Chapter 006 Charm Flower


Teacher Li did not believe in the classmate Lu Xuyang, but he couldn't accept the scarlet test papers with more than 140 points, and replaced him in the third year of high school (7).A teacher, I am afraid that it is difficult to face this huge contrast that it is enough to make the heaven and earth shock and the ghosts cry!

"Lu Xuyang, I remember the last monthly exam, your math scores seem to be only eighty points? This ... Suddenly, the score was too high.Can you explain to the teacher clearly? "

Teacher Li saw Lu Xuyang's look of calmness from beginning to end, and a strong and powerful bear.In this way, the tone of the "Four Eyes Chicken" spoken suddenly was a lot calm, and his eyes no longer stared at Lu Xuyang.

"Teacher Li, you often tell us that to see the problem with the development of development, you cannot be limited to the past and present of things. From time to time, you must think about it.Thinking, a stinky fish in a dead pond also rushed out of the gutter to travel to the sea, let alone a person with a senior brain? So, I only got 76 points in the last month.The page turned over. Today, I, and tomorrow, I am brand new. It is true self ... "Lu Xuyang pinched the ghost pen in his right hand, and his left hand could not hold his heart."The principle of great truth" was spoken by him, and he only heard Mr. Li Zhang's mouth, but wanted to laugh, but he cried.

Teacher Liu, who was sitting quietly at the desk next to the desk, also heard the theory of Marxist world view of Lu Xuyang's "development is the last word of development".Lu Xuyang got up.

If in normal times, teachers generally do not pay attention to the "bottom line stocks" who want to throw and be able to throw them out. Anyway, there is nothing to do on them.The behavior does not "disrupt the heart of the army".

"Lv Xuyang, you say it is good. But, Mr. Li asked you, you can answer it frankly."

Mr. Liu is a kind woman in his thirties in his thirties.In the minds of the classmates, she is still responsible, but then again, Lu Xuyang's impression of her is not very good. This teacher is a bit eccentric.Bing, she looks like her own son.

Lu Xuyang smiled politely towards Teacher Liu, and then picked up a white paper roll on the table with his hand, and said without saying, he leaned and wrote the answer.

This simulation test paper is the one just done. Lu Xuyang has a ghost pen who can automatically correct the answer in his hands. After a while, the real answer is continuously revealed.And the hand is still fluent and natural, meticulous!

It is really a miracle!

If you have not experienced four eyes, then even at this moment, even the life of Teacher Li will not believe that this scene is more than seeing the ghost.With a trace of pause, even if his answer really used the three abuses, it was a perfect genius in the hand!

"Teacher Li, okay. You compare it again, see if there is something wrong." Lu Xuyang successfully finished the last answer sheet and put away the ghost pen as soon as possible, he poured it downA little worried, Teacher Li would doubt his own head.

Teacher Li subconsciously took off the glasses and rubbed his eyes with the power of breastfeeding. It wasn't until he couldn't see it again, so he took a breath: "This student is really god!Said, this is strange. He is one of the percentage of people in the class, and no one has seen this simulation volume except for the teachers in the mathematics group.> "Teacher Li, can I go back to the classroom now?" Lu Xuyang pretended to look at the broken electronic watch in his hand, and said impatiently, "I am watching English review information.Improved. "

Teacher Li put on the old flower mirror and pursed:" It's okay. You go. "

When Lu Xuyang walked out of the office, he almost laughed., Cool, never so refreshing, the sun on the window passed through the corridor and sprinkled on his shoulders. With this way, he felt that he was relieved of freedom.Nothing or not, because you are bad students, you are not enough in terms of learning.

After returning to the classroom, Lu Xuyang discovered that "nerd Li" still fluttered on the draft paper and scratched the liver.After all from "A" to "D

"Zhang Feifei, 85 points! Liu Xiaofeng 86 points! Huang Haitao 78 points ..."

In the last self -study class, the squad leader Mo Weiwei passed on the test papers of the two mathematics lessons,Every time she read a classmate's score, there was a sound in the classroom, and she didn't know whether the group was praising or out of the mockery.

"Lu Xuyang ..." Mo Weiwei's shouts stopped abruptly, and her eyes fell to Lu Xuyang, who was holding Erlang's legs holding "Jiangshan so much" in "Review English".

"What's wrong?" Lu Xuyang's call for the beauty of the beauty was still very powerful. At the moment he turned around and looked at it, and saw that Ban Hua's two big eyes were about to stare out.In the exaggerated mouth shape, it can definitely plug in two over -code salted duck eggs in a row.

"You ... you took 142 points ..." Mo Wei slightly stunned for a long time before swallowing the two salted duck eggs, blinked his eyes, and announced a trembling sound.

"142!" Not only did they be slightly, but even Li Xuanjun, who was highly calm and unbearable, also showed an extremely surprised expression.

"Blast, rare and weird!"

Lu Xuyang got the glorious paper, and looked at it twice casually, and suddenly found out that the score was lost.On the last question step of the answer step, Mr. Li made a label and made a question: "The linear algebra of university can be applied to the answer method? Unreasonable!"

"Skylord! "Lu Xuyang compared his middle finger, two consecutive times. At this time, Teacher Li was not in front of him, otherwise it would be difficult to escape the curse of his" contempt "!

As soon as the ringing sound of school rang, Lu Xuyang ran out of the schoolbag and ran out of the classroom with a smoke "so many coquettish".Dear, you fly slowly, be careful of the roses in front of you ... dear, come to dance, the spring of love will not be dark ... "

When passing by the flower bed next to the school door, Lu Xuyang saw the surroundings aroundNo one, a white rose flower was folded in the sheep, and the flowers bloomed and folded.It ’s also white, who does n’t pick it up!

This time Lu Xuyang was really happy. When he took this score -to -scoring test, he returned to his house and placed it in front of his parents and grandfather.

The fresh floral fragrance of the nose, Lu Xuyang touched the ghost pen in his arms, and suddenly thought of the "yin and yang two -sided mirror" in the backpack.To its own equipment, its additional attributes have a certain relationship with the function of the original items. For example, that ordinary iron ring, after improving quality evolution, it generates a "transportation ring".Not only in the game, it is often mentioned in movie and TV series. It is like a "power ring". The same is true of ghost pen. Its franchise attributes are added to the word "writing".

"The general daily necessities can upgrade and add attributes. Then I do n’t know if the living things can be ..."

Lu Xuyang began to divertive thinking, holding a branch in his hand, he was holding a branch in his hand.Are you pretty flowers, maybe take it to test it and look at it.

So, Lu Xuyang hid in an empty alley on the wall of the school wall, unbuttoned the schoolbag, and pulled out the yin and yang mirror.

"A flowing rose flowers have disappeared. Congratulations to you, successful refining, you get a blood burning black rose. Your love value permanently increases 88.For the goal, the heart is good, the effective cast distance is 50 meters ... Within half a year, your charm index will increase by 80%. At the same time, you have a 52%probability that the target has a special effect on you ...... "