Chapter 12 The first reflection of the zombies

Guzhou City is a small city with a long history. The population is only 300,000. Now the surrounding ancient city is full of victims who have escaped from the coast.In the suburbs of the city, large and small tents have been supported, neatly, the military, tattered, the victims from all over the world.It is not that the government does not want the overall planning, but so many victims have no ability in the country.

The military people, the biggest task at this time, is still the search and rescue people who are trapped in various places, and the local police force alone maintains the order effectively.Killing, theft of these conditions occur.

The inner night in Guzhou has been implemented, and the police will patrol at night, but even so, public security cannot be guaranteed.

There are two types of transactions quietly. One is drugs. Desperate people need some things to anesthetize themselves. Drugs are the best choices. In the pastThe body may not be able to see the sun tomorrow.Due to the blockage of the road, it is difficult for foreign drugs to come in, so the price of drugs has soared all the way, and real gold and silver need to be exchanged. The RMB is no longer recognized in the black market.

But the things on the market, especially the diet, although the high -scary, is still valued by RMB. After all, the government is still performing his functions.There will be no big mess.

Another kind of thing is also needed to buy real gold and silver. This is firearms. Many soldiers and police died during disaster.Guns, coupled with guns flowing from police or military, make you buy a gun as long as you have enough gold and silver.For those living at this time, drugs can anesthes anesthesia and fear, but guns can bring a sense of security to themselves. Although this is illegal, the police at this time did not have so much energy to ask these things.

Deng Jiaen's 72nd division officers and soldiers were stationed near Guzhou. Deng Jiaen is not only the chief of staff of the teacher, but also the director of the agent, because the teacher Zhou Xingguo has died in the air crash.

Qian Haoqiang's Air Force Squadron is also under the command of Deng Jiaen. After leaving the military base from Meng Fan and others to the scientific research center, the Pearl and Wu Haihai were properly resettled as a family member of the soldiers. Now they live inIn a 22 -storey high -rise building, it is said that this high -rise building just went to the house. The real estate owner of the National People's Congress voluntarily took out for the family members of the soldiers."Ideological work.

Meng Fan, Zhou Tianzi, and Lu Dadong returned to Deng Jiaen's seventy -two divisions. In fact, although the 72nd division is now a division, and the total strength of the army is less than 2,000.EssenceThe three were arranged in different positions. Zhou Tianzi stayed in the division. This may be because Deng Jiaen was always guilty about his father's death.In the group, Meng Fan became the deputy team leader of the emergency action group.

There are a total of ten groups where Meng Fan is located. To put it bluntly, it is a reserve team. The team leader is Sun Wei., Liu Yong, Zhao Henggang, Wang Meng.When there is no task, they will patrol with the local police.After a few days, they were familiar with the terrain of Guzhou.

In the early morning, there is a Wang family bun shop in the north of the bustling area of Guzhou. People who come here to eat buns every day have to line up. Although the buns are strange, the pork is veryIn short supply, it is a big enjoyment to be able to eat meat buns, and I don't know where the boss has made so many fresh meat.

Going forward, a large group of people gathered there, and he kept thinking about something in his mouth.A person in a black trench coat stood on the table and talked to the people below: "Xin Tian teaches eternal life, the soul is immortal into the heavenly way, and the heavenly disaster will be in the world. Only my heavenly master can save the world.Wang Hongyi, the saints of the heavenly religion, is the son of the nine heavenly world. Shen Yuqi's son. Today, he comes to the world to relieve the suffering of the world.I often feel small and more superstitious in spirit, so some people take the opportunity to propagate the fallacy and the evil theory, and be confusing.

I even saw that a policeman came over, and they did not escape. For the police, as long as they did not disturb the law and order, they opposed the government, and for the time being, they did not ask them so much.The situation is stable, and it is not too late to clean up them.

Going forward is the Guzhou Branch of the Chinese Company of the Chinese Company of the multinational group. The Star Company is engaged in all aspects of chemical, automobiles, weapons, ship manufacturing, medicine, real estate and other aspects.It is the first giant of the global industry and commerce.It's just a very time, so in front of its door, it seems much deserted than usual.

This is really a period of frequent accidents. Guzhou frequently faces the Taihua Mountain Nature Reserve. In the past few days, millions of victims have gathered in the suburbs, which has a great impact on these animals.Animals will be slaughtered by human beings. What I did not expect was that hundreds of animals had eaten people and wounded people within two days.It's a wild boar.

In the absence of other large animals threats, wild boars such as omnivorous animals breed in a large number of natural reserves. Although wild boars were not strict vegetarian animals, they were mainly vegetarian, but recentlyFor a while, the temper of these wild boars seemed to become very irritable. Just one day on December 29, these wild boars killed more than 100 people.

The police and the military jointly dispatched, which made Guzhou, where the police lacking, was even more chaotic.

What is even more terrible is that the plague rampant in recent times, many people have a strange cold, high fever, nonsense, and the military is not severely reduced in fighting.People who can perform tasks normally are less than 1,500 people.

The group where Meng Fan is located, known as the "Whirlwind GroupSo now Meng Fan has become a temporary team leader in this group.Because the seventy -two division was temporarily stationed here, there was no special military district hospital, and the doctors of the army lacked medical devices. Therefore, most of the injured people were sent to Guzhou People's Hospital.

Doctors at the Guzhou People's Hospital also believe that this is a new type of virus that has quickly sent the patient's blood specimen to Beijing experts, but the results have not been clear.

Fifty kilometers south of Guzhou City, there is a low -lying area. Now it has been used as a place where the military is buried.The military people dug a few large pits with a length and width of 50 meters, about three meters deep, and the bottom of the pit was filled with lime to bury these unknown dead corpses.

The soldiers wearing isolation clothes were busy and busy, and the dead from all places kept transporting them here, and they were thrown into the big pit.When a young soldier was helping the corpse soldiers to lift the dead corpse, he suddenly saw a "dead corpse" moved.


"Fuck, these guys are too great! Pull the living people as a corpse." The young soldier reported to his superiors that he found the situation and wanted to help him.That "dead body" that is still alive.

"Dead corpse" suddenly stood up and frightened the soldier, "Oh my God! Are you not good? Why don't you tell them that you are alive when you pull you."

After finishing speaking, the soldier quickly found that there was no trace of living atmosphere in the eyes of this person.He was surprised that he saw the "dead corpse" in the car moved one by one.

The soldier was stunned. If the soldiers who pulled the dead body accidentally pulled a comatose person, he could still say that he could pull a car to come back?In the burial grave factory, it was full of strange atmosphere.

Just when the soldiers were in the gods, the first "dead corpse" who stood up suddenly rushed to him and bit his arm.The scream sound quickly sounded in the grave factory -

Ten kilometers north of Guzhou City, there is a ravine, but now it becomes a messy post, and the person who died after escape from the northern suburbs of GuzhouMost of them were thrown here.Although the military people demanded the corpse to deal with it, no matter where they are, they are weak, and the living people can't save it. How can they care about the dead?

Wang Dafa, the owner of the Wang family buns, and his younger brother Wang Erfa, drove a truck, quietly came here in the early morning.Seeing a few died people who saw the burial post, Wang Dafa's face showed a strange smile.

He worshiped the dead corpse first: "Brother, don't blame your brother, I'm ruthless, and complain about this natural disaster! Now the living people are happy.It's. "He also took a pillar of incense and poured some wine on the ground again, and said," These things have been sent off for you, you go all the way. "

After these dull things, he started to work. It turned out that the reason why the Wang Family Baozipu had a steady source of meat. The reason was here. He was Wang Dafa. He did it.

He picks the meat on his legs, because there are many meats there.Wang Dafa and Wang Erfa were busy. The dead man, he, he suddenly sat up.

"Oh my! Ah, ah, ah ----" Brother Wang was immediately scared, and they sat on the ground with their butt, and hurriedly got up and begged for mercy, "Don't, don't, please spare our brothers.Let ’s go back to burn more paper money, give you cars, houses, and incense every day, please forgive us!

They soon discover that they have stood aroundMany people who have died, their inner fear has reached the extreme.Two people who got rich with a dead person have now become the first breakfast of the zombies.

"Ding Ding Dinghin

A female communications soldier answered the phone, and the other party issued an emergency call for help: "I, I am a People's Hospital, Oh my god, wound, woundedIt was another emergency. The communications soldiers immediately reported to the superiors. Deng Jiaen was now responsible for mobilizing. He calculated the person under his hand. Only Meng Fan's whirlwind team was still at home.He immediately issued an order that the whirlwind team went to the Guizhou People's Hospital to investigate the situation.

Meng Fan's group received the order immediately. He saw the sword in the box, hesitated for a second, and took it out and inserted it.Zhao Henggang was not only a soldier, but also a medical soldier. He carried his own first aid drug box.Wang Meng next to him laughed: "Xiao Zhao, we are not really going to fight, at most a few hair thieves, where can I get a first -aid pill!"

Zhao Henggang immediately stunned and used the request's eyesTake a look at Meng Fan, the current acting team leader, and Meng Fan said without thinking: "There is nothing in military, and it is done according to discipline." Zhao Henggang immediately got busy and brought it toThe physical condition of each group member, as well as their blood type.

Meng Fan not only brought the sword, but also brought five simple syringes used by the heart and injection strong heart, and put on the bulletproof combat service carefully created by Academician Liao.This bulletproof combat service can be said to be protected by the rest of the hands and feet and faces.

Their equipment is very excellent. Each person has a brand new one -two type automatic pistol. It can be equipped with ten rounds, the range is 200 meters, and the firepower is super fierce.Eight people have three types of 10 types, two zero -three -type automatic rifles, two zero -nine -type sniper rifles, one shotgun, and a number of grenades.

Everyone is equipped with night vision mirror, new ceramic bulletproof coat, tempered helmet, new type of boots, twenty centimeters of alloy swords, new portable communication equipment, and two latest sets of miniature investigation electronic spidersEssenceIt can be said that in Chinese special forces, his equipment is definitely one of the best.

The new Dongfeng Warrior chariot made a roar, taking eight warriors to the people's hospital where the accident was accidentally.

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