Chapter 573

Holy Island is already in sight.Except for Ji Dong, everyone has not been here for at least a year. At this time, from the air overlooking below, the Holy Evil Island feels very different.On the same way, it was all the built by craftsmen and soldiers.The huge fortune with a width of nearly 10,000 meters has been faintly formed.It is not only the Holy Evil Island, but also on the east coast of the Magnificent Five Elements, but also a large number of troops.Not to mention anything else, the supply of these troops and craftsmen every day alone will be astronomical numbers.It can be seen from such a scene that the five empires are really determined this time, go all out to support the battle for the mainland.

Of course, this is just the situation where Ji moves to see the Sacred Island. In fact, it is more than that. The current Guangming Five Elements Mainland fully expand farming and weapons manufacturing, whether it is civilians, nobles, or even royal families.member.It is necessary to participate in labor, which can be described as a mobilization of the whole people.Only the magician is not allowed to participate in labor, because they are more important to cultivate, and they are also the mainstay of this jihad.

Seeing the following scene, Feri couldn't help but admire: "So many people work together, and even I can't help but have some blood. When I wait for the dark five elements continent, it will definitely open the killing ring.. "

Yao Qianshu laughed:" When there is, do we have less opportunities to do it? Some opponents are waiting for us. Still afraid of not being able to kill the ring? But we first entered this war."

As they said, their" cloud "had drifted into the front of the Red Lotus Sky Fire, almost hundreds of meters away from the red lotus sky fire, and then slowly decreased and landed on the ground.This distance is already unable to discover the Guangming Five Elements Denminations.Because it is easy to be affected by the Red Lotus Sky Fire, the Five -Kinged Allied Forces have strictly ordered it, and no one must approach the red lotus sky fire within 20 miles.

Ji Shi's eyes swept over from the partners, and said, "Everyone will take a break first, and we will act later." Now that we have already come, we cannot delay.No matter what kind of crisis to face, the Dark Five Elements Continent must go.

In fact, everyone does not need to rest anymore. What needs to rest is their mounts. After an hour, Qunlong's physical strength basically recovered, and Ji Shi also stood up from the previous Jingxiu.He is not wasted for a minute and one second to practice. Longgu has worked hard for half a year. His cultivation has entered the country again. He has reached 88 levels, and he has nine championships.It's just two steps.After getting an artifact, Du Xin'er's cultivation finally broke through the eight crowns. The only one who had not broken through was Du Ming.

"Ji Shi, I want to say a few words." Tianji said before the action was about to start.

Ji nodded and made a request.When only he and Tianji have two people, Tianji generally calls his owner. Although he is now a real sky, he will never forget the grace that Ji Kimong had revenge for him.But Ji Shi asked him to call him directly when everyone was in front of everyone.

Tianshi Machine: "We are doing the saints tomorrow, and now they already have most of the corresponding exclusive artifacts, double wood, double fire, double gold, double soil, all have it. The difference is only Shuangshui.. "

" Wait a minute. "Frey asked strangely:" God, you said that everyone has an artifact except Shuangshui, but others have it, but why did I not hear him?Yes. "

Tianji smiled slightly, saying:" His artifact is already in his own hands, but because it is not available. It is not available. Qian Shu, you still remember the chrysanthemum pig to give you youIs the bead? "

Yao Qianshu's heart was shocked. Although he had already speculated, he dared to confirm that after listening to the opportunity, the bead that the chrysanthemum pig gave him was the artifact of the wood.In my heart, I couldn't help me intersect for a while, and although the chrysanthemum pig was a Warcraft, she was definitely an unqualified guy.However, it used this artifact to compensate everything. Yao Qianshu nodded complicatedly. "I understand, thank you for your guidance. God, what can I really use this artifact?"

> Tianshi: "Extreme Realm, Jiazhu is opened."

This has already been said to be clear. As long as he has been promoted to the realm of the Nine Crown Supremes, he can naturally have this artifact.the power of.

Heavenly machine: "The beads of Qian Shu, the eternal armor of Si Xuan, the sword of the vulgar vulcan of the yin and yang double fire, the thick soil bead of the wolf, the stick of the goddess of the earth, XinThe children's Jin Sha Shen sword and Akin's extinction gold ring, eight artifacts are available. And the two water -based artifacts we lack, I already know that they are about to fall. "While saying, he raised his point to the opposite side of the opposite side.Red Lotus Skyfire, "That last two artifacts are above the Dark Five Elements Continent. And it was collected by the Dark Sky Machine. If we want to get the final victory, we must find these two artifacts. ThereforeAfter entering the Dark Five Elements Continent. No matter how we do it, we must get these two artifacts. "

Everyone nodded, especially Du Ming and Lan Baoer.The artifact, to say that they don't expect, it is impossible.

Tianji said to Ji: "What I want to say has been finished. My role is to guide, how to arrange it depends on your holy king."

Shen Sheng said: "Okay, do not send your mounts back to the space, and temporarily storage into your own storage magic weapon.After the saints of the Tiangan saints have changed, after each person temporarily income his mounts to store magic weapons, his expression shows a bit of excitement and expectations, and with a little nervousness.No need to say anything, they also fully understand the importance of this trip to them, and better understand the danger, and finally it is time to enter the other world.

Ji Shi's eyes fell on Akin, "Akin, you cultivated the strongest, the first one, I will send you before. Before everyone has passed, be careful. "

A Jin nodded."Yes."

Ji moved slightly slightly. After all, he took a step forward. Under Ajin's surprise, he took her into her arms.Suddenly, it exudes its unique atmosphere around the body of the two.

"Don't move, condense inside, remember not to be magical." Feeling the warmth of Ji's body and the unique taste of men, A Jin only felt that he was trembling.Even when facing the Holy Demon, she was not as dazed as she was in front of her.She kept telling herself that this warm embrace did not belong to herself, but her hands subconsciously tightened Ji's waist and fit closely with his body.Although it may only be extremely short, she really cherishes the short feeling in front of her.

Ji Tong injected his soul power into the red lotus lotus seeds that he could not see through.

He has already had the experience of taking Chen Sixuan to cross, knowing that the faster the past, the smaller the impact. Therefore, after drilling into the Red Lotus Sky Fire, he didn't hesitate to get forward immediately.

Akin's feelings are completely different. Entering the red lotus sky fire, the surrounding pressure suddenly increases, but she snuggled in Ji Dong's arms, but the warm and comfortable sense of security made her not afraid at all.I don't think this is bathing in an ultimate nirvana.It was fully attached to Ji's body, and the flexible body was close to Ji Shi, and let him take himself forward.Perhaps, this is the only chance in his life that he can be able to post in his arms.

I didn't wait for Akin too much. Suddenly, the body was light, all the pressure was gone, Ji Shi stopped, and whispered: "Akin, we are here."

"Ah?" At this time, Akin still held Ji Shi tightly with his hands, and Ji Shi was a little embarrassed. A Jin's stunning woman had such a cold character. He was a normal man.Even if there is no response in my heart, it is impossible for the body.It was a bit embarrassing for a while.

Akin took a deep breath, just felt muddy in his mind.I was very reluctant, but I had to let go of Ji Shi's hands and looked up at him. The eyes were full of grievances.This glance can be said to make Ji shivering.He has also seen this look from Chen Sixuan.Now he can be completely sure of what the ancestor of the Dragon Dragon said at the beginning, Akin really likes himself.

The next moment, Ji Shi has re -drilled into the red lotus sky fire, and he did not even explain to Akin what he said, just like he fled.Looking at his somewhat embarrassed look, A Jin couldn't help smiling and murmured: "This timid ghost. Can you not treat the magic skills like this emotionally?" Although she said so, she said, but she said, but she said soI also know in my heart that if Ji Shi really loves so much, I am afraid that he will never like him with his own personality.

Re -drilling out the red lotus sky fire, Ji Shi did not stop half of it, the second choice was the wolf heaven.However, letting him hug a man is still psychologically burden, so after he took Akin, the remaining people were preparing to use their backs.In this way, both men and women can be more free.

The wolf Tianyan also broke through the nine crowns. This is the second purpose of Ji Dong to choose his purpose, and the third is Frey.Ji Shi is completely determined by Xiu.

Next, one after another, the saints of Heavenly Gan were sent to the side of the Dark Five Elements Continent, and the last one was finally turning.

But at this time, the eyes of the sky on the forehead of the sky suddenly opened without any omen, and it was no longer deep light, but a layer of blood.

Tianji is shocked, "Not good, we are about to pass. There is a devastating crisis to come."

Ji Shi was shocked to watch the sudden change of Tianji.Gu Shitian's predictions were completely believed, but he did not expect that this crisis came so fast. There was no need to ask at all. Looking at the eyes of Tianji turned red, he knew how serious the situation was.

The body flashed, Ji moved to hold the sky, rushed into the red lotus sky fire, and achieved the opposite side as quickly as possible.At the same time, it is already over the river. What kind of crisis can bring such a huge response to Tianji.As the Sanname King, he did not have half a lot. The power of the sanctuary and mid -level soul scanned the range for dozens of miles, and he fled after he did not find any discovery.But at this time, with the warning of Tianji, he lost confidence in his judgment, and just wanted to rush over to meet his partners immediately.

The figure flashed, and Ji Shi and Tianji had drilled out of the red lotus sky fire. What made him relieved that no change appeared. The partners gathered there and waited for their arrival.EssenceSeeing that everyone was safe, Ji Shi was relieved.When he turned his head to look at Tianji, he was shocked that in the eyes of the heaven on his forehead, it seemed like a drop of blood and tears flowing down.And Tianji's whole person was also pale.

"Hurry up, take everyone back." Tianji almost shouted this sentence with a roar.

But at this moment, Ji Dong felt a very sharp magic that was not far from the side of his body. The goal was not him, but it was heaven.

This attack is too sudden, too fast, and the distance is unimaginable.Even if Ji Shi's Xiuwei, wanting to turn around defense is too late.In this case, there is only one thing that Ji Kimi does.The figure flashed, and the fastest speed he could reach with his own body was blocked behind heaven.

A loud noise of the bombardment, Ji Xun's whole person and the heavenly machine were flew by the response, and the sanctuary body with the Holy -grade strength, without any preparation, couldn't help but spray it with blood.Out, sprayed with him in front of him.What made him even more shocking was that the strong paralysis, the suffocating current, instantly collided into his body, raging crazy in his body.At this moment, in the heart of Ji, he just wanted to do one thing. He just wanted to turn around and ask the person who suddenly attacked and asked him, why?

At the same time when Ji moved his body, it was also the moment when the sound of exclamation sounded. At this time, the unparalleled huge coercion broke out instantly from the 100 meters outside the crowd.There were eleven figures in total, where it came out of the void and appeared in front of everyone.

The eleven figure that suddenly appeared, there were all the dark heavenly saints led by Li Yonghao, the ultimate weapon of the Dark Sky. In their array, the stars were like the moon, isn't it the dark heavenly machine?

Hey, I didn't expect it, what I didn't expect was still behind.The wonderful plot will be displayed to everyone one by one. On the second day of the month, come on, for the sake of the hard work of Xiao San during the National Day.Let's take some monthly tickets to support it.Thanks.