Chapter III Elliplassed Pass

Zhou Tianzi asked the people to keep shouting and asked the other party to leave, but the other party had no response. Zhou Tianzi looked at the watch. It was already seven o'clock in the afternoon.It will be black, and the pioneer of the power plant will increase the risk of one second every second.

The troops there are mainly light -fitting, and the ammunition is not sufficient. If the zombies launch a total attack, it is difficult for them to keep it.

From the perspective of human beings, it is not cost -effective to eliminate 600 people in exchange for the safety of another 150 people, but if these 600 people do, they do not justice.If you blame your own, then it's another matter.

Zhou Tianzi immediately decided to counterattack. With a order, the Thunder Brigade soldiers quickly changed their infantry combat clothes.In addition, most of the bullets cannot be fired.

Each Thunder Brigade soldiers have undergone special training. Their bodies can withstand the impact of ordinary bullets. In addition, they also have another secret weapon, high -plastic bulletproof shield.

The disaster gave the pain and death that humans could not erase, but at the same time, it also promoted human scientific and technological progress. After the disaster, the original energy could not meet human needs.Forced people to make new breakthroughs in the energy field. On the other hand, based on the research of natural evolutioners, it also made rapid progress in human potential development.The secondary scientific and technological revolution has become the last hope for humans to fight disaster.

High -plastic bulletproof shield is a new type of plastic synthetic shield. After it is put away, there is only the size of the palm. After opening, it is one 5 meters high and thin as a cicada.Inspiration, of course, the premise is that the person holding the shield has the ability to afford the impact, and the Thunder Brigade's special soldiers just have this ability.

The biggest feature of this shield is that it is not a hard confrontation with the bullets like ordinary steel plates. It will be recessed when they are bombed, and the impact of bullets will be cushioned.Original.

The Thunder Brigade Soldiers were divided into three groups. The former soldiers were promoted slowly. The second group of soldiers held various types of guns behind the former soldiers, and the third group was lagging behind.Due to the advanced reconnaissance equipment, Zhou Tianzi's troops to the militants were distributed. If Zhou Tianzi had fantasies about them and did not want to destroy them, they would have been eliminated.

This is not an equal duel at all. The Thunder Brigade with advanced weapons and outstanding soldiers has already stabilized vouchers. It only requires only time proof.

As soon as half of it, the opposite militians began to shoot crazy. The Thunder Brigade's soldiers still slowly advanced under the double protection of the bulletproof shield and the newbound shelter, occupying a favorable terrain.

Although Zhou Tianzi also thought that the other party would not obey his advice, he still issued an ultimatum and asked the other party to evacuate the way quickly. After asking for no fruit, Zhou Tianzi made up his mind to pull out the nail in front of him.

Soldiers and snipers holding the bulletproof shield are scattered to occupy the highland. The two assault armored vehicles are currently driving. The tiger chariot follows closely. The remaining infantry has slowly advanced.The brigade's attack was completely incompetent. When it was only 100 meters away from the building, Zhou Tianzi ordered to organize the forced rocket launchers again for accurate blows. Just two minutes later, I saw the white flag in the opponent's building. Many armed men left the guns and surrendered.

But the scouts observed through the life detector and electronic reconnaissance bee that dozens of militants still hide behind the wall. If the soldiers of the Thunder Brigade are close to the building to receive these surrenders, they are likely to receive them.s attack.

Zhou Tianzi knows that the other party is still playing with him. Now his patience weakens over time. He picked up the microphone and said, "The people on the opposite side listen, don't be lucky, youEvery move is under my surveillance. Do you think you can not see it? "

After a while, the last batch of armed men finally gave up the attack.The surrounding path was evacuated here, and the batch of armed men on the opposite side also fled quickly along the path.

The remaining people are all wounded."These "These bastard, do n’t win, do n’t say, and leave their brothers." Zhou Tianzi cursed.

Meng Fan sighed and said: "These people are no human at all. They often ambush in various places to attack the survivors. They have also attacked us. I told you this."

Although the militants escaped, they left more than a hundred injured people. This was a problem that caused the Thunder Brigade to headaches.Medical soldiers, although they have brought many first -aid medicines, are obviously impossible to rescue more than 100 people in front of them.

If Meng Fan dealt with these wounded soldiers, he is likely to ignore it. He also let him save him.For the consequences, his heart has long been as cold as iron, but the current commander is Zhou Tianzi, not Meng Fan.

Zhou Tianzi released all the stubborn armed men who had escaped, and after no threats in the building, they ordered soldiers to rescue these injured militants.

Zhou Tianzi's kindness and humanity did not replace the return he had for him. When the two Thunder Brigade soldiers moved towards the injured who shouted "Help!It must be said that the bomb on the injured or nearby suddenly exploded, and the huge impact made the soldiers walking in front flying.Essence

Everything happened in an instant. Zhou Tianzi had no time and had no ability to find out whether the injured bomber ranged or he was tied to a time bomb or a remote control bomb by the person in his body.In short, the final result was that when Zhou Tianzi came to the flying soldier, he stopped breathing.

Zhou Tianzi did not expect that the first sacrifice soldier did not die under the sharp claws of the zombies, did not die under the muzzle of the militant, but died in the rescue of the wounded.He kept blame himself in his heart, because of his benevolence, because of his consideration, he led to the occurrence of casualties.If he is not so anxious to rescue these wounded, but with a cautious attitude, he will not use the carried equipment to scan the entire battlefield with the carried equipment, and this tragedy will not happen.

Zhou Tianzi closed his eyes sadly, but at this time, when he was not blame and sad, he must be calm as a commander, so he ordered: "The whole battlefield, the entire battlefield,Find out hidden safety hazards. "

After ten minutes, all the threats were eliminated, and more than a dozen injured people had died too much blood due to too much blood loss, but even if the rescue was timely, similar to this kind of wounded, the Thunder Brigade, the Thunder BrigadeI can't save it at all.

Medical soldiers are busy rescue the wounded, and other soldiers are responsible for concentrating the injured by the stretcher.About 70 % of the people were injured lightly, but only half of them could walk by the rescue, and another 30 % of the injured were seriously injured. They must be transferred to Beishan County Hospital as soon as possible.

The Thunder Brigade led by Zhou Tianzi cannot return at this time. He can only call Beishan County to send rescue workers.To tell the truth, it turned out that Beishan County also lacked medicine and medicine, and could not rescue these wounded.

Meng Fan also got out of the car. When he saw Zhou Tianzi's embarrassment and angry, he took out the gun coldly: "God, I'll help you solve the problem."Shooting, nearly a dozen most wounded people were killed.

Zhou Tianzi was shocked, he stepped forward to catch Meng Fan's collar: "You! Are you crazy! What are you doing?"
"You wake up! In a very time, you must use very means. You can't save them. Even if you transfer them to Beishan County, even if Beishan County takes out the medicine to save the soldiersWhat about it? These people are also seriously injured and disabled. In Beishan County, healthy people are starved to death every day. Only those who have the highest levels can enjoy special care. Do you expect Gao Qingshan to send special persons to take care of these attacks.Are the terrorists of the army? There is no living space in the world in this world, and you have delayed too much time because you have delayed it. If you are hesitant, the soldiers who set up the power plant are in dangerous situation.It may be delayed. At that time, the survivors near Guzhou are more than one hundred and two hundred. "

Zhou Tianzi loosened his hands murderous.Even if these serious wounded people are saved, they will become serious injuries. Under the current conditions of survival, this is no different from the announcement of the death penalty.

Zhou Tianzi took a deep breath and slowly spit it out. He seemed to sucked all his tragedy, decadent and confusion before spitting out. After that, he calmly ordered:"The seriously injured person gave up the rescue. Those who were inconvenient in the mild injuries got on the giant elephant armored vehicle. If they could walk behind the car, Meng Fan, I want you to take them behind, I take the Thunder Brigade's main force to quickly support the power plant."

The Thunder Brigade is now 80 kilometers from Beishan County, and only thirty kilometers away from the power plant, so Zhou Tianzi will bring the injured to the power plant.

Meng Fan nodded: "No problem, who told us to be a reserve team, but I have to be with you." Without waiting for Zhou Tianzi to say or not, Meng Fan already ordered: "DragonSaifei, the wounded to you, when I am not there, you come to direct them. If anyone disobedient, you killed me for me! "

" Yes! "Essence

The team set off again, but God created difficulties for them again. The rainstorm arrived, and it was much larger than in the afternoon.Wet, miserable.

When the Thunder Brigade rushed to the Ping An River, the small bridge marked in the electronic map had been swallowed by the sudden mountain flood. According to the military navigator, the small bridge still existed ten minutes ago.

"Scout, find the nearest path."

"Yes! Report, there is a traffic bridge from five kilometers east to the east,, Bypassing eighteen kilometers, you have to pass through the mountain forest in the middle. "

" To east! Correspondence, notify the reserve team's direction. "