Chapter 41: Wu Tu Ye Ye (Part 1)

Ji Dong smiled slightly, "My name is Ji Shi, the senior forgot, do you still ask me for me, so that I can continue to observe the students at the Fire College."

: "It turned out to be you." Looking at the recommendation letter in Ji's hand, I couldn't help but surprised: "Is it, you have ..."

Ji nodded, and said, "Fortunately, the yin and yang crowned, Only got the recommendation of Dean Yang, and came with Carl and Bisu. In the future, please ask the senior to give pointers a lot. "

I wish the sky for a few seconds before I woke up. At this timeThe impression in his mind has been clear, and he also clearly remembers that his sister once said to herself that this Ji Shi is a natural waste material, yin and yang balance.Can yin and yang balance constitution can also condense yin and yang crown?That being said, he should be Yin and Yang Double Fire.

A bright glory flashed in the eyes. Zhu Tian didn't say anything more. He nodded deeply, and said, "I hope you can pass the admission assessment to inject a copy of the Cinghuo system.Fresh blood. Fill in this form and recommend the recommendation letter. With the form, you can go in. "

The form is very simple. You only need to fill in the name, gender, the magic system, and magic level.That's fine.Ji Dong did not hide his magic.Although he also knew that the flame made himself hiding as much as possible for himself.But as a generation of alcoholic gods, like challenging in front of the bartender guild yesterday, he was a little disdainful about hiding.Besides, he still has the ultimate double fire.Therefore, he directly filled the number of level 14.

After seeing the level of Ji Shi filled by Ji, I jumped slightly and stood up and smiled: "Let's go, just now there is no student who enrolled, I will send you in."

Ji Shi and Zhu Tian looked at each other, and just saw Zhu Tian nodded lightly to himself. He immediately understood that Zhu Tian wanted to remind them before the assessment.After all, everyone came from the Fire School, and Ji Dong's heart was slightly warmer, and he nodded to him.

At this moment, a voice came from the side, "Brother Ji, so coincident, we met again." Ji Shi and Carl stopped, and the other side also completed the registered Bisu.Frozen, it was not others who opened it, but the night wearing the school uniform in the Earthquake.

I wish the sky a little surprised: "Ye Yan, the senior, do you know me?"

There is no registration in Ye Yan, he stood up and stepped forwardWith a smile on his face, I couldn't see that I had suffered a lot in front of Ji Shi yesterday.

"I just saw your schoolmates yesterday, I wish you! Your students are very good. I wish you all admitted to Tiangan College, everyone will be classmates in the future."

Looking at the calm look of Ye Yan, both Carl and Bi Su had a feeling of being bitten by a poisonous snake. Such night 殇 is obviously more terrible than yesterday.Only Ji Shi still had such an indifferent expression, and seemed to be unwilling at all.

I wish the sky very politely: "Ye Yan, then I will send them in to participate in the assessment."

Ye Yan didn't say much, just smiled and nodded,His eyes left on Ji Shi's face and nodded him again. From the perspective of his eyes, he was full of goodwill. He couldn't see that he had suffered a lot in front of Ji Shi at all.

I wish the sky and walked towards the three people in Tiangan College. As soon as he stepped into the college, his face suddenly changed, and he whispered: "How can you know Ji YeyuHow? "

Ji Shi said in surprise:" He and I have the same surname? "

I wish the sky nodded and said," He is a famous dangerous person in the college.The students are divided into three levels of learning and cultivation. Among them, the lowest is that they have just entered the college, and they have not reached a bachelor -level student before the two championships, called the bachelor's class. The medium level is more than two championships, and the students below the three crowns.The college's formal student. Generally speaking, at this level to level 30, you can graduate from the college after condensing the third crown. Compared with ordinary senior colleges, the requirements of Tianshan College are all over the crown. Can be admitted to entering.The trainees here are all elites from mainland countries. However, there is a special group in the Tiangan College. That is the third level, that place is called Yin and Yang School. Only before the age of 16, complete the two crowns.Only students can join it. Each is an elite among the elite.So, that Ji Yeyu is a member of the Yinyang Academy? "

I wish the sky nodded with a dignified face, and said," At the Tiangan College, the competition is extremely intense.Competition between them. Regardless of the attributes of yin and yang, like our Binghuo system and Dinghuo system are definitely a camp, after all, we are all fire. The strongest faction in the college is undoubtedly the strongest among the yin and yang magicians.Department, soil system. Ji Yezhen is the leader of the Wutu Department. Originally today, this is responsible for the new student's registration.Bi Su glanced at each other. Needless to ask, this Ji Yezhen was just right to Ji.Carl couldn't help asking: "I wish you, the senior, how many levels of the Ji Yeyao is now?"

I wish the sky Shen said, "The only thing I can be, is that he definitely breaks through the three crowns. He entered the Yinyang School at the age of fifteen. It has been six years old and 21 years old. In the Yinyang Academy, it is also one of the best. One of the top ten masters of Tiannan College.Students, are not qualified to enter the Yin and Yang Academy, naturally do not know his specific magic level. "

After listening to Zhu Tian's words, Carl and Bi Su couldn't help but take a bite, and my heart was secretly.It's right.Not only offended the ground snake, but also offended a powerful ground snake.

Three crowns?That's the level of the teachers of the Fire School.Liu Jun, who killed Ji, has not exceeded this level.

Ji Shi said with nothing to say, "I didn't expect that he couldn't bloom, but the magic cultivation was not weak." Then he glanced at Karl and Bi Su, "ThatIt was something between me and him. He had to come to trouble, and I was accompanied. Now we have to pass the new student assessment. "

I wish the sky frowned," Ji Dong, you offend Ji Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye
Ji Dong smiled slightly, saying:" The senior does not have to worry, it is not offended, just a little misunderstanding. Things have been solved. "

-------------Seeking collection and recommendation tickets.