Chapter 180

Chapter 180 Swallow Save

Eyes kept sweeping around, and Lu Xuyang did not find any strangeness.After he collected things one by one, he found it in the direction of the swamp.

"What are you doing?" Lu Xuyang murmured to himself.

Unfortunately, I didn't find it for a long time, but it also caused Lu Xuyang to be highly vigilant. This forest strange thing was really a lot, and then she had escaped the danger and came again.

Fortunately, he asked the Taoist priest to send a lot of runes, otherwise he would really not dare to walk in this forest.

Lu Xuyang thought about the phenomenon, suddenly a fine wind blowing, Lu Xuyang smelled a refreshing fragrance, and his head suddenly became blurred.With a vigilant, he bit his tip of his tongue and dumped his head, and then woke up.

After touching a cold sweat, Lu Xuyang took out a mask from the mysterious bag and took himself to the direction of the fragrance.It didn't take long for some red grass to print.Looking at the pussy and yang mirror:

"... The ecstasy grass, its grass aroma can make people hallucination ..."

It's really this grass!Lu Xuyang was happy for a while.Running and starting to dig.

"Help!" Lu Xuyang was dug into God, and he heard someone called life -saving.

"Will anyone come in this kind of place?"

Lu Xuyang felt a little incredible. It turned out that not only did he get here to adventure.Lu Xuyang rushed in the direction of asking for help.

"Brother Zhang, save me, save me, I'm here!"

Someone was caught in the swamp. Lu Xuyang was preparing to go out to save him, and saw that there was a one on the other side ofThe man wearing a camouflage appeared with a gun.Since someone is rescued, Lu Xuyang will certainly not run out anymore.

Although he was glad to meet people here, his secrets did not allow him to act with others.

"Zhang Brother. Here, go forward, go forward, I'm here, save me!"

Lu Xuyang is about to leave, and hear the man's more desperate calling soundEssenceLu Xuyang turned around and saw that the person who could have saved people had turned around and found in other directions, and eventually disappeared.

Why did he leave?Lu Xuyang was a little puzzled.

I heard the call for help so far away, and that person was clearly closer, and it should not be heard.

What is the reason.Let him not save him while discovering people, but pretend not to find it?

This is a matter of others. Lu Xuyang is too lazy to think about it. If the person is not saved, it is estimated that he will die in that swamp.

To be honest.If it wasn't for force, Lu Xuyang wouldn't want to go out at all.

This is already a deep part of Shennongjia.He was carrying a small men's leather bag like this.Even the food can't be installed, and the clothes on his body are still so good, and there are no other equipment. It is strange that others are not doubted.

Save people's life, win the seventh -level floating slaughter!

Seeing that the fellow citizen was killed, he couldn't reach his heart.So people still have to save.However, in order not to expose the secret, you can cover your face when you get to reveal the secret. Just leave immediately after the salvation. Anyway, you can see that this person has a companion.

I found it in the mysterious bag.In the end, Lu Xuyang found a motorcycle helmet.He took his helmet on his head and walked out.In the marsh, that person was completely desperate. He didn't struggle, and he shouted again, but acknowledged that he was paralyzed inside like this.

"Do you need help?"

Even if it is saving people, then he wants him to live, otherwise he is too lazy to spend such hands and feet.

When he heard Lu Xuyang's words, there was a hint of hope in the eyes of the man.

"Save me!" The man asked.

Lu Xuyang threw the strong son in his hand: "Catch! Hurry up, I pull you up."

The man stretched his hands happily, grabbing Lu Xuyang and throwing it.The rope.

Finally, the man was pulled up by Lu Xuyang.

"Thank you, thank you!" As soon as the man went ashore, he rushed to Xuyang.

"You are polite, anyone will reach out! You should have a companion? I'll go first." Lu Xuyang ignored the man and left.

Although he wanted to talk to him more, after all, he was alone for so many days.But if he continues, he will definitely ask himself to meet him with his associates.People are mixed, and if they accidentally discover their secrets by themselves, they will be troublesome.

And Lu Xuyang didn't want to get along with the associates of those people, but he saw that that person could save him but pretend that he didn't hear and turned around. It was definitely not a good person.What's more, he still has a gun in his hands.


"Enren, wait for me!"

"Is there anything?" Lu Xuyang frowned and stopped.

"Is the benefactor come to find the white bear?"

"White bear?" Lu Xuyang asked doubt: "Isn't the white bear be a polar bear?> "The benefactor knows that there are white bears in this god of farm!"

"Oh? Have you ever seen it? What does it look like? Is it the same as polar bears?" Lu Xuyang asked curiously.

"Of course I have seen it!" The man replied for it affirmed: "I was rushed to the swamp by that white bear! The white bear was all white hair, and the head was large.The two ears are erected. Except for the longer mouth, it is similar to the giant panda, but it is a bit like a black bear. I can't say it! "

Suddenly what he thought of, the man rushed to Lu XuyangAsked: "Didn't you come to the white bear?"

"No!" Lu Xuyang shook his head and rushed his face to the humanity: "I'm here to find the savage! So, we look forThe things are different. Don't follow me anymore, go back and find your companion! "After that, Lu Xuyang turned and left.

"Hey!! Enong! Wait for me!"

Seeing Lu Xuyang's leave, the man quickly chased it: "Ehong, how inconvenient you are, or we still follow usLet's find it together, I am also curious about the savage. "

" No! You go to your companion! "Lu Xuyang refused the man and walked forward.

"Eungong, just go with us, look at me, just walk away with your companions. No one will help in the event of danger.It is estimated that there will be no other people. What dangerous you encounter? "The man persuaded Lu Xuyang and talked warmly.

In fact, he is also right.Unfortunately, Lu Xuyang has an yin and yang mirror, so the problems he said are not a problem.However, they were a burden for Lu Xuyang.