Chapter 170 Wild Snow Fox

In fact, the environment of Qingshan Village is good, but because of the inconvenience of transportation and difficulty, it is particularly poor!Now someone is willing to contracted, the government is not allowed.

Soon, the two parties signed the agreement. Lu Xuyang contracted for seventy years. After the contract expired, he had the right to renew the contract.Everything was done, Lu Xuyang planned.

This address was found, and the contract was signed, but Lu Xuyang was in trouble.With him alone, how can he build this farm?Suddenly, he thought of the villagers in Qingshan Village.After all, they are indigenous villagers. It should be much better if they hire them to help them do business?

Thinking of this Lu Xuyang, I decided to go to Qingshan Village again!

Loving from the family, Lu Xuyang set off.This time, he didn't call Hai Ye, but he ran over with his own.

Just when Lu Xuyang was about to enter the village, he came to a middle -aged man in his forties in his forties, with rabbits like rabbits, and saw Lu Xuyang, and the man stopped.

"Lady, aren't you from Qingshan Village? How can I look at it like this?" The man asked.

"Uncle, your eyes are really good, I am really not from Qingshan Village." Lu Xuyang admired.

"What do you come here? There should be nothing fun here?" The man changed his hand and asked.

Lu Xuyang did not answer, but turned the topic: "Uncle, are you just a rabbit in your hand? I wonder if you sell or not?"

"What, do you want to buy it?"The man was obviously interested in the animals in the buyer of Lu Xuyang.

"I am not a rabbit, you have to see clearly, this is a fox." After that, I mentioned it up.

Because the fox's whole body was white, Lu Xuyang didn't see it clearly before, just lamented that the rabbit was quite big, until the man exposed the fox's head.Lu Xuyang saw it clearly.

Seeing Lu Xuyang, the fox's eyes showed a prayer look.Lu Xuyang's heart was soft, and it strengthened his determination to buy this fox.

"Little brother, do you want to buy?" The man asked looking forward to it.

"Of course, as long as you sell, you just don't know how much do you plan to sell?" Lu Xuyang asked.

"Is this ... a hundred dollars?" The man asked carefully.

Looking at Lu Xuyang's no squeak, the man thought he was high, and immediately said, "That eighty, it's eighty good?"

Lu Xuyang shook his head with a smile: "Uncle.Don't worry, I don't think the price you report is too expensive, but I think it's too low.

Generally, the price of a fox cub is about 100 yuan, and you can only count itIt's a cub, and it's still wild. I also like it also, so I want to buy this fox in five hundred. What do you see? "

" How much ...? Five hundred? I am? I am?… I'm not listening? "The man was afraid of hearing it wrong.Kneading his ears and rushing to Xuyang to verify.

This village is very poor, and they rely on planting some vegetables to make some spectacles.This time got five hundred yuan, it was a huge sum of money.

"You didn't hear it right, it's five hundred!" Lu Xuyang nodded with a smile, and pulled out five hundred -dollar bills from the bag to hand it to the man.And picked up the fox.

The man trembled his hands, took five hundred yuan, and squeezed tightly in his hand.With this money, this year's living expenses are not worried.

"Uncle. I still want to ask you to help!"

"Okay, what do you say?" I just got a huge amount and solved my family's life problem this year's life problemThe man is happy.

"It's something I want to find the village chief, I want to ask you to take me to the village chief!" Lu Xuyang said softly with the fox.

"Okay! The village chief is there!" The man responded quickly, with his fingers in a direction, and rushed to Lu Xuyang to continue: "You follow me!"

About four about four about fourIn five minutes, the middle -aged man walking in front stopped: 喏!This is the village chief's house!"

" Is the village head at home?"The man yelled at the door.

" Where, who?"Soon, there was a response in the room, and an old woman came out of it.

" Oh, is the second pillar? "Hurry up, come in and sit for a while, and he comes out immediately.The old woman quickly greeted the man known as the second pillar and Lu Xuyang entered the house.

"Old man, come out, some guests come!"

" Come here, don't urge it! ""The old man ran out of the house.

Seeing the man, the old man was also surprised:" Is it the second pillar?What is looking for me?"

Then I saw Lu Xuyang sitting on the side. He asked in confusion:" This is ...? ""

" Oh, the village chief, this one I just met in the village, and said that I was looking for you, so I took him over!"Erzhu stood up and explained.

" So?"The village chief wondered to turn his head to Lu Xuyang:" I don't know what the little brother is looking for me? ""

" Oh, that's it!"Lu Xuyang stood up quickly and said," I believe you already know that the mountain has been contracted."

Seeing the village chief nodded, Lu Xuyang continued:" Because I want to build a farm here, I want to ask the village chief to launch the village people to help me build it. Of course, the salary is paid.Don't know if it works?"

" OK is, but ... can I ask my salary?"If the salary is not enough, even if he is the village chief, the work is difficult to do.

Lu Xuyang thought about it, and said," As long as the person who helps me do things, the salary of 50 daily salary is 50 every day.Block, bags!

If you are diligent, you can also become a farmer staff and permanently recruit.As a person in our farm, not only can we enjoy long salary and other welfare benefits.

I do n’t know if the village chief is satisfied with what I said to me?"

" Satisfied, satisfied!"Hearing Lu Xuyang's answer, the village chief is almost bad. It is 50 every day. This is a not small number, and it is also included. The main thing is that there may be permanently.People who disagree?

I heard the two pillars of the two talks, and they were also glowing. He was thinking that if Lu Xuyang wanted to recruit people, he must be the first to sign up, and he would still be able to be.Recruitment as a long -term worker.

After being affirmed by the village chief, Lu Xuyang is also assured that these people are the most simple and kind people.

"Yes, the village chief, I still want to please please askYou help!"Lu Xuyang continued to say something like.

" What busy? "You said, as long as you can help, I will help!"

It is what the village chief wants to do a good life for people in the village. Now Lu Xuyang has helped him to do it. He is very grateful.

So don't say that Lu Xuyang is justAsk him to help him, even if he told him to do anything, he guess he is happy!