Chapter 008 Agile Bonus


Standing in front of his heart, Lu Xuyang is a bit cramped, but strangely, Zheng Xiyi talks with him very naturally. The two are like a familiar old friend.Zi Zi's attitude towards herself was too enthusiastic. She had never taken the initiative to say a word with herself before. Even if she met halfway, she nodded and expressed a little bit.

After a while, there were a few more boys. Lu Xuyang confessed that most of them were old students in the fourth class of junior high school, and two or three were in low grades. Everyone greeted each other. ThenLin Dongjun told Zheng Xiyi: "I and the three monkeys and I went to the team members of the team in the five class first. You can wait for your brother here. He just called me and should soon come."

"Well. Okay." Zheng Xiyi agreed, but didn't look back, his eyes still fell on Lu Xuyang's face.

Lu Xuyang was a little numb by her. After Lin Dongjun and others walked into the door, his footsteps were not controlled, and he couldn't move.

"You have a very special taste on you." This sentence that Zheng Xiyi confused made Lu Xuyang irrelevant and shocked a cold sweat.The strong black roses, the skill "Dark incense Blossom" attached to the "Flower Flowers" does not know if he has put it in Zheng Xiyi, anyway, Qiubo has already been sent several times.

Zheng Xiyi's expression did not show the slightest disgusting, which shows that the flowers are not disturbed, and they thought they would cause their unnecessary embarrassments: "Oh ..."> Lu Xuyang just smiled. At this time, he didn't know what to say. Zheng Xiyi asked him to answer a word, and sometimes the other party asked "points on your ideas".Smile.

After Zheng Xiyi's brother Zheng Xile drove the motorcycle, the three people talked and walked slowly to the basketball court in the Quality Supervision Bureau.What are the people who talk to the fifth class on the stool.

"I didn't come, who did you call us to fight with? Do you think this basketball game is still interesting!"Full armed, at this time, with an angry tone, a big muscle is a big head. Look at that posture should be the eldest brother in the team. The meaning of his words is very clear.He didn't want to play in the fourth class.

"He can't come. Xiang Xiuhai, the two of our teams play only the friendly match, do you value the result of the game so? Everyone is a person from Jingyang School.It's not easy, don't just play and make fun. You see, the female classmate Zheng Xiyi has come to support, so don't let everyone sweep this interest! "Lin Dongjun blushed and asked, he really didn't understandThis guy is still so indispensable.

Xiang Xiu Haiyang started, squinting his eyes and Zheng Xiyi beside the court, whispered: "If you are not saying that Huangpu Middle School’ s school flowers and Zhang Mao come, then I will have a goal! Haha!, The more she becomes more beautiful ... Hey, you won't you just call the boy to replace the position of Zhang Mao's head? Joke, we are not to be the coach to accompany the field, but come to find the "Little Flying Man" Zhang Mao Tou to study.The ball skills! Seeing his counsel, it is a big problem to determine whether he can touch the ball! "

" Don't look down on people, he played basketball in school when he was in junior high school.Once, people are willing to make full face ... "Lin Dongjun looked at Lu Xuyang's eyes and argued for him.

"He gave you face, care about my bird!" Xiang Xiudi said he took out a pack of cigarettes, pinched a lighter, and sucked.

"Okay, don't fight if you don't fight! Who do you think you are, others call you 'Yao Ming's second generation', you really dominate the NBA!" Lin Dongjun's temperament is also very stubborn,He couldn't hear the ridicule of others. At the moment he saw Xiang Xiuhai's self -righteous look, and the anger of the nest of his belly finally burst out. After that, he would leave, but he was pulled by the people in his team.

"Fight! Dongzi, why don't we play!" That was the senior of the senior high school, Cen Chao. This person has a certain influence in the school basketball team of Huangpu Middle School.A fell on the court hate, and said to Xianghai solemnly, "Since you care about the results of the game so, then the two teams will take a formal test. All rules will be based on international balls.Don't start in the front of the winner, "BasketballDo you mean that you are better than me? "Xiang Xianghai stared at his eyes, and his anger was quite arrogant.

"I didn't start. Whoever said in the end is not allowed!" Cen Chao stood up slowly, compared with his little finger, he seemed to be unconvinced in his bones.The strength.

"Okay! Brother is to play with you, really *** I don't cry without crying!"Warm up.

Lin Dongjun took a breath and walked in front of Lu Xuyang, and told him deliberately. The game began immediately and told him to prepare as one in the alternate team.

Lu Xuyang looked at the opponent like a tiger like a tiger. It is inevitable that there is a timid psychology. Think about it for a long time. I have n’t played basketball for a long time.Beauty Zheng Xiyi was looking forward to it, and Lin Dongjun invited himself again, so he only agreed with his head.

"Let's relax. Just try your best." Lin Dongjun patted Lu Xuyang's shoulder, signaling that he didn't have to care too much.

The first game of the ball did not last long. Lu Xuyang suddenly felt a hurry in the crotch. He probably drank more water at noon and excreted excess. But he didn't know where the nearby toilet was.

Lu Xuyang is about to return to the school to solve this disturbing boss's difficult problem. It is at this mouth, but who knows that Zheng Xiyi in the side wakes up "urgent urgency": "You ... are you going to the bathroom? Well, walk in from the door, on the right side of the third floor. "

" Um. Okay. Thank you! "Lu Xuyang sweaty, what's the matter, Zheng XiyiWhy suddenly became a tapeworm in his belly, he could see his eyes even when he was anxious to urinate!

"What are you going to stay? Don't you tell me to accompany you?" Zheng Xiyi said.

"No, I can go alone." Lu Xuyang quickly shook God and smiled stupidly, and then turned around, and then rushed towards Zheng Xiyi's direction.

The place where the government personnel office work is different. Even the toilet is cleaned so clean and bright, and the order is well -organized.In this case, the skills on the ‘desire blood burning the black rose’ ’“ Dark Fragrance Emerging Sleeve ”really played a role in Zheng Xiyi, otherwise she would pay attention to me like that? Well, if not, then it’ s completely unreasonable.

Lu Xuyang is a good trouser belt, and takes out the roses stuck in the pocket and look at it. I almost didn't cry to death.He quickly relieved that he had learned skills subconsciously, and it didn't matter if it was spent on his body. Besides, isn't his charm value already possess a place in Zheng Xiyi's mind? It is enough to have her appreciation!

So Lu Xuyang threw the flowers into the schoolbag. Before walking out of the bathroom, he suddenly thought of Lin Dongjun who was in the game.High, but if I can't grab the ball or be stopped by the opponent, then there is also no play! If this ring has added a new attribute, such as dodge, agile ... "

"Oh, yes! Why didn't I think of this problem before!"

Lu Xuyang slammed his thighs, he knew that in the game, the characters on the characters, necklaces and other jewelry equipment can be specified by specifying the designated characters.The NPC uses related spiritual media or props to process and recreate it to exercise high -quality items with new types of attributes. For example, a necklace with crit rate and crit damage can add the ultimate effect of new skills to dodge.

"'Yin and Yang two sides' mirrors' can improve the attributes of ordinary items in reality in nature, so what will it affect the changing super items!"The extremely curious psychology hid in the grid, and then took out the psychiatric mirror to test the "transportation ring" on the finger.

"A transport rate+8%of the transportation ring has disappeared. Congratulations, the blood refining is successful, you get a handling ring, the lucky rate is+10%, adding ordinary dodge 25 points,And with a skill of all kinds of skills ... Zhangkou made a loud shout. Within ten minutes, your friends around you have increased confidence by 5%and the strength is 1.2 times. Each method is applied, you will consume 150 points. At the same time, you have 30 30 points. At the same time, you have 30 30 points.%The probability of immune is in the state of all external causes. The cooling time is 15 minutes ... for life, it cannot be destroyed ... "

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