Chapter 115 The Bandal Extraction

Chapter 115 Lei Qi's Extraction

"What's wrong with my family?" At this time, a man was squeezed out of the crowd.

I saw him with a pair of glasses, and the man was slightly thin, and he looked like a scholar.Sven is very.I saw him walking to the old man and saw the old man on the ground immediately, and immediately felt distressed.

"Chunhua, I let you take care of the old man, why don't you look at it?" The man complained a little dissatisfied.But listening to its sound, it is obvious that the bottom of the gas is a little bit insufficient.

"I take care of, am I not taking care of it? The old man is going to come and walk around, am I not following?The man yelled loudly: "Besides, in these years, where is the inside and outside of the house, it is not relying on me. Washing and cooking for you every day, you will respect the filial piety for you. But you are good, and you say that mine is not ...Speaking of which, the woman could no longer help crying.

When he heard a woman crying, the man couldn't help frowning and comforting.Half a day later, when the woman gradually calmed down, she pulled out her mobile phone and called out.Then he comforted and whispered the old man he helped.

The appearance of a man has overthrew the guess of Lu Xuyang before, and it doesn't look like deceiving.Otherwise, they also play too well.

But what happened to the woman's approach, what was the surprise in the same crowd?He obviously heard a few of them called a particularly loudest, guiding people to lose money.No, this must be a associate, but what's the matter with this middle -aged man?He dare to be sure that middle -aged man is definitely not this group.But what they knew made Lu Xuyang stronger than the head of ordinary people, and could not help but end.

"What's going on?" At this time, a few people crowded in outside the crowd.One of the young people was still wearing military uniforms.It seemed like he had just returned from the army.

"Da, you hit my dad again?" The young man came to the woman and asked.

Lu Xuyang saw that the woman was obviously low -key after the young people came.It looks like he is afraid of him?

Dasao is afraid of his uncle?IntersectionLu Xuyang felt a little funny.

"Where ... where ... where is there?" The woman whispered: "I'm nice to him, how do you see him like me?" Then Lu Xuyang said next to him: "The old man was hit by him. "

" Hu Chunhua! "The young man whispered and said," Look at the face of your elder brother. I call you a big sister. But see what you have done?Do you think I am a fool, do you think I have no eyes? Can it be like this? "The young man said more and more fire.After excitement, he grabbed the woman and yelled at him: "Honestly, have you dressed my father's food again? Isn't the money I got back every month, isn't my father eating?" The young man pointed outThe thin old man yelled at the woman angrily.

The man who looked like a woman's husband was just standing aside, holding the old father without words.But seeing the disappointment in his eyes obviously understood.He was really angry.Otherwise, you will not teach your wife with your brother.

Seeing this, Lu Xuyang thought that he finally had a matter of obscenity, otherwise he was really difficult to get off and look at the woman.It's not so easy to pass.But it is not a way to continue this way. He still wants to go back to try the new computer earlier!

"I said ..." Lu Xuyang stepped forward to hold the young man. Although the woman was too much, he still couldn't see the man hit a woman.

The young man turned his head and looked at Lu Xuyang and Yan Yuecai and asked: "Little brother, what's wrong?"

The tone of the young man.Let Lu Xuyang feel good for a while.It seems that the woman did too much, otherwise the ethics of young people should not be generally knowledgeable with her.

"Do we first send the old man to the hospital for inspection?" Lu Xuyang replied.

The young man suddenly said, "Yes, the brother, you remind you." Then he said, "Now I am lazy to tell you, as for what you explain to my elder brother yourself, let's explain it.! "

" Big brother. As a younger brother, I can't comment on my sister -in -law, but you know what she is like, your business, you think clearly. As for your father, I will bring him himWhen you hand it over to you, you can't take care of it. From now on, let me take care of it! "

After advising the Sven man, the young man helped the elderly to his companion to help the taxi.Go to the hospital.Lu Xuyang quickly got a car and followed.

It is reasonable to say that there should be nothing about Lu Xuyang, but the reason of the young man, and the condition of the old man, all made his conscience.Whether or not you really hit or not, this is because of him.He can't let it go.

When Lu Xuyang came to the hospital to find the old man's ward, the old man was already infusion.He quietly went to the front desk of the hospital to help him pay the general medical expenses, and then returned to the school.He has done everything that can be done. As for the old man, young people are naturally responsible for young people.

What Lu Xuyang didn't know was his kindness this time, and what he got in the future will be a spring -like return.


When Lu Xuyang arrived in the dormitory, the dormitoryThe other three have been back.Seeing Lu Xuyang holding the newly bought notebook, several people came around.

"I rely on, evil, the latest model!" When seeing the computer model, Feng Beibei screamed in surprise.

The computer held by Lu Xuyang's hand is the latest style, which is famous for its high configuration and expensive price.Although Lu Xuyang is not too bad, it is not particularly rich.Unexpectedly, he spent about tens of thousands of buying a notebook.It seems that he still underestimates the wicked dormitory.

Li Huaishan didn't care how much Lu Xuyang's computer was. He held the computer and started the game.Even Wu Hai stood aside.

The school's speed is not good, the download speed is compared with the snail.The client of general online games is relatively large.The game under Li Huaishan is estimated to wait until tomorrow.

When Feng Beibei saw it, he quickly rushed over the mouse: "I come and me, let me try high -profile computers different from our general computer. I always want to buy a tableThe computer, unfortunately my old man did not support it, and finally bought such a broken computer. Usually playing an online game, it is not enough to make a video memory. Come on the fire!

Wu Hai smiled and shookShaking his head and saying, "Your old man is probably afraid that your university full bubble game will delay your studies. You will not buy you a computer. Your old man is Zhuge alive."


Answer Wu Hai is an international gesture with a middle finger.