Chapter 1 Flame Burning Love (Part 1)

The Five Elements Continent, the west of the South Fire Empire, leaving the city.

In the South Fire Empire, it can only be regarded as a medium -sized city, but it is quite prosperous in all aspects. There are only a very small number of people in the garrison, but the public security here is surprisingly good.There is no dust on the wide streets, and all the main roads are covered with dark red granite unique to the South Fire Empire. This kind of rock is paved with bricks, which is not only beautiful, but also durable.There is no problem.

The time is in the evening, the sunset has left the gorgeous sunset in the sky, and it has become more and more comfortable from the fire city. After a day of a day, people who are not busy work have begun to enter the rest time.All kinds of entertainment places suitable for evening are also lively.

Flame burning love is one of the most famous bars from the fire city, located on the main road of the golden area.Its main color is also the same as that of most buildings in the city, but it is more red.The tall two -story building is not its biggest selling point. The most attractive to guests is the open -air square in front of the bar door.

There are about 500 square meters in the open -air square. The center is a circular bar with a diameter of ten meters. The most famous bartenders in the flames of love bartender will be bartender here every night.Even if it is rainy days, there are no shortage of guests here. It can be pulled up at any time, and the ceiling covering the entire open -air square is enough to deal with it.

The South Fire Empire is not in winter, so the night here is never deserted.

At this time, several bartenders who burned their loves were already in place, and guests in open -air squares gradually became more. For them, this was the busiest moment of the day.

An old man wearing a red robe walked into the open -air square. He just stepped into the square in his front foot, and immediately welcomed the waiter with a smile on his face, attracting him to the middle of the open -air square, closest to the closest to the closest to him, the closest to himThe position of the center bar is going.The ten tables around the center bar do not receive ordinary guests, and they are booked to the VIPs of the bar. There is no doubt that the old man in Red robe is one of them.Moreover, the position he sat down was just facing the street, which was the armor table here.

The old man in Hongpao has a white hair, a rosinny nose, a small eye, and a small body.But his little eyes occasionally the light red mangto flickered between it seemed to have a heart -minded power.

"Yang Lao, is it the old?" A middle -aged man in a dress came over and bowed slightly towards the old man with the red robe.Only guests at the VIP table can be entertained by the bar owner.

Yang Lao said helplessly: "Except for your characteristic flames here, there is nothing to attract me."

The boss smiled slightly and said:"Please wait a little." As he said, he turned to the oldest bartender behind the center bar.The bartender immediately took out a clean crystal mixing pot, and quickly started his first job today, and it was the most important job for him every day.

Soon, various wines pour into the tuning pot in order, put them in the filter, cover the lid, and immediately fly in the hands of the bartender.

Because the hits are made of transparent white crystals, in the process of bartending, you can clearly see the color of the wine.In the fast and skilled shaking of the bartender, the red wine in the jug flying up and down like a cluster of flames, which was good -looking.When the cluster of flames finally calmed down in the hands of the bartender, the lid of the jug did not know when it had been opened.With a flash of furnace, the light red flame was burning above the liquor, and the fragrance of wine with a bit of spicy breath spread.

The veteran bartender of the flames of the flames of the love bar, and the aroma of the flames of the flames of the flames of the cup of characteristics suddenly got applause and smile from nearby guests.Yang Lao nodded to the bartender. When his eyes fell on the glass of wine, his eyes could not help showing a little bit of anxiety.

Soon, this glass of wine was sent to Yang Lao, and he took the wine glass directly from the waiter.The boss praised: "Okay, the flames have enough flames. After drinking it for five years, I still let me have forgotten. No wonder your business here is so popular."

Bar boss smiled respectfully: "Just be satisfied. "

At this moment, a disagreement sound suddenly sounded from the side," Is this applause? Just garbage. "This sound is not loud, and it is slightly hoarse, and it is slightly hoarse.But it couldn't hide the arrogance in its words.

"Huh?" Bar owner and Yang Lao looked at the direction of the sound at the same time.I don't know when, a little beggar with a thin figure and a tattered clothes squatted at the table and not far away.Dedication.

The bar owner frowned slightly, and looked at a waiter not far away. The waiter noticed the existence of the little beggar, and hurriedly ran over.When he came in. "

The boss of the bar waved his hand to signal the waiter quickly pulled the little beggar out to avoid affecting the business.In front of Yang Lao, he is not too strong to perform too strong.

The little beggar stood up by himself. His face was dirty and thin, and he looked only eleven or two years old.With some unpleasant taste.

The waiter came to pull him out a bit, but Yang Lao spoke, "Wait a minute." The waiter hurriedly retracted his hand without using the bar owner, and hesitated to look at Yang Lao.

Yang Lao's eyes fell on the little beggar, "Children, are you just saying that this cup of flames are not good? I don’t know where you have seen better wine, let's listen." Pursuing wine wine.It can be said to be one of his biggest interests in his life.

Bar owner hurriedly said: "Yang Lao, he can know what a little beggar can know, don't let him stir your wine."The boss was really afraid that the little beggar in front of him would say any good wine in the other bars in the city, and attracted the noble guest in front of him.You know, Yang Lao came to him to drink here every day, and it was not how much income.Upload, two chapters of the bottom every day, erupted from time to time.On the first day of today, the three chapters were updated.Please collect and recommend it, let us make a brilliant again.