Chapter 316 Strange (Bottom)

Chapter 316 is strange

In the thought of thinking, Li Jinglong's low voice sounded: "Master Lu, you sent off like this, but it looks like the army is strong.What is the intention to send such a group of elite soldiers to the West? "With his voice, wearing a purple robe and a belt, Li Jinglong, who followed more than a dozen guards, did not care about the surprise of the people on the roadside people.Eyes, he walked out.

Lu Feng crooked his head and looked at Li Jinglong, who was all full of body, and laughed in his heart: "You think you can learn Han Shizai, can you keep his future?"There was a cold smile: "Ah, it is Li Guogong, Lord Li, how, do you have any opinions on the affairs of sending the ambassador group?"

Li Jinglong made a haha, and said with a smile:"How dare to have opinions? But it is very different from others to see that the way of sending offer Lu Lu is very curious. The envoys of other countries leave Beijing are all sent to the Ministry of Rites for thirty miles, and they have exhausted their use.The royal mighty was sent out. But today I saw what Lord Lu did today, and it really was open -minded. Unlike the Ming Dynasty, the Da Ming dynasty sent a bid farewell to the state, but it was a bit like the former bid farewell team. "

LuThe wind suddenly rolled up a strong murderous spirit, the strong killing was spreading to a dozen feet, and the slight airflow rolled the dust on the ground, and a tornado that was extremely tiny near his body.He laughed deeply: "Hehehehe, Lord Li laughed, but his official just told those brothers that when he went to the West, the journey was unstable, so if you want to be careful, you must take care of the incompetent envoys.. Well, on the way, the Yuanmeng Disabled Party, the desert bandit, the Persian horses and thieves, which one is not terrible? It is a dare to die. "

。。 noddedLooking like, he laughed: "It turns out that Lord Lu felt here, but Li was misunderstood." He couldn't help eating Lu Feng's powerful coercion, and he took a few steps back without trace.Lu Feng's most prosperous place, he laughed to: "Li Mou has nothing to do with it. Let's take a look at how these western envoys have left.A must, I do n’t know that Lord Lu can have a leisure time and let Li Mou be a host? "

Lu Feng glanced deeply at Li Jinglong, and suddenly sighed:" Master Li, if you want to rely on me,Then put away your self -esteem. I want Lu Feng to be dog legs, not partners of cooperation ... Sorry, Majesty wants his official to enter the palace, so accompany it. "The arch of the arch, Lu Feng again, again deeper againDeep, glanced at Li Jinglong coldly, then nodded and left quickly.

Li Jinglong's big white face seemed to be painted with pig blood, so ugly.He said lowly: "Okay, you are a Lu Feng, I Li Jinglong showed it twice twice. You really thought you were the emperor's pet, and he would definitely be able to eat Li.The appearance is not a good candidate. I might as well promise that one ... at least he has the benefit of the future.After a while, Li Jinglong turned and left, and it seemed that he had made some determination.

I sent them away, and they were quiet in the court for a while.Because of the escape of Murong Tian, Zhu Xi was even reprimanded by Zhu Xi, and Jin Yiwei and Western Factory did not know how much he gathered around him. He had a lot of strength, and he had no intention of competing with Zhu Xi for a while.The two princes were no longer troublesome. In this court, they were calm and calm, so calm made those ministers boring.Every day, I look at the military report from the south. The situation in the south of the south is like breaking bamboo. Many Yuan Mongolian troops have been destroyed along the way, but it is also easy.

Lu Feng's excuse was not healed, and he still hid in the large yard outside the city to raise fish and flowers, with more than two hundred fat and large black earth dogs.Shuiyuanzi seemed to be addicted to the south, and did not return to Yingtian, so the headquarters of this Jin Yiwei suddenly had five misfortune leaders, and it was quiet.Daily, Lu Feng played with the poisonous spider in Dan Piao Astronomy, and obtained several high -persuasion prey silently.Under the secret seduction of the intimidation, Lu Feng, who had grasped some minister's scandal evidence, easily got their loyalty.In addition to the Fourth Acropolis Defense Army of the Governor's Governor's House, more than 10,000 soldiers and horses of the camps outside the city, Lu Feng calmly controlled the two battalions forbidden forces, the three divisions of the Ministry of Criminal Ministry, the Ministry of Military Affairs, the Ministry of Equipment, the Dali Temple, etc.The power of one ticket.

With a group of Beijing officials collected by Seng Daoyan, the two of them quietly controlled nearly 30 % of officials in the court within three months.Lu Feng said before the monk Dao Yan's face: "If it wasn't for the court in the court, there were a few dragon and tiger mountain masters as a worship, and I used the ** secret method taught by your brother last time to solve the group of university scholars.Then swallow the six Shangshu. Who wouldn't he listen to our words in this court? Oh, wouldn't we be the second emperor? "

Monk Daoyan also moved for a while,He Lu Feng secretly planned for a night, but he still couldn't think of the way to deal with the worship of the bright or dark in the court, and could only give up the plan helplessly.Monk Dao sighed: "Your thoughts are good, but the worship is not what we can provoke now. The whole body is led by the whole body.It was stained with the side of autumn, and the boundless autumn rain split down, and the dancing crowd on the Qinhuai River was even more prosperous.Taiping's prosperous time is the good time to find joy.

Sitting on the big willow tree by the river, Lu Feng's mouth contains a rough willow flute, and he was happy.Lu An reported behind him: "Uncle Li Zhu's letter came to say that he had cleared all the martial arts gangs near Suzhou and Hangzhou. With the help of the ancient Cangyue's head, two black and white, two black and white,, black and white, two blacks and white channels, black and white.In the mastery of the Golden Dragon Gang, the local local officials are also the hands of our Jinyi Wei'an. It is much more convenient to do business. "

" The benefits of last year were not bad,However, because of the capital to expand its operation, I have never sent silver. In the first half of this year, I made a fierce sale of private salt, tea, and horses.The vote came over and said that you asked you to deal with it first. When the New Year, there is still a silver that can be sent over. "

" Some of these silver, some of them earned themselves, some of them destroyed the local ones.The martial arts gangs and wealthy businessmen swallowed back, and some were respectful of the adjacent Wulin Tangkou. Several leaders of the martial arts gangs in Jiangnan sent people with close confidences to say that they sent their nephews to Uncle Li Zhu's side., Seek a good background, it depends on the master you mean. Uncle Li Zhu said, the small one gives them a few hundred households and sent them to the place where their hometown is located.This human is affectionate. "

Lu Feng nodded, sprayed the Liu Di out of the sideways in one breath, and watched it drifted down the flowing water slowly."Okay, just do it according to the meaning of Azhu. Since others have given the benefits, then we can also make a beautiful spot, and they all give them up a thousand households., Save the monitoring Yushi impeach us. Find Lord Ru to talk about it, see a few savvy points, and go to which ministry to make up a virtual hung position in the event, so as to deal with the first and end. "

> Lu An nodded and saw that Lu Feng had nothing to say, and suddenly walked away lightly.He had just walked out of a dozen steps. He had run over quickly, and his body seemed to be a touch of wind and shadow.He said hurrying: "Master, who came from the face of it, said that there were several envoys in the Fusang Kingdom in the east, saying that he had given tribute to his Majesty, saying that we asked us to open a business with one of their owners."

Suddenly, Xun Yan said very weirdly: "However, the apprentices secretly glanced at the envoys, two of them, as if they were attached to the ghost, and their brows had their brows.The black gas is here. Master Daoyan also says that, so please ask the master not to pretend to be sick, but go to the court to see it ... Master Dao Yan also said that if he operates well, the profits are good.Not thin, instead of being cheaper to others, it is better to win ourselves. "

Lu Feng frowned, a little puzzled:" Weird, how much oil can there be in the small country of Fusan?Moreover, last time ... "

Speaking of 'last time', the face of Ji Yan and Lu An suddenly became weird.A well -known mountain that was a good mountain was split into half by Xuanyuan Sword Sword, and was blown up by Shui Yuanzi later. I do n’t know how many people have been hurt.Things rose because of them, and I thought it was a natural disaster, so I don't have to feel guilty.

Shaking his head, Lu Feng jumped: "Take my dynasty, it's really troublesome, just lazy for a few months, and then go to the top.Is it attached to the ghost charm? It is really weird, those ghosts and courage are really big. I do n’t know if we are at least seven of the Dragon Tiger Mountain Master who will be the most likely to descend the demon?Come in, hey! "He laughed:" It doesn't need to worry about the business of business, but such a bold ghost, but go to see it. "