Chapter 643 The Period of the Sword of Man, the Guardian of the Lotus Seed

I felt the Dark Dead Guard and the Dark Sky Divine Beasts have discovered the movement here.Ji Shi made his own choice for the first time.If the fire god sword is fused with his own body, this process does not know how long it takes, I am afraid that the partners will be overwhelmed, and he may not be able to end this integration process.Therefore, Ji Shi let go of the magic's protection and control of the body, and let the huge magic of the Vulcan sword out of the sword of the Vulcan sword out of the sword.

Not to mention when the artifact is fused, even if it is usually practicing, any magician dare not move like Ji!He did so, and he was no different from suicide.

In the process of normal cultivation, the first thing to do is to use their own magic to protect their meridians, and then absorb the external magic to integrate into the body, and then use the magic in the body to receive it to receive it to receive it.These foreign magic integrates them into themselves and become their own power.Magic itself is quite powerful. If it is not used to protect the meridians, once it enters the state, the magic is stunned in the body, which may break through the blood vessels and cause internal injuries, even more, in case the magic impacts the internal organs.It is likely that the magician will die because of this.Therefore, even in the process of cultivation, the magicians pay great attention to their protection of themselves, let alone let go of the body's protection in the process of bearing artifact fusion.

The purpose of Ji Shi is only one purpose, that is, to complete the integration process of his own and the fire god sword with the fastest speed.Without the body guarded by magic, it is like a warehouse that opens the door. The speed of incorporating magic will increase the geometric multiple, but this is the most dangerous.What about the huge magic contained in?Even if Ji Dou has a holy body, it is impossible to bear the impact of the Vulcan sword without being founded.

However, at this time, Ji Shi has no other choice. Only by using this method can he complete the integration process with the Vulcan sword in the shortest time.To death, even if he suffered a trauma that could never heal, he was willing.He wants to fight, he wants to lead his partners to fight, and he wants to rush in front of the battle.

The saints will not know the changes in Ji Tong's body at this time, but they all know that Ji Shi needs to be protected.

Tianji drank deeply: "Si Xuan, summoning the Dan Yan Shenghuo Dragon, we set off, we must protect Ji Shi. Ji Shi could not join the battle for the time being, and I would be instructed by unified.The cycle formation. "

The calm strain of Tianji has also fully improved the war of fighting the saints tomorrow. It has always been that Ji Shi led them, and can even be said to guard them.Now it is Ji Shi to need them to guard. At this time, they will never allow anyone to hurt Ji Shi.

The Dan Yan Fire Dragon was summoned by Chen Sixuan and did not need them to order.In the opponent, Huaer replaced its position, and together with the Saint Saints tomorrow, a five -element cycle formation method was formed to surround the center.

"Release our Warcraft." Tianji sang.The first one released his ten -order diamond dragon.Without half of his hesitation, the saints will release their own Warcraft mounts tomorrow. In addition to Ji Shi's Dan Yan Fire Dragon and Huaer, and Chen Sixuan's motion in the strange state, the other eight other Warcraft appeared at the same time.Around the body of Danyan Holy Fire Dragon, the strong magic power was raised crazy, showing his magic without showing weakness. Among these Warcraft, Yao Qianshu's Qinglong, the diamond dragon of the sky is the tenth -level repair, and the other Warcraft is also the other.Nine -level strength.Although they cannot be compared with the Dark Sky Dry God Beast, they are also a force that cannot be ignored.

Dark Dead Guards and Dark Sky Dry Beasts came quickly.Just like when they chased Ji Dai, these dark sky beasts carried the dark guards flying quickly towards this side. Far away, they had seen the light of the saints in the array.

At this time, the Five Elements Live Circular Formation has been established.The suffocating storage magic weapon put him away.From the perspective of the saints tomorrow, there is an unprecedented calmness now. The power of his soul also contacted every light tomorrow.The surrounding detection is more detailed than Ji Dai. After all, his soul cultivation is a high -level high -level.In this way, let the light of the saints be settled tomorrow.However, only when Mo Er, who held his hand with Tianji, knew how nervous he was now. Tianji's palms were all sweat, holding Moer's hand tightly, and his body was full of stiffness because of his nervousness.

In fact, how could he not be nervous?This is the first time he has commanded the saints to fight tomorrow, and it can be said to be a test of life and death. In this case, he can still be calm, then he is not a man but a god.However, heavenly was covered well. He knew that there was no Ji Shi for the time being.If you mess up yourself, then your partners will inevitably be chaotic, and they will really end.He knew what he was going to do, that was, before the fusion of the Vulcan sword after Ji Shi and the evolution, he must keep every partner.Dark Dead Guards approach their progress with remote attacks, do you understand? "

" Light. "The power of the five elements of the cycle of the five elements has been comprehensively improved, and the huge magic continues to circulate in their bodies.What they want to face now is the dark guards and saints who have already consumed a certain magic. Although there was an accident because of Ji Kimong, it was much stronger than the dark guards in the heyday.After all, there is a lack of the Binghuo system among the opponents. Those dark sky -drying beasts cannot even show the five elements of the five elements. This is the most favorable point for them.

While the saints are at concentration of God's preparations tomorrow, they have not seen that the following Ji Shi is in an extremely unstable state.

When Ji Shi let go of the magic's protection of his body, the huge magic in the Vulcan sword poured into him instantly.The moment I was still very comfortable, it suddenly turned into a magma and hell. The horrible impact made Ji Qi Qiqi flowing out at the same time, and his body trembled violently.The magic in the Fire Vocal Sword is too domineering. Although it has recognized the Lord at this time, the real He Ji fusion is combined, but when the huge magic is rushed into the Ji Move, it still let Ji Xun's entire entireEveryone is in an unspeakable pain.The whole body meridian is like being torn, especially the hotness brought by the huge magic in the Vulcan sword, more like melting his body.Even if Ji Dong has a fire of chaos, he is a holy body.At this moment, his body was also severely damaged.

It's over.Ji Dong's heart is already cold, and this impact alone, he has been severely damaged, and all the meridians in the body are almost damaged at the same time. He did not expect that after letting go of the magic of magic power to the meridians, this Vulcan swordThe magic of magic will be so violent.Although this absorption speed is unparalleled, his body can no longer bear the impact of the next wave of fire god sword magic, and another magic charge just now, he will almost die.

At this time, the second magic of the poured out of the Vulcan sword had already appeared, and he swarmed in from Ji's arm.At this time, even if Ji Tong wanted to protect the meridians with his own magic, it was too late to protect the meridians. Under the impact of the magic power of the previous fire, the magic of the Vocity sword, and the magic of his own magic has been suppressed to the torch of the chaos in the chest.Into my meridians.

Just in this critical juncture, the miracle appeared. Ji Shi only felt a warm air flow from the position of his belly.They quietly came out. Before the second magic of the Vulcan sword rushed into Ji Tomar, they had scattered it, and stayed in Ji's brain, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and abdomen positions, like Ji.Nine fulcrum appeared in the motivation. The golden red glory instantly spread in every corner of the Ji Move, and quietly guarded his already creative meridians.

The huge magic of the Vulcan sword swarmed in, but this time, it did not cause any damage.Perform the process of fusion.

This is ..., almost a moment, Ji Shi's eyes are moist. Of course, he knows what the nine light groups are, that is the gift that the flame left to him!The nine lotus seeds of the flames of the flames.He is at the most critical moment.It was the power left to save him again and quietly guarded his body.

Flame, flames, even if you are no longer, you still guard me, waiting for me, wait for me to complete everything, I will go to you.Tears flowed down from Ji's noodle noodle, and the Vulcan sword in his hand had slowly floated on his own to drive Ji Shi's arm, pointing directly at the sky.In the air, all the elements of the fire swarmed in the Vulcan sword. The Vulcan sword itself has bloomed with extremely glamorous red, and even the red lotus sky fire of the flames of the flames, and behind Ji, that, that, thenThe extremely majestic red figure appeared again, but this time it was only ten meters high, but it was a lot clearer.

Ji Tong only felt that the magic in his body rose crazy, and continued to surge with the melody of the magic of the Vulcan sword.Level, go straight to the 90th level.Although he also thought about whether he would help him improve his magic level after the evolution of his Vulcan sword evolved, but this situation really appeared, but Ji Dong's heart was not so excited.Because at this time his partners are facing extremely powerful enemies, they need themselves!He would rather not improve these magic power, and also wanted to be able to gather with his partners as soon as possible and fight side by side.

At the same time, the battle in the sky has begun, and the biggest virtue of the Saint Saints will be the five elements of the cycling formation method. What they want to face is nine.Generally, the magic power exceeds the dark guard of the 95th level, and the symbol of the totem symbol of the ten attribute magic of the Dark Five Elements, the Dark Sky Dry Beast.Although the current dark guard has died one and two dark gods and beasts died, they are still the strength that can sweep the entire mainland.Rather.

"The loop of each other, the Gengjin played, the single attack, the target Jiamu." Tianji has entered a special state at this time. Although he is extremely nervous, he is accompanied by the enemy's gradual gradual graduationAs he approached, his heart gradually calmed down. He knew that even if he had only one slight negligence, he would cause the partner's entire army to be overwhelmed. This is what he is unwilling to see.He did not want any partner to die in this battle. Ji Shi could not fight for the time being, and only he came to protect these partners.For a long time, he has hardly played any strength in this team, and now it should be time to go all out.

Looking at everything in front of me calmly, Tianji has issued an order.He released his power of his high -level soul without hesitation, not only directing his partners, but also overwhelming, shrouded the enemy, and started to suppress the soul to the enemy.

That's right, those dark dead guards are immune to soul suppression, but don't forget, there is the existence of the dark sky.These dark sky dry beasts are only one step away from the holy level, but after all, it is not the Holy grade. With the Holy Holy Holy Soul Soul, there is no problem with the suppression effect.Even if they can weaken each other's strength, for them to do the saints tomorrow, it is the possibility of winning in the battle.At this time, how can Tianji reserve?

Their first attack target was to lose the dark guards guarded by the dark green dragon ...

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