Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Putting Cold Gun

After Zhang's reminder, everyone was obviously more careful, and Zhang Ge also held the shotguns he had previously held before.A group of five people, only Lu Xuyang did not bring a gun.

It may be shocked by Zhang's reminder, and the black bear has apparently accelerated to run here.Before running and holding his chest, he looked very excited.

The squeezing squeeze is probably detecting the threat of the gun to it, or it may be that Lu Xuyang seemed to be bullying, and the black bear rushed directly at him.

"Enren, be careful!"

Li Jun yelled, and fired the first shot at the black bear.

"Roar" Black Bear was angry, gave up Lu Xuyang, and flung towards Li Jun.

Before Li Jun reacted, he saw a black shadow hit him.Seeing that the bear's paw was about to shoot on his face, Li Jun was so scared that he closed his eyes, and the bullet shot into the black bear like a non -money.Xiong Palm is getting closer and closer to him, and Li Jun can even smell the smell. When he feels that he is about to be dead, he suddenly feels that his arm was pulled.I opened my eyes and found that Lu Xuyang was pulling him.

Lu Xuyang accelerated, took Li Jun a few steps back, opened the distance between the black bear and them.However, Li Jun hadn't had time to be grateful, and the black bear turned around and rushed to them.

Because it was at night, Lin Zhongguang was not strong. No one noticed that when he looked at the black shadow Li Jun, Zhang Ge's face actually showed a smile.However, when Lu Xuyang rescued Li Jun, the silk smile slowly disappeared.

I know that Li Jun must be okay. Zhang Ge coughing and said, "Li Jun, Xiaoxu, are you all right?"
"It's okay, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank youBrother Zhang! "

" Thank you Zhang brother for your care, we are okay! "Lu Xuyang said at the same time as Li Jun.

"Then we escape, it has already chased it!"

During the period of time they spoke, the black bear had chased it, and Zhang shouted, with the head of the show,Run.

But because of the slow start.At a glance, Li Jun knew that he hadn't suffered, and naturally couldn't run quickly.If it wasn't for Shennongjia so dayless, and exercised more or less, it is estimated that when he came over in the black bear, he might have forgotten even escape.

In less than a while, Li Jun was already panting and lag a lot.

"Li Jun, hurry up!" Lu Xuyang chased in front.

"I ... I ... really ... running ... don't move ..." Li Jun gasped back.

"You have to run without running!" Lu Xuyang urged a little bit.

But looking at Li Junshi in a very tired look, Lu Xuyang didn't bear it. He stepped forward to grab his arm.Run with him.But Li Jun was delayed.The two quickly lag behind.

Your own food.I hurt myself, I still have to run away, and the Black Bear will be happy.He kept chasing up.

"Be careful, Li Jun. Xiaoxu!" Suddenly, one of the people next to Brother Zhang called.A shot behind them.The two looked back, it turned out that the black bear had already caught up.

In order to help the two escape, the three of them fired while walking.

"Ah  ̄"

With a gunshot, Li Jun screamed.

Lu Xuyang looked back and saw that Li Jun's left shoulder clothes were slowly immersed in red.

"Are you injured?"
"Hmm!" Li Jun nodded.

"Can you still run?" Lu Xuyang asked worriedly.

"Yes!" Li Jun ended up and ran forward with Lu Xuyang.

Although the black bear skin is thick and the bullets are not easy to hit, there are so many guns in hit, and the blood flows a lot.The action began to slow down.Taking this opportunity, Lu Xuyang and his party finally ran out of the black bear's sight.

"Huh is finally safe!" Lu Xuyang breathed a breath.

If it wasn't with them, no matter what he encountered, Lu Xuyang could easily get out of it, just a small one with a small one.

"Well. It's really troublesome!" Lu Xuyang breathed a sigh of breath.

But this was all he asked for it, and there was nothing to resent.And half of doing things is not his style.

"Quickly, what happened to Li Jun?" Looking at Li Jun lying on Lu Xuyang, Zhang asked, and a weird smile flashed in the corner of his mouth, but no one found it.

"He was injured!" Lu Xuyang explained.

"What's going on? I remember the bear didn't catch him, how could it be hurt?" Another person in Zhang asked.

"If you accidentally be swept away by the bomb, don't ask so much, and then run a little further, confirm that the Black Bear can't catch up, let's talk about it!" Lu Xuyang interrupted their words.

Hearing Lu Xuyang's knowledge, they no longer say more, several people choose to escape.

"This Li Jun doesn't look fat, but it is quite sinking for a long time!" Lu Xuyang thought.Pass up and go forward.

I don't know how long it took me to hear Zhang's voice stopped.If it wasn't for Lu Xuyang's body, it was transformed by the psychiatric mirror, and it was estimated that he would not be able to hold on.

This time it is good luck. They found a pretty good cave. It is estimated that it is a nest of a certain animal, but there are no animals in it.Essence

Putting down the salute and sorting the shop, Lu Xuyang put Li Jun down from his back.

"Okay, it's safe this time!" Brother Zhang came over.

"Yeah, is he okay?" Another manner.

"Li Jun, are you okay?" Lu Xuyang also asked worriedly.

"I'm fine! Thanks to you! Well, you saved me again!" Li Jun thanked him.

"Say less, let me see your wound!" Lu Xuyang said that he stretched out his hand to relieve Li Jun's clothes.

"Ann, are you still a doctor?" Li Jun surprised.

Lu Xuyang smiled humblely: "Will be a little!"

Take off Li Jun's shirt lightly and throw it aside. Lu Xuyang poured out a little water and wiped him.

"The bullet is stuck inside, I have to move the surgery!" Lu Xuyang rushed to the monarch.

"Then move!" Brother Zhang said.

"Cheng, wait for me, let me see if there is any herbasus around!" Lu Xuyang greeted and ran out of the cave.

Running to a place where no one, Lu Xuyang took out a kind of grass that was found by the monkey when he had surgery for the monkey.

"I'm back!"

Lu Xuyang rushed into the herbs and ran in, handed the herbs in his hand to Li Jun, and motioned him to eat it.Li Jun took the herb, and hesitated for a long time.

After about ten minutes, Lu Xuyang took out a small knife and wiped it with some fairy bean water.Of course, in the eyes of others, Lu Xuyang just wiped the knife with water.With the experience of the monkey last time, Lu Xuyang was also a little bigger, and he picked out the bullet cleanly.