat man's face was not very good -looking. Looking at Ji Shi, he said, "I'm afraid it's a bit troublesome. The old guy of Wang Daojun didn't know what to make a crazy, but it was open to my face.I did n’t even know what they would do for you. However, just now I saw this old guy, his look seemed a bit wrong, and his face was extremely ugly.What is it? But he shouldn't know that we did it! Wang Xiaolei couldn't come back for a while. If I remember correctly, Cao Yi's little boy's mount is a dragon and will not fly.The half -month time can't be coming back. "

Ji moved him at him," What are you in an urgent, soldiers will block, and water to cover the soil.
The fat man grinned and smiled, and said, "So I can rest assured. I have absolute confidence in your kid. No matter what the assessment is, the beautiful spots must be completed, so that Wang Daojun's Pharaoh Eight Eggs under the Eight Eggs under the Eight EggsIt ’s better not to do it. If it’ s not the same as that he is the speaker. Lao Tzu would n’t have birds for a long time. Okay, you will have to rest early. I have to deal with something, Lao Tzu is not so easy to deal with.For the recommender, I can't decide what the assessment is, but there is no problem looking for a few fair judges. "

In the early morning, after a night of rest, the tiredness of the saints will have been exhausted tomorrow.When Ji moved out of the sophisticated house, he found that his partners had packed up and waited for him outside the door.Everyone has used breakfast in the sophisticated house. At this time, everyone did not have half a tension because Ji Shi will face the assessment of the silly and rich business association.This is a kind of confidence, absolute confidence in Ji.

Yao Qianshu is particularly trembling. Although the departure of chrysanthemum pigs hurts him, the problem that has always been the most troubled in him has finally been solved.It seems that I have made a breakthrough in my own cultivation.

"Ji Dong, after your assessment is over, teach us the five elements of the cycle of the five elements. If we can practice successfully, even if those dark saints have all artifacts, they can also compete."

After listening to the words of Yao Qian, everyone nodded.Everyone has gathered together for a while. Although I have been on the way recently, Ke Ji has never practiced the meaning of the five elements of the five elements with everyone. They understand that this will never be the self -cherished broom.Essence

Ji nodded, and said, "I have never asked everyone to start practicing this formation. Mainly because I still want to make some improvement of it. After all, although we are ten people, we have magic power, but there is magic power.Eleven systems. I have been thinking about how to integrate my brother's extreme yang thunder attributes into this formation system. Now there are some eyebrows. After this assessment, you should be able to start trying. "

Listening to Ji Shi said this, Ferry couldn't help but flashed a ripple, and a strong warmth filled his heart. Although he hadn't said anything, he also saw the power of the five elements of the cycle of the five elements.But it is not wonderful to travel away. This feeling is not wonderful.After all, in the past, he has always been the absolute leader of the Tiangan College. After joining the Saint Saints, he could not play any role. He would naturally be a little depressed.At this time, after listening to Ji Dong's words, he knew that the younger brother had not ignored his problem, and even delayed the practice time of the five elements of the cycle of the five elements for himself.

"Little brother, don't affect everyone because of me." Frey said without hesitation.

Ji moved slightly, and said, "Brother. This is not because you influence everyone, you are the indispensable part of our saints. On strength, you are the strongest, and you have your own.Thunder Prison God Ax. Isn't such a powerful force be added to my system system, wouldn't it be wasted? Only by integrating your strength can we make us stronger and more restrained the saints of the dark sky.It can be said that you are our killer. At present, my idea is to take myself as the core and you as the sharp. That is to say, I am the brain of the formation, and you are the weapon of the formation. Of courseThis requires multiple tests and cooperation to achieve it. It is possible to achieve it. I can create the five -element cycle formation method, and naturally it can change it. "

Yao Qianshu laughed:" You are a miracle creation creationThose, of course we believe in you. "

" What miracles have you created? "Zhou Xiaoxiao came in from the outside. He was still the gorgeous costume.Come in.

"Can you leave?" Ji asked to ask the fat man.

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, a little depressed: "I don't know what the content of the assessment is now. This group of

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, a little depressed: "I don't know what the content of the assessment is now. This group of bastards are kept confidential. However, it is said that this assessment is divided into divided into dividedThree, must be passed all. The first one is the first assessment today. The assessment location is the academy in the south of Jincheng. The carriage is ready, let's go. "

" ThreeSettlement, so troublesome? "Ji moved frowned.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said helplessly: "After all, if you pass the assessment, you will get the comprehensive support of the silly and rich business association. You can also mobilize the three artifacts of the Commercial Association. It is no wonder that they are not difficult.In particular, Wang Daojun's old guy secretly gave one of the artifacts to his grandson. This time, I would like to see it. After you passed the assessment, how to take out the ring of the golden artifact to destroy the ring. "

Hearing the words of the destruction ring, everyone's eyes could not help but fall on Akin, and now this artifact is with her.Akin's destruction is strong enough. Coupled with such a destructive artifact, it can only be described by horror.

The carriage outside is already ready. It is unexpected that there is only one carriage and a huge carriage. It is necessary to use eight high -headed Malaysia carriages.

The length of the carriage is seven meters long and three meters wide. The six huge wheels and the carriage are equipped with large springs.Although the wheels do not have the glue of the world, it is wrapped in the beast skin that does not know any Warcraft, which looks extremely heavy.

The carriage is golden, and it looks like a layer of gold foil. The sign of the silly money business association is extremely obvious on the cars on both sides.There are twenty guards on both sides of the carriage, and these guards are also ride on the high head.The cultivation of the saints naturally can be seen naturally that these guards are at least more than four crowns.This is the heritage!From the perspective of the silly and rich business associations, they are not just rich and enemy countries, and this strength will never be inferior to any country.I don't know if they have a real army.

As soon as you board the carriage, everyone feels comfortable.The carriage is completely covered with white fur. Whether it is the roof, the wall or the seat and the feet, it is just the case.The soft fur feet are three inches long, and the softness is stepped on, which is extremely comfortable.There is even a long table in it. The table is carved with jade. It is beautiful, with fruits, snacks and drinks.

You have to take off your shoes before getting in the car. As soon as you get on the car, Du Xin'er can't help but said: "Luxury. This is too luxurious. But this hairy is so comfortable!"She has been leaning aside, obviously she is very comfortable in the carriage.

Although they are counted as Yuntianji and Zhou Xiaoxiao, they have a total of twelve people, but they do not feel crowded in this wide carriage.

As soon as he got into the carriage, Ji Shi closed his eyes. For the luxury in this carriage, he didn't have much appreciation. He closed his eyes and kept his state to the best level.This is not to say how much he attaches to the assessment, but to keep himself better at any time.

Chen Sixuan sat silently next to Ji Shi, and no one would compete with her in this position.Since Akin's attitude towards Chen Sixuan has changed, no one will question her relationship with Ji Shi.Everyone can see her affection for Ji, but in this incident, no one can persuade Ji Shi or something.

With Zhou Xiaoxiao ordered, the carriage moved and walked towards the south of the city. The carriage moved forward very smoothly.The eight horses were also carefully selected.Moreover, the inside of the carriage is very good, and the outside of the sound outside is seventeen and eighty -eight, and the comfortable environment is easy to be intoxicated.

Jincheng is not as big as the Central Plains City after all. After about half an hour, the carriage stopped.Zhou Xiaodao said: "It's here." Then he got out of the car with everyone.Ji Shi was the last one. When he ended his eyes closed and opened his eyes, the moment he opened his eyes, the carriage was brightly divided.Still make everyone look sideways.

When I got off the carriage, it was a huge open space in front of everyone, but the ordinary land gave a feeling of killing, obviously.This is the school farm of Chengnan.

Just next to the carriage, there is a large point of generals, and you are on the stage with dozens of people.There are hundreds of guardians around the guardians.

Ji Shi looked up at that point, and his eyes fell at an old man sitting in the central position.The old man looked at about 60 last year. The eyebrows were a bit similar to the skeleton face Wang Xiaolei, and it was also a thin face, but it was not as thin and exaggerated as Wang Xiaolei.His eyes flickered, and the cold electric flashed, his eyes fell on Ji Shi and others.

Zhou Xiaoxiao's voice sounded in Ji's ears, "That's the old guy of Wang Daojun.The people have stood up and greeted here. Of course, they will never welcome Ji Shi and others. Before they became the heir to the Chairman of the Commercial Association, Ji Shi and ordinary people were unintentional in their eyes.But this president Zhou Xiaoxiao could not be rude, even if it was Wang Daojun.

Wang Daojun is at the forefront, and others are obviously divided into two camps. One of them is behind the Wang Daojun, and the other part is scattered.A thin middle -aged man.But from his vicissitudes, it can be seen that the age of this person will never be as young as his surface.

Zhou Xiaoxiao's fat face piled up with a smile. In Ji Shi's view, it was a bit hypocritical, "Speaker Wang. I brought people. How to evaluate it depends on you.Ji Shi, let me introduce you. This is the President of the King Daojun of the Money and Business Association of Wealth. ", Said indifferently in the mouth: "President, how to assess your heirs is not my opinion, but the collective suggestion of the entire delegation."

Zhou Xiaoxiao seems to have become accustomed to him like this.The way of talking, the fat face does not diminish, "No matter who the opinions it is, it has nothing to do with me. I just have the right to propose."

Wang Daojun said to Ji, "Young people," Young peopleI hope you can pass this assessment. "

Ji moves indifferently," Do your best. "

The thin and long middle -aged man beside Wang Daojun also came over at this timeXiang Ji smiled and smiled, and his attitude was obviously more close. "I heard that Mr. Ji Dong's name has long been known. When I saw it today, it was so young.BR> Ji moved his eyes slightly, and the smile on his face was a bit more real, "Hello, under the lonely bamboo." It turned out that this person was the vice chairman of the silly money business association.Elderly.Obviously, he was on the line of Zhou Xiaoxiao.Xin Jin is the supreme strong.Although it is not as good as the fat man, the strong who is the level of the Supreme Strong, at present, Ji Shi and others are also difficult to compete.

Guzhu Yumian: "I believe President Zhou's eyes. If Mr. Ji moves not mind, just call my name directly."

"Dare not, thank you."Ji moved to Gu Zhiyu Sword slightly.

Wang Daojun stood aside, still a dead face, and could not see any emotional changes.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Speaker Wang, can you let me know what the content of the assessment is now? I can't change anything."

Of course. The first assessment to be carried out today starts immediately. The content of the assessment is very simple. It can be summarized in two words, that is: survival. "

" Survival? "Zhou Xiaoxiao stunned.

Wang Daojun raised his hand to point to the distance, and everyone looked back and looked in the direction of his fingers.The school field is used to train soldiers in Jincheng, and the terrain is extremely open and wide.At this point, you can see that a army is approaching quickly.