Chapter 317

Chapter 317

When Lu Feng rushed to the palace hall, the cultural and military officials also heard the news.The officials in the ceremony were serving the imperial decree and invited the festivals who had resting in the post hall.When Lu Feng saw a dozen envoys of shaking into the hall, he wanted to laugh.Standing on the hill that day, I was seriously injured, so I didn't see the appearance of these Fusang people, but when I saw it today, I saw them short and short, just like Lu Feng's favorite frozen radish.Why don't you laugh?

These envoys also understand the etiquette of the Central Plains. Although they are rude and the hair styles are also weird, they are extremely ritual.The one who took the lead, a pair of exposed arms was full of tunnel muscles, and the cold -eyed Han sinking said: "The messenger of the Fuzan Saito family, Long Sanlang, saw the emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and hope that His Majesty has no future ...It was the first batch of people and horses of the festival group. First came to Ying Tianfu to report to the letter. Our is still in the place where Saito is still in the back of the Baili. "

Lu Feng fiercelyWith a glance at these fifteen envoys, Long Sanlang, who took the lead, was bloody, but it was a good man.The remaining fourteen people are the fierce face on their faces. It seems that they are a group of bodyguards who only know the fighting fight.Two of them are extraordinarily strong, and their bodies are half a head higher than their companions. It is the so -called character of the so -called, with black qi on the forehead.

Lu Feng smiled lightly and looked at the monk Dao. The two of them were polite to explore the two strong men.The two strong men immediately had a sense, and they looked at Lu Feng.There was a vague fluctuations passing out. Two extremely powerful, extremely gloomy divine thoughts and Lu Feng hit a hit with Lu Feng, and rushed Lu Feng's thoughts to fragmented, and fled back.

‘Um’, the monk Daoyan shakes leisurely on the seat, and Lu Feng snorted, his body shaking, and he took two steps back.The seven red robes standing behind Zhu Xi immediately disappeared coldly with their eyes cold, looking at the two big men in the two eyebrows.Not only these old ways, but even Zhu Xi hummed unhappy, his eyes were like electricity, and he glared at the two big men fiercely.For a while, the atmosphere in the hall was extremely strange, and the infinite pressure was shrouded in the two big men.

Lu Feng looked at the monk Daoyan, who was mobilizing, and laughed in his heart: "Miao Yi, Lao Tzu's talent is good. Hehe, I used Sancheng to test the two, but he took you to youThe heat of the monk Daoyan came out. Did you take the Xian Dan? But why is it not enough, you dare not absorb its medicine, and drag your own mana. Most of the medicines are divided into sealing the body.Hehe, why is it? "Shaking his head, Lu Feng lowered a few times, and slowly stood back to the class.

Zhu Xi laughed: "Okay, you come from afar, but you will be attentive.What are the vice envoys, can you just come together?If you have to separate it, the emperor of the Ming Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty, did you see you twice, wouldn't it look like I gave you too much?Hum, especially your two guys, with dark gas, are not serious figures at first sight. Look at the performance of Lu Feng and Monk Daoyan, and then look at the energy of the seven heavenly masters behind you. You must have it.eccentric.

'<', the two big men were forced by the momentum of the seven Longhu Shan Tian masters. Their body was just the body of ordinary martial arts, and finally could not resist this 10,000 yuan of air pressure.I spit out a sip of blood and stepped back a few steps back.Suddenly the powerful and gloomy thoughts on them shrank back, and dared not fight against the seven heavenly masters.They are not afraid of the mana of these seven heavenly masters, but their attached flesh can't stand it.

Zhu Xi looked like this, regardless of the confused ministers, waved his hand: "Okay, you still wait for Saito to come and see you again. See these two.It looks like working all the way and giving birth to a disease, but it is good to have a good treatment ... Taiyi, wait for several eunuchs to take a good look at the two, oh, it ’s not clear that they are sick.It is only necessary to use heavy medicine. "During the speaking, Zhu Xi's right thumb and thumbs inadvertently gently pointed to the floor.

Where can I not be interesting?Listening to the imperial edict, he knelt down immediately.He knew in his heart that His Majesty had to poison himself directly.He is not a fool, just look at the performance of monks Daoyan, Lu Feng, and Seven Tianshi just now, and knows that they are dealing with the two.But why it is not what he can understand.However, this is not the problem that he should worry about his little medical officer.

Naosaburo changed his face slightly, and quickly resigned: "Your Majesty, these two are not sick, but are inspired by the waves at sea and were injured in internal injuries, so ... we have given them to them.After the secret injury medicine, it has been raised almost. If it is randomly used, I am afraid that the medicine is stimulated, but it is not wonderful. His Majesty, we have thanked it. "He hurriedly scratched his head.The accompanying people and wait for the hoe to thank the grace. Only those two guys were very stunned for a long time, and then they fell down with grievances.

Lu Feng took the opportunity to send out the sound of yin and yin, yang, and typical eunuchs."Oh, is the two envoys who are not willing to kneel for our Majesty. Well, what is the eunuch of Si Li? What should this be?" The breath on Lu Feng's face also changed,It became evil, and a pair of eyes seemed to have a bloody light.

The eunuch of Si Li was one of the eunuchs of Bai Lufeng as a teacher. He heard Lu Feng said, immediately looked at Zhu Xi, Zhu Xi nodded with a smile, and he shouted loudly: "Seeing the King of the Kingdom of the Kingdom without kneeling, this is a disrespectful sin, cut! "

The cold sweat on the forehead of Na Long Saburo immediately came down, and quickly explained:" Your Majesty, not the two of them are disrespectful,Instead, the injuries were not healed, so the movements were slow. And they couldn't understand the Central Plains official. This was not their fault. Please forgive His Majesty, huh, forgiveness. "He glanced secretly.Fear that can't live.

Zhu Xi, Lu Feng, and Monk Daoyan looked at each other, nodded slightly.On over there, Ru Tai Su and other savvy guys also found something wrong, and the true qi on her body actually raised it slowly, ready to fly out at any time.

Zhu Xi lazily descended: "Okay, what kind of identity is, how can you blame them? Next time you ask them to be careful ... Long Sanlang, wait for you to wait for you to come in a few days.It's time to see you again. I am tired today, that's it ... Lu Qing's family, Ru Qing's family, and Master Dao Yan left, others, scattered. "

When others talked, Zhu Xi stood up, his sleeves trembled, and he went back to the inner palace.

After a quarter of an hour, Lu Feng stood in the outer room of Zhu Xi's palace and said with a smile: "The ministers have an idea, they are so strange that they are going to pretend to be ghostly with them today, and watch it.See what you care about. "

Zhu Xi applauded and applauded, and ordered it to be sent to the genus at will.The heavenly masters of the Dragon Tiger Mountain looked at Lu Feng, nodded reluctantly.