Chapter 42 I want to squeeze you

Li Qiuyun laughed: "Don't say, how can I have less pursuits in my appearance and figure?"

Meng Fan stunned: "This Luo Hongyun and Li Xiaotian will not be in meEat your tofu when you are not? "

" Oh, although they don't say it, don't mean that they don't think so? "
" Haha! "Meng Fan laughed twice and twice.: "Men! Some ideas are normal, but they did not expect that you would read mental skills and can see their thoughts, otherwise they would dare not move in front of you."

"The key is not here. Haven't you heard that one back to death, two backs to starve to death?"

"What do you mean?"

"** people don't eat pork, if there is only one** People, no one knows that he stolen it, so it is okay to die. If two ** people face a large pot of pork together, because they are afraid of the other party selling themselves, of course they dare not steal it. You have nine brothers.There are two ones at the same level. They supervise each other and naturally dare not harass me. If there is only one? Then it would be hard to say. "

Meng Fan took Li Qiuyun back to his room and was about to do anything, and he heard a thunderous snoring in the next room.

Li Qiuyun frowned gently: "Meng Fan, here is not good, the sound insulation effect is too bad, we have been separated for so long, and we have finally been together. I don't want to let others listen."

" Women's house is a lot of things. What's the big deal? It's okay! "
" No! I can't let it go! "
"Go to the car. "

Li Qiuyun smiled, and it was infinitely coquettish like a first driving lotus. She touched her forehead. Meng Fan immediately smiled to get the key, and he never made that one in the car.Things, I also want to experience it. Of course, the most important thing is that he is unwilling to be disturbed by others.

Gellying with Luo Hongyun downstairs, telling him to be more careful, and then Meng Fan and Li Qiuyun sat on the Hummer together. Luo Hongyun was stable. At a glance, he saw what Meng Fan was going to do.Naturally, I won't ask more, just a smile.

The Hummer's own protection is very thick, and the safety after modification is not even more safe. Therefore, Meng Fan don’t have to worry too much about safety issues. Despite this, Li Qiuyun still brings weapons.Wheel mobile phone.

The car stopped on the side of the road hundreds of meters after driving. The two were happy and had a relationship on the car. Meng Fan could feel a kind of affectionate stimulus.

"Meng Fan, you seem to be more powerful than before, have you been looking for someone." After the incident, Li Qiuyun said, and he said slightly.

"Really? I don't hide you, I did do it once." Meng Fan would not lie to Li Qiuyun in this kind of thing. He didn't think it was necessary to lie.

Li Qiuyun pursed his mouth and said, "Just know you can't bear the loneliness, steal the fish when you are not there, hum! Not fair, if you separate the next time, I also find a man to practice,See what you feel different. "

" You dare! Lao Tzu must break him with a corpse, dare to touch my woman, don't kill him! "Meng Fan glared.

"Hehe! Where are your men, they all do not think there are many women in their own, and they are not allowed to betray."
Meng Fan shook his head and said, "You are different from them.To them, I just play, I don't care about whom they will follow, but you can't, you are my woman, a lifetime woman. "

Li Qiuyun's heart moved and buried his head in the heartMeng Fan's chest murmured: "Meng Fan, I followed you in this life, I don't regret it."

Meng Fan sighed and said, "Actually, I still have to say sorry to you.That's for you. "Li Qiuyun immediately covered his mouth and said," Don't mention the previous things, okay? We only say now. "Li Qiuyun smiled," Meng Fan, I want, I want I want, I wantSqueeze you, so you can't get up in front of other women. "The two immediately hugged again.

"Meng Fan, is the woman who is with you as a child dream rhyme?" After, Li Qiuyun couldn't help asking who was with Meng Fan.

"No." Meng Fan said the truth: "Her name, don't mention it, she is just a passenger, just, Qiu Yun, I can’t do only one woman, you will do so, you will do so.Are you angry? "

" Oh! If you are angry, you will not find other women, then I must be angry fiercely, but I know this is useless, so I have to go against! Now I also want to pass through. In the last days, I do n’t keep Ye Ying. I only ask for one dynasty.There are two women, one is the pearl, she is my girlfriend, but unfortunately died, and the other is a Japanese woman, called Yamada Yuko. She also has my child in her belly.In my heart, another child with me, you are my third woman, now accompany me, and Yamada Yoshiko should now be in Beishan County. I must go to herLet ’s!

Li Qiuyun said with a faint smile:" Go! Since she has your child, I can never persuade you to be irresponsible! If you can even have a woman with your child in your bellyAfter that, there will be danger in the future, so I can't throw me up. "

" Thank you for your understanding, although I can't guarantee that you are only good to you, but I swear that I will be in the time of my living time.Treat you well. "

Two people chatted for a while, Meng Fan saw the night deep, and because he thought he had to put a whistle for Luo Hongyun, he reversed back.Flashing before and going to the West.

The speed of black shadows is very fast. It is by no means that ordinary humans can do it. If there is such a creature not far from themselves, it is likely to cause threats.As soon as the throttle was stepped on to the end, he caught up.

At this time, there is only one dark shadow in front. From the perspective of the back, it is very similar to a woman, or a woman's zombie or mutant.

The "mutant" runs quickly, but it is not faster than the Hummer's Hummer. Meng Fan quickly chased her behind. At this time, she suddenly turned her face and when she saw her face,Meng Fan was shocked, hurriedly stepped on the car, and the Hummer turned slightly and stopped.

At the moment of the Hummer's emergency stop, the woman who suspected mutants kept her footsteps without staying, and quickly escaped.

Meng Fan opened the car door and chased the "mutant". The face left when the "mutant" just turned around was kept in Meng Fan's brain, because this woman's face was as good as the face of this woman.The woman in Meng Fan's heart -the pearl is very similar.

"Woman" runs quickly, but Meng Fan's speed is faster. Soon Meng Fan caught up with the woman and blocked her way.

"Pearl, is it you?" Meng Fan asked anxiously.

Answer his sharp murderous murderous in the eyes of the woman. With the ability of night vision, Meng Fan saw this face more clearly, except for the two pink acne on the left cheekThe disappearance and the skin are more clear. The appearance of this woman is really the same as the pearl.

But she did not answer any questions about Meng Fan. Meng Fan knew very well: it is likely that she is a mutant, and she has no ability to use human language at all.Then Meng Fan thought more desperately that it was likely that the pearl became a mutant and accidentally came here, but it was never possible to recognize him again, because she was no longer considered a human.

The woman poses a posture of attack, and Meng Fan, who realized that the danger, immediately took out a high fire pistol from his waist. Even if the lover once became a mutantAs a result, Meng Fan has to continue to live. At this point, Meng Fan is not confused.

The woman has stepped back in two steps, which shows that she already knew the danger of the gun with her IQ, but she did not leave immediately, but looked at Meng Fan curiously, which reminded me of the understandingThe mutant of feelings, did the Pearl have residual memories that made her recognize Meng Fan.

But Meng Fan was quickly disappointed, because the woman suddenly turned her head and escaped again. Meng Fan stood there with a gun. Just now he only needed to pull the trigger gentlyThe mutants of the Pearl were killed, but he couldn't do it.

The weight of the pearl in Meng Fan's heart is not comparable to other women. Sometimes Meng Fan really feels that everything in reality is a dream. When dreams wake up, he is still a worker in the Red Sun Machinery Factory. HeHis girlfriend is still the pearl.

"Meng Fan, are you okay!" Li Qiuyun chased with a gun and saw Meng Fan's loss of soul, and asked with concern.

"I'm fine." Meng Fan said lightly, and then holding Li Qiuyun in his arms, he hugged it so that Li Qiuyun could not breathe smoothly.

Meng Fan greedily felt Li Qiuyun's soft and warm body, so as to forget the memories that had just poured into the brain.Li Qiuyun naturally discovered Meng Fan's strangeness, but she still hugged Meng Fan. She could feel the seemingly strong man in front of her. In fact, there was also a fragile side. On this side, he only had a person who faced his extremely trusting people.Only when it is when it is.

The face is easy to see. Li Qiuyun is now one of Meng Fan's most trusted person, and he is his closest person.

"What happened, tell me, let me bear it with you." Li Qiuyun's voice was very gentle, she herself has a heart reading, and her language seems to have a strong oneThrough the penetrating power, it can calm down quickly. When dealing with the Xia Ning incident, it was Li Qiuyun who calmed her quickly.

Meng Fanping took a moment and said slowly: "I saw her again. My girlfriend before the disaster, but unfortunately, she has become a mutant, and she can no longer knowI, alas! Forget it, let's go in the past! "After speaking, Meng Fan crowded out a smile, holding Li Qiuyun's chin with his only one hand, kissed on her lips, and said with a smile:"At least, I still have you now. I am already very grateful to Shang Cang. I can make me have a beautiful woman like a elven and have a strong combat effectiveness.