Chapter 181

Chapter 181 Magic Waterfall

"I said no, I like someone!" Lu Xuyang refused again.

"En Gong ..." In his footsteps, the man quickly chased up.

"Eungong, if you are with us, you can have a response, how good, why do you refuse?" The man asked incredulously.As if Lu Xuyang was a big fool.

"No! I like someone!" The person who was entangled in the man was a little bit unbearable, and Lu Xuyang stopped and rushed to the man simply refused.


"Then I will protect you, two people are always better than one person!" The man said that he continued to follow.

Lu Xuyang was annoyed by him. He knew that he had so itchy to save people?But although so, if you really meet him, he will save him.

"You go back and find your associate, I'll take a step first!" Looking at the uncomfortable man, if he continued to estimate himself without doing things.Chong that person said, Lu Xuyang accelerated a few steps to break a few steps while the man was not catching up.

"It turns out that Engong is a world tall?" The man disappeared when he saw Lu Xuyang so soon, and he murmured to himself.

It is no wonder that Lu Xuyang was unwilling to be with them, it is estimated that they were disliked them!Knowing that he couldn't catch up with him, the man was not chased anymore, but turned around and walked in the direction of his companion.

Since he is a paradise, he doesn't have to worry about it!

Finally dumped the enthusiastic man, Lu Xuyang took a long breath and continued to go forward.

A few days have passed. After these days of effort, Lu Xuyang found a lot of good things and upgraded part of them.

Eat.Drinking, watching, smelling, all of them.

And, he also found a dozen ‘cinnabar lotus’ and made hundreds of fairy beans.In a short time, there is no need to worry about the raw materials of the pharmaceutical factory.

On this day, Lu Xuyang was chasing a rabbit. For so long, he hadn't made any odors.Try it now.

‘Boom  ̄ ̄’

I do n’t know how far they chased, Lu Xuyang suddenly heard a roar.The earth under his feet was also trembling.Lu Xuyang looked at the direction of the sound. When he turned his head, the rabbit hadn't seen it.Lu Xuyang shook his head and gave up the idea of barbecue.Find the source of the sound.

As Lu Xuyang slowly approached, his voice became louder.The sense of shock is getting more and more obvious.After about thirty minutes.Lu Xuyang opened the last vine in front of him.

A while of humidity rushed on the face ...

It was a huge waterfall printed into the eye.

This waterfall is about 20 meters high. It flys down from the steep top, and it is magnificent, as if thousands of troops, like Yulong flying, and the water flows on the rock at the bottom.Splashing a flower flower, like pearls, like jade pearls, throwing it on the water surface.

spectacular.Shock!Lu Xuyang's straightforwardness was not in vain.Never thought that there would be such a spectacular waterfall in this mountain.

For the savage, Lu Xuyang is interested. This time, he wants to hit his luck and see that he can't meet the legendary savage.But for so many days in the forest, I went to the swamp and ran a trip. Lu Xuyang felt that he was about to become a savage.

Seeing the clear water pond under this waterfall, Lu Xuyang couldn't wait to take off the clothes and jumped in.

In fact, Lu Xuyang's clothes are not dirty. He has been promoted, but when he was in the swamp, he went in a lot of mud in his clothes.There was no water before, and some were just a little drinking water in the space. It was not enough to take a bath. It is just that you can wash it in the water in the water below this waterfall.

The cold pond water made Lu Xuyang shivering, but seeing that the mud that had been dry on his body was relatively cold than the cold of Tanshui.Lu Xuyang washed it in the Tan, and hummed the famous 'washing brush' while washing.

"< ̄  ̄"

It may be to protest Lu Xuyang's stinky stink, and a general wielded his big pliers to bite Lu Xuyang's toes tightly.

Lu Xuyang lifted his feet up and laughed.

"Although I didn't eat a rabbit, the same is true for crab eating!" Then he grabbed the crab -sized crab and fell to the ground.

Because Lu Xuyang faced his belly towards and placed it down, the crab's claws waved in the air for a long time and couldn't turn over, and he escaped.

Grasp the crab, Lu Xuyang began to touch the Tanzi again. He pondered that it should be more than this.Sure enough, he touched several times in a row. Although he was not big, it was enough to eat a meal.

Lu Xuyang decided to work hard for himself today. He will wash it, tie it, take out the pot that has been prepared long ago, and prepare to make a delicious crab meal.

"Brother Zhang, do you smell it, it seems to be the fragrance of cooking?"

In the forest, several men are traveling.If Lu Xuyang is here, he will find the one who speaks, the enthusiastic man he saved from the mud.And his mouth in his mouth was the man holding a gun who was not saved.

"It seems to have a fragrance, is it the one who saved you?" The man who was known as Zhang Ge said.

"Maybe, let's take a look!" The man rescued by Lu Xuyang replied.After speaking, he walked towards the direction of the fragrance, but ignored the cold light in Zhang Ge's eyes.

"The benefactor, the benefactor!"

Lu Xuyang was eating his crab meal, but did not want to hear the voice of the man he had rescued before.He quickly collected the pot he had taken out before.But when he took back things, the man had already seen him, and he couldn't see the news from suddenly.

"Ann, we really have a destiny, I met again!" The man saw Lu Xuyang and ran over with a smile.

"Yeah, you haven't gone back yet?" Lu Xuyang, who packed everything, laughed at the man and replied.For such a enthusiastic person, it is difficult to ignore him.

"Isn't En Gong not going back yet?" The man sat down in front of Lu Xuyang.

Lu Xuyang smiled: "By the way, I haven't asked yet, how do you call it?"
"Oh, my name is Li Jun, what is the name of the benefactor?" The man said with a smile.Instead, he started to inquire about Lu Xuyang's name.

"I ..."

"Li Jun, is this the benefactor who saved you at the beginning?" When Lu Xuyang was about to answer, a male voice interrupted Lu Xuyang's words.

"Yeah, Brother Zhang!" Li Jun said with a smile.

Lu Xuyang looked up, the man was the man holding a gun he saw in the swamp that day.