Chapter 182

Chapter 182 There are Xiongshawu

"Thank you for saving Xiaojun!" Zhang Ge smiled and rushed to Lu Xuyang: "My name is Zhang Qiang, I don't know what the brother is called?"

The famous man talked with Lu Xuyang with a smile, but the cold light that flashed in the eyes failed to escape Lu Xuyang's eyes.

"Hello, Zhang, my name is Yang Xu, you can call me Xiaoxu!" Lu Xuyang stretched out his right hand with a smile.

"Haha, benefactor, Zhang Ge is a very good person, thanks to his care!" At this time, Li Jun said in the side.

Lu Xuyang glanced at him and said with a smile: "Really? That's really good, you have a good brother!"

"Of course! I have already regarded Zhang Brother Zhang as me as me.Brother. You want to be with us, and Zhang Brother will definitely take care of you! "Li Jun nodded with his strength, and his words were full of trust in Zhang Ge.

I don't know if Li Jun is too stupid, or this Zhang Ge played so well.They were almost killed by others, and the boy had no doubt.

But he was not so coquettish.Since he helped Li Jun once, it was definitely impossible to let him go, send it to the west, and since they invited him to work together, then he would be with them, so as to see what the purpose of this brother Zhang was.

"I don't know if the elder brother agrees with the younger brother together?" Lu Xuyang asked with a smile and the two behind him.

Zhang Brother frowned slightly, and quickly smiled at Lu Xuyang: "Haha, you saved Xiaojun to help me, you have to know us, I can’t know it!"

The two nodded.

After getting the consent of a few people, Lu Xuyang made a stingy: "Thank you for the elder brother!"

"Eh, do you agree with us?" Hearing the two of them? "Dialogue, Li Junxing rushed to Chong Lu Xuyang.Then he reached out a thumbs up again: "It is still attractive!"

Soon, Li Jun's sight was attracted by the helmet brought by Lu Xuyang on his head.

"Well, why do you always wear a helmet? Can't you take it?" Zhang Jun said curiously.

"It is still convenient to have a helmet in the woods. The province's face is broken. When you say it, you will bring it. It is not convenient to take it down.Surm. "Lu Xuyang explained with a smile and did not take down the helmet on his head.

"It's still smart, why didn't I think of it? If wearing a helmet, I won't be blushed by those thorny spines." Zhang Jun laughed and admired Lu XuyangStretch out a big finger.

Looking at such a simple Li Jun, Lu Xuyang couldn't figure it out, why did the brother think about him dying.

"Brother Zhang. What are you doing here?" Lu Xuyang asked curiously.

When I heard Lu Xuyang's question, the brother laughed and said, "We also think that this god of farming is mysterious, so we come to explore."

Obviously hypothesis!Compared to Brother Zhang, Lu Xuyang believes that Li Jun said before he was looking for white bear.

But Lu Xuyang is not annoyed, anyway, what he is looking for is almost the same.Let's follow them now.I have to say bad things about him now.Li Jun will definitely not believe it.What Lu Xuyang is going to do is to let Li Jun himself see Zhang Ge's true face.

Lu Xuyang has space to bring water to eat, but they have no condition.After so long in the forest, I have long been dirty. I finally encountered the water source.

"I've been washed, my brothers go to wash. I'll find something to eat!" Lu Xuyang didn't want to watch a group of big men taking a bath.After speaking, I left.

The crowd put the parcel on the ground, and the clothes were not taken off, and they jumped into the pond.

Lu Xuyang took a while to confirm that they could not see it.I took some fruits from the mysterious bag. After waiting for about twenty minutes, I was sure that they were all groomed before they walked back with the fruit Shi Shiran.

"Forner, you can be back, come back, come and eat something!" Far, Li Jun saw Lu Xuyang with a sharp eyes.Hearing Li Jun's call, Lu Xuyang was also curious about what they ate, and accelerated to them.

"Wow, benevolent, do you actually find so many fruits?" Li Jun yelled in surprise when he saw the fruits held by Lu Xuyang.Lu Xuyang's fruits were found in Shennongjia, and he was not afraid of their doubts.

"Forner, eat it quickly, but today there is a blessing. We caught the fish to bake!" Li Jun took the fruit in Lu Xuyang's hand, gave it to everyone, and handed it to Lu

"Thank you!" Lu Xuyang took the fish and ate.Although it was simply baked, because the fish was pure and wild, the taste was very good. Lu Xuyang ate it with taste.

Eat and drink, and the group was here.Because they were there, Lu Xuyang couldn't take out his quilt.So he found a tree and climbed up, ready to spend this night on the tree.I did n’t know, but the brother Zhang screamed under the tree.

"Xiaoxu, come down and squeeze with us. The temperature at night here is very low. What if you have a cold?"

If you have not looked through his true face, Lu XuyangMaybe he would really be confused by him.

"Yeah, benevolent, come down, let's sleep together, it's cold at night." Li Qun really helped to make people feel his sincerity.

Looking at the enthusiastic Li Jun, Lu Xuyang's heart was comforted, and he didn't have the boy.However, he still shook his head and rejected: "No, I come here every day, I am afraid of heat and not cold. It can also help you to keep the night."

Look at Lu Xuyang's rejection, ZhangBrother's group is not easy to persuade him again, and can not be able to get here for a day or two.So many days have passed, he is still good, maybe he really doesn't need their help.

Maybe as he is not afraid of cold!

Several people thought, returned to their own shops, and Lu Xuyang guarded the night, and everyone was relieved, and fell asleep soon.When the crowd was sleeping, he sat on the tree and heard a footsteps. Although he couldn't hear any animals, he was sure that he was not the sound of human footsteps.

"Li Jun, Brother Zhang!" Lu Xuyang began to whisper.Although the sound was not loud, in the quiet forest that night, the sound was thunderous.

"Xiaoxu, what's wrong?" Brother Zhang asked confused.

"Come here, let everyone get up!" Lu Xuyang explained.

Zhang Ge Ling Shen heard it, and after confirmation, he quickly called Li Jun.Not long after, I saw a big black thing and came over.

"Be careful, it's a black bear!" Brother Zhang shouted.After hearing Zhang's voice, the black bear accelerated his rush to here.