di wu bai san shi er zhang huo lian cheng bao

The saints of Tiangan are not painful now.In order to cover up their identities, they have not used the five elements of the yin and yang world.But everyone maintains the best magic state.Although the layer of body surface, the pornographic stones keep them constantly suffering from heat.However, the external heat is also unbearable as much as possible.The Holy Yanjia on them played an important role.The deeper the world, the greater the benefits of Holy Yanjia.Not only can regulate their body temperature, but also to prevent the internal invasion of fire, help them maintain the magic in their bodies as much as possible.Moreover, for three months, they gradually adapted to the environment here.After all, it is gradually deepening, not a place where the temperature is extremely high.So I can bear it, but I am not very comfortable.

The rich fire element is also a kind of exercise for the saints of the Tiangan, and exercise how they survive where they are thin and without their own attribute elements.Also exercise their ability to resist other elements.Although their progress is not comparable to Ji Kimong, except for Akin, everyone's magic has improved the level.Especially Du Xin'er, Du Ming and Lan Baoer, who are weaker, are now getting closer and closer to the 80th level.

Ji Shi did not summon the Danan Shenghuo Dragon to fly again. Without permission, flying on the fifteenth floor is also taboo.They can only walk towards a castle.

"It's really uncomfortable here." Du Xin'er whispered.

Among the five elements, fire classes, water, fire, wood fire, therefore.The magicians of the wood, water, and Jin tribe are uncomfortable here.Frey, who is only Miao Miao, Wolf Sky and Thunderbolt, is slightly more comfortable, of course, this is relatively speaking.

Ji moved to Du Xin'er, and said, "Xin'er, if you feel uncomfortable, tell me. The fifteenth floor temperature has risen again. And, here is completely gone here.The elements of your respective attributes. When you have to do it, don't make it easy. This is not only the strong, but also the place where you use it for everyone. Do you remember what I said when I entered the third floor?At that time, no one is raes. "

A three -month -old journey, in the five elements, Ji Dong has a majesty than before, and his partners are more convinced of him.EssenceThe joint trials in the past three months have also made the Tiangan saints truly find the tacit understanding between each other.Although he was unwilling, no one violated Ji Shi's intention, including Frey, all nodded.

The saints of the Tiangan went quickly. From a distance, the castles they selected have become clearer.The three castles were almost the same, all of which were built on the mountain. Ji moved to look far away, and immediately found that outside the gate of this castle, it was not guarding the Demons.Obviously, his choice has a 50 % chance of coming to Huolian.

Everyone speeded up and finally came to the front of the castle. When they saw the appearance in front of the castle, they couldn't help but have funny.I don't know if it is to imitate the city of the human world.There is even this wide river in front of the castle. Of course, it is not the river, but the magma.In addition to funny, there are shocks.Because the castle presented in front of them is too dazzling.Except for Chen Sixuan, no one has seen such a shocking building.

When in the distance, everyone could only see a crystal red piece, and the high temperature caused the air to distort, making everyone's eyes very far.In this high -temperature world, even the exploration range and accuracy of the power of the soul will be affected to a certain except. Except for Ji Kimong, the power perception of other people's soul is difficult to exceed 100 meters away.

At this time, it was already in front of it, and what I saw was completely different. The huge castle was built on the mountain.It is far more than eighty degrees, and the steaming water -like air is constantly twisted.The huge suspension bridge is completely carved from stone carving, on both sides of the strait, which can make the heart creatures pass.

After the suspension bridge.The main door of the castle is thirty meters high. The huge city walls are extremely magnificent. The most shocking thing is that in front of the eyes, the huge castle, which is high, is completely repaired with the red crystal rock.Imagine, how can such a castle like a ruby carved not given a dazzling feeling?

The world of heart is reached the fifteenth floor, which is originally a fiery world. The color of this castle is particularly transparent. The hot temperature, the dazzling huge castle, gave people a kind ofFeeling.

The breathing of the saints of the Tiangan can not help but have a few points. This is the core of the world of the world. They can be proud of being able to come here.Ji Shi can even be sure that before they, rarely human beings can come here.

"Go, let's go in." Ji moved to calm down his inner excitement. His excitement was not because of the magnificent spirit of the castle in front of him, but because he thought of this place that belonged to the flame rule.For the world of heart, Ji Shi always has a special emotion, all of which are because of the flames.

Entering the suspension bridge, Ji Shi immediately felt the magic of the partners began to consume.Below is the magma river. The temperature here is as high as more than three hundred meters. If you do not use magic to resist, the saints of Tiangan are unbearable.This is also no way.

When they came to the entrance of the castle, everyone was staying again, and there were only two people who stood there to guard the gate.Their appearance is not different from humans.Tall figure, dark red long skirt, and long -fie red hair, they are actually two stunning women.They just stood there quietly, and there was no expression on their faces, but it was enough to bring a kind of intangible deterrent to everyone.

Whether it is Ji Shi or the saints of Heaven, the moment they saw these two women, they were shocking.Especially everyone who has experienced the Holy Evil Island is a bit dull.

Although the appearance and flames of the two women in front of them are not the same, their clothes, hair colors, and even tall figures and rich fire elements around their bodies are simply replica of flames!

Ji moved his steps, and his body trembled uncontrollably. He did not expect that his luck was so good, and the random choice really came directly to the castle of Hualian.

Flame, this is your family!Ji Tong's heart was irresistible to rises crazy thoughts. Although the two women in front of them were not as perfect as the flames, but when they saw them, Ji Shi seemed to see what he had encountered in the earth's heart world for the first time.Flame, his calm emotions almost couldn't control.

A cold hand holds Ji's tight fist gently, and the fresh and fullness of life is quietly flowing into Ji's palm.The excited mood slowly calmed down after a slight shock.

When he turned his head, Chen Sixuan didn't know when he had come to him. A small hand drilled out of the crystal of the body, holding his hand, and injecting his own ultimate Otsuki magic into it intoTo your body.

You know, she is undoubtedly consuming the magic that she cannot recover, but she still does it.Ji Shi looked at Chen Sixuan, looking at the woman who looked like a flame in front of him, hidden in the eyes under the mask, and could not help showing a complex light.

Si Xuan, why are you so good to me.If I know you first.I'm afraid I will never have less feelings for you than the flames.How generous to me is, let me know the flames and you one after another.However, how unfair it is to you, let you fall in love with me.

Passing to Chen Sixuan a signal that he has no problem with the soul. Chen Sixuan did not entangle, and quietly retracted his hands.It seems like things.But the more this, the silent emotions of moisturizing things can most touch Ji's heart.

Inhalery, Ji Shi has gone before.There is no doubt that the two guards guarded in front of the city gate are the people of the Lotus.In the face of Ji Kimong, they did not stop, but they looked a little curious to look at Ji's armor.Since the exit of the 15th floor can be proved to be legal.They naturally don't need to stop.However, Ji Shi can clearly feel that the two Lotus people are clearly comparable to the tenth -order Warcraft or the strong.

In the human world, if anyone tells them, let the two supreme strong people come to see the door, who dares to believe it?However, the Lotus castle in this heart world has happened.

According to the news from Ji Shi, among the three strong tribe of the world, the number of people in the Lotus tribe is the least.But to talk about the average combat ability, they are the strongest.Like the fire demon and Huoling tribe, the ordinary people are only cultivated in the ninth order. At the time of birth, there is about eight -level strength.Only this Lotus tribe, from the beginning of birth, has reached the tenth level.If it wasn't for the reproduction and awakening of the Huolian tribe, it would be too slow, and I am afraid that the whole world will have been ruled by them.Of course, when the flames were still alive before, the Lotus tribe could be said to be the royal family of the earth -hearted world.

The saints of Tiangan have entered the castle of Hualian, and they were surprised to see the streets, like the streets in human cities.On both sides of the street, it turned out to be a Linli shop.It's just that things traded here are completely different from the human world.After entering the castle, the temperature dropped a bit, but it was different from when it was just entered the fifteenth floor.The temperature in this castle is as high as one Baidu, and the boiling point of water is burning.Obviously, this is caused by these flames of the castle.

Ji moved his heart, he almost immediately thought of the origin of these shops.Obviously, this was the idea of brought back when the flames did not know him before going to the human world.I am afraid that among the three big castles, only the Huolian people have such streets.

In fact, Ji Shi's guess is completely correct. Fire Lotus Castle is not only the territory of the Huolian tribe, but also the highest trading of the entire world world.Trading here is all kinds of treasures in the world.

Just passing through three shops, Ji Shi saw a spar that made him familiar in front of a shop door, the kind of spar that was used to create the core elder token.

The spar is placed on a red crystal stone platform, exuding a strong flavor of fire.

"Everyone is waiting for me." Ji moved a big step and walked into that shop. The other saints and two elements were outside.

Ji moves into the shop. This shop is very large, but there are not many things in it. Ji Yun saw various red spar at a glance.Almost all he wants.It is just that the quality is different from the breath of color and fire element.The deeper the color, the better the quality of the stone.

"What do you want to buy." The cold and pleasant voice sounded.Hearing this voice, Ji Shi suddenly thought it was hearing himself, and suddenly turned back.I saw a woman from the door on the side.

Seeing this woman, Ji Shi just felt that his breathing seemed to stop.Because the woman's appearance is similar to the flames.Only some subtle places are different from the flames, and her temperament is much colder than the flame.

She is not a flame, she is not a flame.Ji Dong shouted desperately in his heart.He was afraid that he couldn't help but rush up and hug her.

The woman in a red skirt couldn't help but frowned at the sluggish look, "Which family are you. Then continue to stare at me, I will wipe you."

She is really not a flame. A strong disappointment rushed to Ji Jing's heart. Just now the woman in red frowning was different from the flames, although it was extremely moving.But when the flames were looking at yourself, the gentle charm was without the restrained majesty of the flame.

The woman in the red clothes saw that Ji moved to stand there after listening to herself, and looked at herself for a moment, her eyes suddenly rose up.The lotus step at his feet moved lightly, and almost just flickered, he came to Ji Shi.When the chest had a palm, he patted it lightly to the position of Ji Shi's chest.

Ji Shi's dull eyes suddenly reappeared. Seeing that the woman in red patted the red lush palm towards his chest, he didn't dodge.

Without any sound, the woman's right palm has been imprinted on Ji Jing's chest. In the next moment, Ji Xun's whole person has flew out like an artillery shell, slamming, hitting a fierce bump, hitting fiercelyOn the solid wall behind.

The hardness of the wall is far more than any material in Ji's knowledge. He branded half a foot, but the wall was not signs of half a break.

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