Chapter 117 Lao Tzu is grabbing

Overlapped together, such power is explosive, but continuous attacks are like a wave, and the power is also amazing.

What he wants to do is to shock the enemy with one shot.There is no light and obscure, no low -key, no tolerance, what is dazzling and dazzling in hell.

In the powerful people, such as the Han family, such as the Sanguang City Day, Moon, Star Hall, such as the old car, such as the unpredictable ancestral court, in the eyes of these people, even if you are just you are justIt exceeded the stage of God's pattern and did not achieve Shura in the past, then you are a fart, a ants, if you don't have enough potential, if you are not dazzling enough, if you have no one to ask, even if you dieIf you have the ability, you are valuable, then you are qualified for training, so you are safe enough. They will guard you, and no one dares to secretly start with a genius. Only when facing various alien monsters in hell,They will not care about your safety, because it is a process that everyone who wants to achieve genius must go through.

Hell, there will never be a mediocre opportunity.

Since someone sends such a good opportunity, of course, Xiao Yan will not miss it. He defeats the people at the same level in the black iron stage.City, and even the surrounding cities will not be available.

Elite originally represents that it is not easy to mess with. For ordinary people at the same level, if you want to compete with a elite, there is no problem at all.

"The" anger blood of the Huangfu family Big eyes, roaring incredible.

As the elite disciples of the Han family, they often deal with several disciples in the Hansheng City. No one will know the "Angry Blood Slawing God" in the Huangfu family. This skill can be described as famous., Able to improve the combat effectiveness of several times in an instant, how many people dream of fighting magic skills, but hell has the rules of hell, and everything is obtained in accordance with the potential rules., But if you do not follow the rules, you will be chased by the Huangfu family, never die, and recover skills.

What He Shangpan didn't expect was that this unscrupulous boy in front of him actually had the heirloom secret technique of Huangfu's family, which surprised him.The mountain shock was defeated, and the endless blades were split one after another. He couldn't avoid it. The excellent quality of the knife in his hands drew a circle in the air, and then erected in front of his chest.The skill shield was in front of him.

"The Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang's shot sound like a golden iron, the real Qi skill shield made a trembling sound, and Xiao Yan's destructive power after three times the combat power was amazing.There will be deep traces of a broken mountain crack on it. At the same time, on the weapon, there will also be traces of the destruction characteristics of the peak quality.The weapons were also unable to withstand, and they were destroyed. After a few knives, the real gas shield condensed on the knife was penetrated and crushed directly, and the weapon itself was traumatized.

"Roar -!" He Shangpan can reach the elite level, nor is it a fame. Although others are not good, the strength is real.At the moment of broken, a new true gas shield appeared in the original position.

Xiao Yan's attack was one after another, endless, there was no pause in the middle, so he couldn't avoid it at all, and he could only continue.

Xiao Yan saw He Shangpan pushed out a real qi skill shield again. After the face did not change the color, the blood color on his face also dissipated, the continuedTime is not very often, it is only a few times. It cannot be used continuously. There is no hesitation of staying. Xiao Yan flickered, followed by the real air blade of the broken mountain shot that was finally split.Essence

He Shangpan's true gas shield lived up to the hope, and finally resisted the broken mountain nine combos that broke out of Xiao Yan. After a person with such a long difference in strength, Xiao Yan used the "anger blood to kill the god".It can be forced to such a degree, but it is conceivable that if two people with almost a few people fight, one of them will suddenly make this skill.The kid's strength has been improved a little to reach the bronze level. Maybe he was cut here today, and was killed by a black iron -level person.I was embarrassed because it was too shameful.

Although Zhenqi Shield blocked all the offensives of Xiao Yan, the last broken mountain shock broke it off.It's right.

"Ding -!" A crisp sound sounded in the ear of everyone, including the crowd next to the crowds, and everyone looked clearly.Pan, because on his neck, a knife was sideways, and he was dark, but it was shining with noble orange -yellow weapons.

Prison magic blade.

"What do I see?" A onlooker said stutteringly, seemed to not believe, and he did not believe in the arrogance.What is even more unbelievable is that the weapon, the weapon, cut off the weapons in He Shangpan's hand.

Nima, excellent quality weapons, even if it is the peak quality weapon of orange -yellow light, it is just a level difference. How can it be cut off in a battle?That is an excellent quality weapon. It is not impossible to find it, but it is rare to see it. It was just cut off. How can this be possible?

Everyone does not know that Xiao Yan's 'Prison Blade' has the characteristics of destruction. This is an extremely rare attribute. The stronger the prison magic blade, the stronger this characteristic.

"You can actually cut off your knife, how can excellent quality weapons be so easy to cut off, you ... you are faked." He Shang Pan was frightened, gritted his teeth, gritted his teeth, and gritted his teeth.Said.He saw Xiao Yan who followed him and cut it towards him. In a hurry, he used weapons to resist. As long as he resisted this attack, the other party had almost no chance to fight back. I did not expect that even the weapons were broken.Destiny also pinched in the hands of others. A person who has just entered the real stage of Qi is a shame. How can he not believe that excellent quality weapons will break so easily.How can I be so rare?This is not a roadside goods!The only possibility is that it is not an excellent quality weapon. He Shangpan thinks so.

"Create a sisters!" Xiao Yan's palm fan on He Shangpan's face: "Do you make a fake for Lao Tzu?"

In hellUnder the rules, it does not reach a certain level, so the endlessness will not flashes that level of light, just like the 'prison blade' on Xiao Yan's hand, this 'prison blade' sword is actually lingering the black gasIt is more obvious and more domineering than light, but it still cannot cover the special light that belongs to the quality of weapons.

"You ... you dare to slap my slap. I ..." He Shangpan looked at Xiao Yan incredible, this person, where he was so courageous, he dared to humiliate him in public.

"Touch -!" Xiao Yan did not answer and waved directly towards him. He Shangpan wanted to avoid it, but Xiao Yan's other hand held the 'Prison Blade' with another hand., Cut a shallow wound directly on his neck, and the blood flowed out, and he could only watch his fist and smashed his fist towards his tall nose.

Sour, endlessly sour!It hurts!He Shangpan wanted to squat down with his nose, but couldn't, the neck was put on a knife, and a cold and bitter atmosphere came from the wound.Power, the whole body of the whole body is not controlled from the wound.

In the place where He Shangpan could not see, Xiao Yan was very clear, and he was surprised. The wound on the neck of He Shangpan did not flow out of the wound.All the blood absorbed into the sword body. It seems that in your spare time, think about what is the strange place in the 'prison magic blade'.

"You ... your knife ... take your knife away a little." He Shangpan felt strange and begged.It seems that the blade is more deterrent on the neck.

"Let's talk about compensation!" Xiao Yan said in a whole time, of course, he would not be so obedient to take the weapon away, and now he is controlled.

"What do you want?"

"You took my weapon, and it was broken. I just said, 250 soul stones, Chinese products."
"Why don't you grab it?" He Shangpan shouted angrily, this person is crazy, 250 Chinese soulstone, a Chinese soul stone is equivalent to one hundred and the soul stone, that is, that is, that is, that is, that is, it isTwenty -50 million soulstones, let alone silver -level excellent quality weapons. Even if it is an excellent quality weapon in the magic stage, 250 Chinese soulstone can be bought.

"Pop -!" Another ear scraper fanned: "Lao Tzu is grabbing now, this is called the other way, and you dare to give me ten times the price, I dare to dare to give me a price, I dare to dareIt will give you a hundred times the price. This is just the trading between us just now. As the mood of the fighting lover this time, you strip the two skills you just used. "

"You ... "He Shang Pan looked angrily.It was just that he was cut off his skills to cut the meat on his body.

"You can choose not to do it, let me take it by myself, otherwise I will give Lao Tzu quickly." Xiao Yan said that the prison magic blade was a little deeper into the wound.

If you don't follow, you die!Xiao Yan was not joking. If He Shangpan still gave him hard in this case now, he didn't mind slaughtered directly and then received his own loot. Anyway, it was just killing an individual. For him, who killed was not killing?There is not much difference between killing a black star beetle and killing a black star beetle.

Robbing, robbing the red ticket god horse supplement the kidneys!