Chapter 007 Favorite Beauty


The rose flower is a very ordinary flower in the flower market. The general soil can be easily planted.Undead the undefeated rose, but in comparison, the roses are "leading flowers

At this moment, the so -called "desire blood burning black roses" that Lu Xuyang's right hand gently pinched like a "black beauty".Let's look at the black gold silk shining on the petals. The black is noble and mysterious. It will subconsciously emit a thrill of desire!

After Lu Xuyang retracted the "Yin and Yang Mirror" to the schoolbag, he couldn't help but stun the black rose in his hand, thinking that the item information displayed on the mirror was not prompted. "If the character is bound to be unable to trade, "it seems that this strange strange style may be given to it, but soon he thought of the weird skill" Dark incense Sleeve "attached to the rose.

"I don't know if I learned about it? Qiu Bo was in the goal, and he was unbelievable, this ..." Lu Xuyang took his follow, and thought, of course, he understood "Qiu BoDoesn't it mean "autumn spinach

Lu Xuyang wanted to understand a lot of this, and it was suddenly refreshing in his heart. The skills of this flower are really perverted and inhuman, but it is quite in line with my heart. Imagine which beautiful MM is once once.After winning the Qiu Bo that rolled forward, the effect was "the heart of the heart

The more I think about the more sex, Lu Xuyang suddenly feels that this skill is a bit flawed. If you accidentally put the "Dark incense Sleeve" skill by mistake, the consequences are simply unimaginable.It is not possible to take a crooked road yet, and the other kind of love is still allowed to enjoy others.

Lu Xuyang hit a tremor when he was on the moment.At that time, I was afraid that even the skills evaporated from the flowers: "Who did I like? She ...? She ... I have never said a word with him for three years, but now she is not inIn our class, I want to make an idea on her is a delusion! "

Lu Xuyang subconsciously looked at the" transportation ring "between the fingers, and suddenly a bitter smile was squeezed out of the corner of the mouth, and his heart was naturally born.For a while, I really liked a girl, but it was just a wishfulness of my wishfulness, and the other party may not even call her name at this moment.

There is a distance from school to home. On weekdays, Lu Xuyang is riding the charge card between the two places on the two places, but the bicycle has not been angry.The impotence is falling, and now it is placed in the garbage nomin in the hall, waiting to be treated as a waste copper and rotten iron, and he is unwilling to take a bus, because there is no direct vehicle, you have to spend four or five dollars in the car.It is better to save online, just exercise the leg bones.

"Go away, strong muscles, good health, how wonderful life is!"

Lu Xuyang is not A Q, but there is also a spiritual victory method.To comfort yourself instinctively and make your mentality balance, it is a key element in healthy life.

Luo Xuyang inadvertently saw a girl wearing a blue skirt at the gate of the District Quality Inspection and Supervision Bureau.

At that moment, Lu Xuyang couldn't help but jumped: "It's a coincidence, how can she appear here! Why can't she ..."

Unexpectedly, she is her junior high school classmate. She is also studying in Huangpu Middle School, and it is near the five classes nearby, but now two people are basically like two parallel straight lines.It's right.

Some girls, just looking at her appearance will keep you in mind, sleeping is difficult, and Zheng Xiyi is a typical one among these leaders.The ordinary student head, but the face is exquisitely like a doll in the child's dream. No matter how you dress it, it can't hide its dazzling glory, it is charming and cute.

Lu Xuyang clearly remembers that at the beginning of the junior high school, he always insisted on sitting in the seat not far from Zheng Xiyi's back row, so that even if he didn't want to listen, there was a catalyst that he was in a daze. Zheng Xiyi's image was enough to use "sweetness".This word describes that her personality and her temperament, nor is it all the types of people who love flowers and flowers.

It has been over the past few years now. Seeing that you will graduate in high school and enter college, but Lu Xuyang still has a kind of obsession with Zheng Xiyi.It is well -known. I originally wanted to take the opportunity to go forward and talk about one or two sentences, but I often avoided the front of her around her front. Alas, there is a kind of pain., I ’m so hard to find an ordinary boy like you who are thrown into the crowd. Why do you pay special attention to you?

Lu Xuyang suddenly stood up and stared at Zheng Xiyi. His unwilling thoughts, he had a secretly loved girl who had been in love for so many years.I can talk to her a few steps. If I live in a few more days, it is difficult to see her face, and then this relationship will have to die.

Zheng Xiyi looked sideways to the square in the Quality Supervision Bureau. She seemed to be waiting for something. Who would have a boy who liked it? Lu Xuyang imagined.

I don't know why, the "Blood Burning Black Rose" in my hand suddenly exudes an intoxicating aroma, which is strong and unpleasant.

"Lu Xuyang, it's you, so coincident! What are you doing here!"

Lu Xuyang is facing Zheng Xiyi in the eyes of the autumn wave in his eyes.People, the shoulders were filmed by that girl heavily, and almost shocked the soul.

"Lin Dongjun! Oh, it is really a coincidence ..." Lu Xuyang turned around, and the boy at the moment he looked tall, at least one meter seven or eight, and his appearance was beautiful.The red basketball suit is holding a new basketball with both hands. Presumably, it must be a standard basketball venue for the Quality Supervision Institute.

Lin Dongjun is Lu Xuyang's junior high school classmates. At that time, the relationship between the two was still close. Several times became the same table. Lin Dongjun did not tell Lu Xuyang's ear in the ear. In fact, this kid is also Zheng Xiyi's rice.And the extreme crazy one. His pursuit of Miss Zheng was inspected by everyone. Some things were often like this. Once the light was exposed, he lost that layer of beauty.

Lu Xuyang can also clearly remember that at the party who was about to graduate in the third year, it was exactly the birthday party of the study committee, Zheng Xiyi.The nervousness was impulsive, and he even carried the big speaker borrowed from the school office. Regardless of the feelings of everyone, he shouted at the teaching building where the third class was located:

"Zheng Xiyi of Class on the third day of the second floor (4) listened, your heart has been surrounded by my love group. You have no room for escape, quickly agreed to your heart, let go of your weapon to surrender ... FrankWide, resisting strictness, as long as you accept my wide love, I promise to miss you miss you again, love you and love you, like mice love rice, will never give up you ... "

This kind of unknown confession and love is definitely imagined by only genius levels, but the result is unbearable. The poor Lin Dongjun not only did not usher in Zheng Xiyi's movement, but was being touched.Her cake was shot on the ground: "Stink boy, you are not long, you can learn others lying on the wall and wait for red apricots.It is gloriously nicknamed "Cake". The cake is sweet and full of mouth, but at the same time it is a brick weapon. The blood case caused by a cake is not a small number!

"... It is said that the two of them later became good friends ..." Lu Xuyang accidentally remembered that he felt warm when he was so worry -free time in junior high school.The sign: "Zheng Xiyi waited for him? Could it be that the two of them ... Breaking the mirror? Have they broken the mirror?"

"Lu Xuyang, have you free from school? Go, go to the game! We go!There is just a person in the team. Zhang Maotou's There is just a person in the team. Zhang Maotou's bastard had already made an appointment but changed his hexagram and said that he was going to play football. He was the old classmates of Jingyang School! "Lin Dongjun looked at Lu Xuyang with a smile, hoping that he would make up a vacancy.

Lu Xuyang shook his head and laughed: "I haven't touched the ball for more than two years, I am sparse, I'm afraid I can't play well, I will lose points."
"It's okay. Why are you?I remember that you used to play well in the basketball. Go, the score is not important. The key is that everyone is happy. "Lin Dongjun could not help but push Lu Xuyang to the door of the Quality Supervision Bureau.

When he walked in front of Zheng Xiyi, Lu Xuyang secretly stuffed the flower into his pants pocket. Zheng Xiyi looked back and stared at him. For a while, she stared at Lu Xuyang with a smile.

"Hexi, don't you know him anymore? Our old classmates in our fourth class, called Lu Xuyang, who is called" Mr. Dreamwomy "!" Lin Dongjun hurriedly introduced.

Lu Xuyang heard that he talked about his aliases "Mr. Monter" and couldn't help but remember it.A lot of jokes have been dropped.

"Mr. Youwen? Lu Xuyang? I know. You seem to be a very familiar person!" Zheng Xiyi laughed and laughed on the left cheek on the left cheek.Looking at each other with Lu Xuyang, what is "very familiar person" is the "person"!

Zheng Xiyi's eyes are still settling on Lu Xuyang's face for a moment. She seemed to observe something that made her very hearty.

"Is my face growing?" Lu Xuyang was stuffy, swept his face, and only touched the big mole in the corner of the right eye. Hey, it was not a place, which hindered that it was hinderedObservation!

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